Believing in Yourself & Your Dreams

By March 30, 2017

Do you want to quit your job and join the circus? Okay, maybe that’s a bit far off… but whatever your dream is, are you pushing toward it every day? If your dream is something that you’re really passionate about (which I’m sure it is), try keeping it with you, involving it in every choice that you make, and every thought that fills your life. Holding my dreams close to my heart like this has helped me believe that it’s possible to accomplish anything I put my mind to. What I’ve learned is that one major part of living out our dreams is to release the fear that the people in our lives are going to reject or disapprove our choices. One of my recent dreams was creating the Healthful Hints channel. I had been struggling with it for months. I was nervous and afraid of what others would think, how it would be received, or if anyone would even bother to watch it. Finally after months of back and forth, I decided to just go for it. Throughout the journey I remind myself that even if no one sees value in it the choices that I make don’t always have to benefit other people. If I make decisions from a place of self acceptance and self love any dream that I pursue will be successful, regardless of what others think. We may have dreams that we’re not sure of how we’ll accomplish. Don’t worry. This is part of the process! When I officially became a Nutrition Educator I knew I had a wealth of knowledge but I struggled with what to do with it. How do I make a difference in the world? How can I share my passions creatively? I couldn’t figure it out! Not until I was introduced to blogging 3 years later did I find the perfect avenue. We all have the answers within us; we just have to ask the right questions and be willing to listen. The hardest thing I’ve had to do is trust that although I don’t know how I’ll get to the final destination, the only important thing is that I know where I want to go. So, we know that we have the answers within us to realize our dreams, we’ve accepted that we don’t have to live for others… all we need is a bit of inspiration to keep us going, right? Something that really inspired me this week; and resulted in me writing this post today, was when I came across Divya’s blog, Flavour Fiesta! One of her recent posts was announcing her premiere issue of Flavour Fiesta magazine.
I was amazed as I began flipping through the first couple of pages. The attention to detail that she put into this project is unreal. Her pictures are breathtaking; the recipes have variety, cater to different diets, and are downright delicious looking (case and point cinnamon date “pillows” on pg. 41). And the content is fantastic. Plus, Divya includes healthful information throughout, which I’m a total sucker for. After reading the 43 pages of her magazine, I had to send her a message and ask – are these recipes yours? Did you take all of these pictures? How long did this take you? I was greeted with a warm message that went on to say,
Yes, a lot of love and dedication went into this – it was like my baby! The recipes are all my own and were taste-tested by my hubby dearest :). I also took the pictures myself. I love taking pictures generally and when I started the blog, I spent some time learning how to take better pictures. I’m still learning! There’s so much to learn about food photography – it’s never-ending. As for the magazine, I actually did everything on my own. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard to get something done, but it’s been somewhat of a lifelong dream to have my own magazine. I guess when you’re determined enough to do something, you find a way to get things done :). I started working on the concept around Sept 24th – so it took a little over 2 weeks to finish the magazine.
If that’s not living from passion and accomplishing your dreams, I don’t know what is. It’s so refreshing to know how much love she put into this project and how much it meant to her! So my question for you today is… are you pursuing your own dreams? Do you find inspiration in Divya’s story? Where do you find inspiration to continue living toward your ultimate dream?

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