New and Old Adventures

By July 13, 2015

WooOOoo! Diving! Kevin and I have been spending time in the classroom at the Airdrie dive shop studying our hearts out for our PADI Open Water Diver certification. After passing the final exam last week, we got to meet the instructor at the pool to get in some practices before our open water test. We had been planning to get our open water certification ever since we came back from Jamaica last year, but with all the dive shops back in the city, we kept delaying it. But when a dive shop opened up down the street from our home, there were no more excuses. We’re eager to get this over and done with, save up for a vacation, and hit the seas! … hopefully when it’s -31F, snowy, and miserable here in Alberta. I felt so comfortable in the pool compared to when we’d gone diving in Jamaica. There’s something to be said for actually understanding why you do things while diving instead of just being told to do them. We spent 2 hours brushing up on recovering our regulators, breathing through our snorkels, descending, ascending, and playing around with maintaining neutral buoyancy. We took my old Canon Powershot with us instead of our better cameras in fear of one of us tripping and falling into the pool by accident. (Any guesses on who that would have been? :S) When I went to upload the pictures this morning I found a bunch of old photos on the memory card! Something’s you may not know about me… I’ve always been an adventurous lady, and will try anything once regardless of the fear factor. Here’s me all dressed up for my first day snowboarding… Here’s me on the day after my first day snowboarding… ouch. I like cakes made with sand (with a present on the bottom). I was taking photos of the food I ate long before I started the blog. I like tying gift wrapping to my head and looking like a crazy person. I’ve been behind bars. And… Pebbles liked getting stuck in between the screen and the patio door when she was little. I know, that last one wasn’t about me, but it was too funny not to share. Next up tomorrow is this amazing chicken noodle soup made with my newest food obsession, kelp noodles. Have a fabulous Wednesday :)

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