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By July 17, 2015

I was blown away with the amount of feedback all of you left on Saturday’s positive affirmations project post.

Some included:

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Chelsea: I believe in myself everyday and on days I don’t it’s only because I know I’m not pushing myself to be my best. When that happens I get up and do something about it.

Tori: I have negative thoughts from time to time, but I try to stop and appreciate something I love about myself! It’s so strange how women especially talk negatively to themselves without even thinking twice about it.

O.C: I think that from time to time every one of us struggles with loving, accepting, and believing in ourself. People get so caught up in everyday life that they don’t even realize how mean they are being to themselves! I would never say to another person “you’re unworthy” or “nothing you ever do will be good enough” then why should I allow these toxic thoughts to cross my mind about myself. This post was just the reminder i needed to be a little kinder to myself everyday

Kelsey: i feel like i can say i love myself now and i believe in myself. its really affirming knowing im at a place to finally say that, and it feels wonderful! <3

We’re all in this together!


A year ago…

I was a couch potato.

I wasn’t satisfied with the way my body looked and felt.

Today, I have a nap on the couch before I go out for a run.

Today, I look at myself in the mirror and I’m happy with what I see.

There are good moments and not so good moments. There are days I have to force myself to the gym, and other days where I can’t wait to jump on the treadmill.

When I think of my training, I know that I’m giving it my all, that I listen to my body, and that comparing myself to others is absolutely pointless.

But, it wasn’t always like this!

Positive Affirmations

Just as I spoke down to myself with normal everyday tasks, working out was no exception. I caught myself saying “I can’t run that fast” or, “there’s no way I can swim that many lengths”.

So, when it came time to run or swim, how do you think I did?

To help with this, I’ve created a little mantra I like to repeat to myself before I start a lap, run the track, or begin a race:

Although it may not sound like much, these 11 words have helped me increase my swim time, run faster and stronger, and avoid injury. I feel focused and collected, ready to tackle anything that comes my way.

Other affirmations that help with training:

  • I am fit!!
  • I have a strong, balanced, and healthy body
  • I feel great when I train
  • I am filled with energy
  • I always finish strong
  • I am relaxed and focused
  • I am a strong runner
  • My joints are strong
  • I’ve trained successfully for this
  • I am powerful
  • I run because it makes me feel good
  • I am light and fast

Setting Goals

Once I had this going, I thought I was in the clear, but then I started to get discouraged. I wasn’t seeing the results I expected, I was getting overwhelmed by the thought of training for a marathon when I hadn’t even ran a 5km race yet. So, in March, I began setting monthly fitness goals to keep me motivated and encouraged.

May fit goals

  • Race: Complete my first 10k race in May
  • Strength: Build a new strength training plan – focus on heavy core + hip work
  • Cross training: Try wall climbing – could be a great alternative to building leg strength
  • Swimming: Get back to swim pace of 25 seconds per 25 meters
  • Cycling: Complete a solid 45 minute time trial at 90rpm with resistance of ~7

How I did

  • Race: 10k race — Completed
  • Strength: New strength training plan — Completed and loving it!
  • Cross training: Booked a climbing trip as a birthday present to myself, but we’re not going until July.
  • Swimming: Improve swimming pace — I did not accomplish this because I haven’t been swimming.
  • Cycling: Time trial — completed and nearly died, but I did it!

*new* June goals

  • Race: Complete my second 10k race.
  • Strength: Increase weights by 2.5-5lbs depending on workout.
  • Cross training: remove myself from Masters Swim class [bored of swimming] and find something else to do on Saturdays.
  • Running: Get outside more! Turn my Thursday run on the treadmill to a run outside.
  • Inspiration: chose a couple of affirmations and repeat them throughout the day.
  • Stay real: I’ve been having doubts about my 1/2 marathon in August because of my ongoing knee pain. I need to connect with myself and figure out if I’m just scared, or if my body is actually telling me it’s had enough.
What things do you tell yourself before you start a race, training day, or other event? What fit goals do you have this month?

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