Positive Affirmations

It wasn’t until recently that I noticed how often I spoke down to myself. From thinking I wasn’t good enough, that I couldn’t accomplish the task at hand, or that someone was better than me. I told myself these things without a second thought. Negativity and self sabotage had become such a huge part of who I was.

It was then that I began repeating…

I repeated this to myself several times I day. I stopped, I took a breath, I sent myself loving thoughts, and I continued on.

Repeating this has helped me remove the negative thoughts that filled my day and has allowed me to stay present in the moment – to enjoy many of the things I used to miss out on when I was wrapped up in the future.

Positive affirmations

Every thought we have and every word we say is an affirmation. All of our internal dialogue is a stream of affirmations.

Our negative affirmations are toxic – like the ever expanding ripples across water when an object is dropped into it, a negative thought can be followed outwards incrementally, affecting our overall happiness.

What would happen if we gave ourselves time to breath, believe in ourselves, and continue on? Could we accomplish things we hadn’t been able to in the past? Could we mend our relationship with ourselves and become more self aware than we ever have been?

Positive affirmations, or “declarations to self”, teach us how to create positivity to support our goals, dreams, and overall well-being. It is then that we learn how to tap into our mind power and live from our heart. Because when you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Bringing awareness

I’m on a mission to evolve my self-esteem into something beautiful by setting positive affirmations for myself. It seems a shame for me to go through this “project” alone. Health, romance, love, peace, harmony, abundance and happiness are just some of the topics I’d love to get into in more detail! Please join me in discovering how fantastic you can feel when you believe in you!

I’ll start it up with a I am fit post in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

Do you truly love and believe in yourself?

Do you practice positive affirmations?

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  1. Thank you for this truly thought provoking post. I love it! I had been on a self-sabotaging spree without realizing it for far too long. Reading your post jolted me into self-realization. I took a long hard look at my thoughts, my life and my semi-constant unhappiness and it suddenly dawned on me that it was nothing to do with what or who was causing it. It was just me and my negativity that was sabotaging my happiness. I have written the words “stop, breathe, love yourself, continue” on my mirror so it serves as a constant reminder to me every morning. I will be back to reading your “I am fit” post. Positive Affirmation

    • I LOVE that you put it on your mirror as a reminder!

  2. Love this post, Leanne! It’s so easy to get wrapped up in whatever work or stress you have bubbling. While it seems like you’re entirely too much in the moment, it’s true that you really aren’t until you take a breather and readjust yourself.

    I’ve been getting so stressed with work that I’m often sick to my stomach, so you better believe I’m stealing your mantra. I think we all took a deep breath and repeated “Love yourself” while reading this. And we all feel a lot better. xo