Berry Bliss Oat Bars

By July 17, 2015

Steph is the master of desserts. She may not know that I call her this, but she does now! Not only is she amazing in the kitchen [her latest donut recipe had me doing flips], she’s also training for a marathon! Each of her training progress posts have really inspired me to continue on with my own marathon training. Thanks for all you do, Steph! ————————————————————- I am so excited to be guest posting for Leanne! I’ve been reading Leanne’s blog for a while now, and it’s come to be one of my favorites. All of her posts really get my tummy rumbling…in a good way :) For those of you who don’t know me I’m Steph from Steph’s Bite by Bite, and I blog about my sweet (and sometimes savory) adventures in the kitchen. My biggest ingredient crush right now is oatmeal. I could eat oatmeal in or with anything! It’s so yummy, so filling, and so good for you. I thought it very fitting to spotlight my ingredient crush in this guest post since Leanne rocks the healthy, balanced living lifestyle. DSC_0075 I mean what is more irresistible than oatmeal bars with an ooey, gooey fruit filled center. To me, nothing. These bars are like a bite of wholesome heaven on a warm summer day. I feel like I need to be out in my backyard with the sprinklers on, some slip and slide action and a big glass of lemonade. Is it weird that an oatmeal bar can transport me back to the long lost summer days of my childhood? Whether it’s for their amazing taste, or the memories the revive, these bars have quickly become my new obsession. DSC_0101 I’ve eaten them for breakfast with yogurt. I’ve had them as an afternoon snack. I’ve dunked them in hot tea (and coffee don’t tell Leanne :) ) I’ve dressed them in peanut butter. I’ve even heated them up and poured milk over them. There is just no bad way to eat these. I think that’s the sign of a really good treat. Not to mention they’re actually really good for you! There’s no refined flour, no white sugar, no added fat, no soy, and can be made gluten-free too! Uh-yeah…I’ll be eating the whole pan! I hope you enjoy these as much I do! DSC_0103-1

Head on over to Oh She Glows for this delicious looking recipe. —————————————– Coffee? La-la-la, I’m not listening! I kid, I kid. Thanks for sharing the great recipe, Steph!  

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