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By July 21, 2015

In keeping with the theme of gratitude this week… Since launching Healthful Pursuit in October, I’ve found myself looking inward more than I ever have in the past [and definitely a lot more than I’d planned when I started this!]. Sitting in my home office staring into the obis and pondering life, is now a common occurrence. 3 months ago I would have told you I had no time to sit and mull over my life’s purpose. I would have said that digging deep into my beliefs surrounding health and nutrition was wasted time I could be spending doing things. I felt personal goals and aspirations were brought on by the opinion and approval of others. You see, I am a bull headed, stubborn independent, goal oriented, and fast paced individual. Saying “no” and admitting to myself that I cannot physically do everything is a huge challenge for me. This constant go-go-go has limited my personal growth. I’d never given myself the time to reflect, feel, analyze, and make space for me. But over the last 3 months I’ve taken a step back from the hustle and bustle. I’ve lost myself writing about nut butters, sugar addiction, and finding quality foods. I’ve sat on my bedroom floor flipping through recipes as I do my clam exercises. I’ve spent upwards of 7 hours in the kitchen at one time allowing my creativity to direct my next move. I’ve connected with amazing people, and I’ve been inspired. I’ve loved food. Most importantly, I’ve made space for me. I’ve found myself and fueled my passion for life. In just under 90 days, Healthful Pursuit has naturally grown into something so much more than I’d planned it to be. It’s become just as much a channel for my personal journey, as it is a forum of my experience and education on the pursuit of healthfulness. I am blissfully grateful for the support I’ve received in getting Healthful Pursuit off the ground. Especially Kevin; my soul mate and best friend, that keeps me grounded much more than he realizes. And to my early adopters – I’m so excited to continue this amazing pursuit with all of you! What are you passionate about ? Do you give yourself time in the day to realize and practice your passion?

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