With so many resources out there on how we can improve our health, it’s no wonder our heads aren’t all spinning out of control! Conficting information on avoiding sugars, candida self diagnoses, gluten intolerance, removing grains, food combining and increasing pH can leave us all a bit overwhelmed on what steps we should take to better our health.

Just like everyone looks different on the outside proves that we all work a little bit different on the inside. Knowing that, the way each of us approach our pursuit to health is going to be a bit different. Here, I feature the hottest health topics and highlight the pros and cons to each to help us make sense of things so that we can make the right decisions for ourselves.

Why You Should Soak Nuts Before Eating Them

A porcupine has quills, opossums act dead when threatened, and newts turn their ribs into spikes when in danger. Talk about defense mechanisms! But, did you know? Nuts have similar mechanisms, too? No spikes or death rays… but they do have a natural component that repels predators so that they can grow to full maturity….

The Last Chapter

This is a highly personal topic that I wasn’t too sure I wanted to share. But I know that there are so many women out there struggling with the consequences of past eating disorders so I have decided to bare it all and share my journey. If you, or someone you know, has, is or…

Finding Your Eating Routine

POWER POSSE POST BY CHRISTAL SCZEBEL In my nutrition practice I see all types of clients, each with individual health goals, concerns, and needs. If there is one bit of advice that I relay to each and every single client, no matter how varying their challenges, it’s that they need to develop (and maintain) a…

5 Tips For The Perfect Kale Salad

POWER POSSE POST BY HALLIE KLECKER It’s such a pleasure to be dropping by Healthful Pursuit today! I’ve been a longtime Healthful Pursuit reader and am continually inspired by Leanne’s nutritious recipes, gorgeous photos, and all of the positive energy I find in the comments section! As a self-professed health nut and gluten-free foodie myself,…

How To Start Meal Planning

POWER POSSE POST BY AMY GREEN Meal planning is one of my favorite topics to share with others because it’s helped me become a better steward of our finances, a better cook, and a much more calm, sane mother and wife. I started meal planning about five years ago, shortly after getting married. My husband…

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