Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup (grain-free)


When we first met, Kevin knew he was sensitive to lactose but ate it anyways because he didn’t think there were any other options and had no familiarity with dairy-free recipes.

He had Parmesan on his pasta instead of nutritional yeast, shredded mozzarella on his pizza instead of vegan cheese, 1% cow’s milk in his cereal instead of almond milk, and endless bowls of cream of mushroom soup. No matter how aggressive his symptoms were; acne, stomach pains, headaches, sleepless nights, he continued to eat the thing that was hurting him. It was painful to watch. It wasn’t soon after we met that I convinced him to make the dairy-free switch his body so obviously needed.

Cream of Mushroom Soup (85)

One of the only things we couldn’t solve during the switch was a replacement for his beloved cream of mushroom soup. He yearned for that soup for a long time until I mastered the recipe a couple of years ago. It’s a great recipe but calls for a lot of flour. Like, copious amounts of it. I was still making it for Kevin but now that I’ve committed to living grain-free for awhile it meant that I couldn’t enjoy a bowl alongside him. Not cool.

Then I had this crazy idea. A crazy, marvelous, awfully fantastic idea… vegan, grain-free cream of mushroom soup.

Totally insane, right?

Given the success I had with my latest cauliflower soups, I figured cauliflower would give a good, thick consistency to this cream of mushroom soup. Boy was a right, it’s amazing. All the thickness of a cream soup with no powdered thickener. No starches, flours, or gums. Just whole food (dairy-free) goodness.

We like.

We like a lot.

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Classic Cream of Mushroom Soup (Vegan + Grain-free)
Recipe type: Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free, Grain-free
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Vegan cream of mushroom soup made with a secret ingredient. Thickened without flours or starches, too!
  • 2 cups cauliflower florets
  • 1⅔ cup unsweetened original almond milk
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • ¼ teaspoon Himalayan rock salt
  • Freshly ground pepper, to taste
  • ½ teaspoon extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1½ cups diced white mushrooms
  • ½ yellow onion, diced
  1. Place cauliflower, milk, onion powder, salt and pepper in a small saucepan. Cover and bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 7-8 minutes, until cauliflower is softened. Then, puree using a food processor, immersion blender or blender.
  2. Meanwhile, add oil, mushrooms and onion to a medium-sized saucepan. Heat over high heat until onions are translucent and beginning to brown, about 8 minutes.
  3. Add pureed cauliflower mixture to sauteed mushrooms. Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 10 minutes, until thickened.
  4. Serve immediately.

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Cream of Mushroom Soup (77)

I like white mushrooms in cream of mushroom soup, but you could experiment with all sorts. Make sure to dice them up nice and small for the perfect consistency!

While the cauliflower mixture is boiling, you can saute the onions and mushrooms. The browner, the better.

You’ll know when the cauliflower is done when the sides of the pot begin to have little pieces of cauliflower on them just like the picture shown on the right.

Puree the cauliflower mix, add it to the sauteed mushroom mix and stir. Place back on the heating element and cook until desired consistency is met. The longer you cook, the thicker it will be. We like ours really rich, so I simmered the soup for 10 minutes.

Serve as is, or with a side salad.

Oh man, this is so good. Authentically, amazingly good.

Whether you’re vegan, dairy-free, or just looking to add some variety into your meals, you’ll be hard-pressed to ever have the real thing again.

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  1. This looks incredible and SO low calorie! My Mom made a similar mushroom soup for Thanksgiving that used cream and I was hoping to find something with a little less calories in it. Perfection!

  2. Ok, this confirms it: You area officially a genius. I’m totally trying this when I get back from Boston! As you know, I like a good hearty soup and this sounds so easy to make. What would Kevin do without you!? ;)

    • Genius? I don’t know about that… just leading the way with my tummy ;) Kevin? Oh, he’d probably die. hehe

      • I made this cream of mushroom soup today. Made a couple of changes though. Instead of almond milk, I used broth and I added some chopped garlic with the onions. OUTSTANDING! I am even having it at room temperature now. It is so so good! Thank you Leanne!

        • Great to know that the recipe works with broth. I’m so happy that you liked it!!

        • I made this today as well using your advice…skipped the almond milk for organic veggie broth and sautéed the mushrooms with onions, thyme, garlic & parsley. To make it extra creamy, I added a quarter cup of cashews to the cauliflower then boiled and blended as recommended.

          OMG….it’s soooo so good! Thanks for such an incredibly delicious cruelty-free recipe!

    • Happy Friday to you, too! Cauliflower is pretty amazing and like you, I hadn’t really given it the time of day either until I tried it in a soup a couple of months back. What a powerful ingredient! Have a great weekend, Michelle :)

  3. Leanne, you make my day ! Truly. I’m crazy about mushrooms & cauliflower, and soups ! “Yummy Friday”

    • Hi Valerie! How are things? Any fun trips planned for 2013? Glad I made your day :)

  4. I love this idea! I make a vegan mushroom soup that is pretty thick, but I can imagine the cauliflower adds a wonderful silkiness. Will have to quit using it all on pizza ctusts and try this out!

    Happy Friday!

    • I STILL haven’t done the cauliflower pizza thing. Gosh, I do need to get to it. I’m still stuck on socca crust. Can’t get enough of it, may NEVER get enough of it. Have a great weekend :)

      • The soup was amazing…please come up with a cauli pizza crust for all of us to try!

        • I’m so happy that you liked it, Carey. Okay, I really need to get on the cauliflower pizza train.

    • Aw thanks, Janae! I bet the kids would love this soup! Hope all is well :)

    • Face plant? Nice. I’d do a canon ball… always liked doing those when I was a kid. Have a great weekend, Jo :)

    • Hi Natalie – thanks a bunch! It sure was yummy to eat! Have a great weekend :)

  5. Wow this looks so incredible, and it is so brilliant!! I love cream of mushroom soup, but the dairy definitely takes its toll, can’t wait to try this one!!! And thank you for the mention, I am so honored!! :)

    • Thanks Alissa! Your soup looked too good to pass up, my goodness. Have a great weekend!

  6. I have everything on hand! We make our almond milk so it’s extra rich;). My dairy allergic 2 yr old will Looove this!! We made your key lime pie smoothie yesterday morning. A hit! If she ever grows out of her allergies…I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a diet including dairy. Your recipes r inspiring and helpful!!

  7. If I could eat mushrooms without having terrible stomach pains, cramps and gas I would TOTALLY make this!!! Funny enough, I made a cauliflower soup this week (GF & DF) and I was kinda surprised that it tasted good sans the normal ingredients! I love it when you can make a recipe healthier without loosing flavour! Makes is all worth it!

    Also, I will have to agree with Angela – you are a genius! But I totally knew that when I found your granola recipe with LENTILS! Still blows me away!

    Love your pics with the natural light highlighting the steam from the hot soup – well done!

    • That granola with lentils was pretty ridiculous, wasn’t it? I’ll have to make a cream of broccoli soup for all the mushroom-allergists out there. Have a great weekend, Suzanne and thanks for all of your kind words about my work ;)

  8. This looks amazing! Your photos are always so great, have you ever done a blog post about food photo tips?

    • Hi Nicola – thanks for your kind words :) Yes, I’ve done a couple of photography blog posts, you can find them here, here and here.

    • Well, then you have to give this one a try! You’ll never feel like you missed out :)

  9. This is very interesting! i made creamy mushroom soup using your previous recipe, that called brown rice flour in it. it tasted very good. I’m sure I have to try this one!

  10. This made my day! My husband and I really miss “cream” soups, but no gluten and no dairy make it hard. I can’t wait to try this!!

  11. What a FABULOUS idea! I have fallen in love with broth-based mushroom soups, but mainly because my stomach doesn’t handle dairy very well (and I’m what I like to call “vegan with benefits”). I also tend to watch the fat and calories in those super-cream versions. This looks like an incredible ‘best of both worlds’ situation.

    • vegan with benefits… LOVE it! It’s totally a best of both worlds recipe, and so versatile, too. Have a great weekend, Sarah!

  12. Leanne, that soup looks AH-MA-ZING!

    I LOVE cream of mushroom but was never able to come up with a recipe that truly satisfied me. I just HAVE to try your version.

    Oh, and the use of cauliflower? Brilliant!

    Can’t wait to give it a try!

      • Leanne, you are a genius!

        Made the best cream of mushroom soup ever this week-end, and it’s all thanks to you!

        Magical veggie is right! I will so be using it in tons of soups from now on! Wow, who would’ve thought.

        Thank you so much for this, I am forever in your debt my friend! :)

  13. Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Since having to go gluten-free 12 years ago and not being able to have dairy, cream of mushroom soup is the one thing I have never been able to find. This recipe looks fantastic and I can’t wait to make it! You’re a genius! :-)

  14. Riddle me this, Batman (I mean, Leanne): How did you know I was craving CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP!? (…and it’s free of all the shhhh I can’t have!)

    You’re awesome!

    Making this tomorrow for dinner!

    • Mwahaha… I have jedi mind tricks, don’t you know? Can’t wait to hear how you like it, Sophie :)

  15. I believe I’m mildly lactose intolerant. It doesn’t bother me in a major way, sometimes I can get away with drinking cows milk. It depends on how high fat the milk is. I notice if I have ice coffee or hot chocolate from a coffee shop, it can upset my stomach just so it’s slightly uncomfortable. Even soy milk in my green tea latte can have an effect, but it can be very hard to get almond milk in coffee shops. Also having milk and eggs together I’m more sensitive to, but I feel fine on eggs alone. I’m trying to cut out dairy completely as this is probably a major contributor to my acne because I eat relativey healthy. It’s very hard being a traveller and living with other people who can have dairy, especially while trying to not spend too much money. It helps to cut costs by having what my housemates eat/drink to a certain degree. It’ can be hard coming up with quick, easy and cost effective ways to stay away from dairy. I loe your recipes and articles.
    Got any ideas?

    • Definitely sounds like you could do with less dairy in your life, Kym! As for the eggs + dairy, the two of them are very common allergens, so it’s no wonder that you’re reacting (I’m sensitive to eggs only if I eat them in their whole form, egg whites are okay… go figure?). Dairy-free living gets easier with time. And, once you’ve gotten the hang of it you’ll find that it’s actually way more cost effective than buying the cheeses, milks and such. As for soy, it’s another common allergen. Maybe your best bet would be to address dairy first, then play around with your soy consumption to see if that helps :)

      • I’m working on it every week , at the moment I’m getting used to my new surroundings. I’ll have to work out which stores sell what and go to a health food store if the grocery stores don’t sell it, which I think is what I’m going to have to do. I’m taking a new approach and have signed up for a fruit and vege box that gets picked up monthly which is going to be a good start. My idea is to eat fruit and vege as snacks so then I don’t even have to worry about accidentally consuming dairy. Thank you for your advice :)

        • You have some great plans! Would love to know how it goes for you over the next couple of months.

  16. Does this freeze well? My 9 year old son is non-dairy and I use the crockpot a lot, which calls for cream of mushroom soup frequently in recipes. I like to make big batches and then freeze for easy use. I have one that I make with oat milk, but when you defrost it, it becomes very watery and while it tastes o.k., it doesn’t really work quite the same in recipes.

    • I haven’t frozen this particular soup, but I have done it with other cauliflower-based soups and it’s been okay so you should be fine. Would love to know what recipes you end up using it with!

  17. Oh my God Leanne this was so good. Seriously divine. And as a post-graduate student who has to watch her pennies–SO AFFORDABLE. Thank you for making me successful in the kitchen!

    • YAY! I know, right? Don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I really, really enjoyed it to. And you’re right, super cost effective. Have an awesome weekend, Leah!

  18. I was wondering about using it in recipies as well. Do you think it could be used as a replacement in recipies that call for it? Either way I am going to have to try some. I have never eaten cream of mushroom soup by its self. I love mushrooms!

    • In love with mushrooms and never had cream of mushroom soup? You better get on it! Heck, this recipe is so easy you’ll be making it every day. As for using it in other recipes, yes, I’m sure that you could! As long as you allow the soup to thicken to the right consistency, you could totally use it for anything!

  19. This sounds terrific! I have cauliflower galore in my garden and have tried a couple of soups (for the first time ever with caul. and it’s surprising yummy). I’m going to try this one soon.

    • That’s awesome news, Maria. Wow, I wish I had a garden full of fresh veggies! Enjoy :)

  20. you have a lovely blog here. i love it and i’m not even vegan. so bookmarking this recipe… love the idea of cauliflower in this soup, i’ve seen this trick being used with mashed potatoes as well. brilliant. :-)

    • That’s a great idea too! I’ll definitely have to try the mashed potatoes trick. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for your kind words about my blog :)

  21. I’ve never cooked with almond milk before…I’ve put it in smoothies, put it on cereal (before going grain-free), but I’ve never thought to use it in place of cream in a recipe like this one. Do you have any guidelines for cooking with almond milk in general? This recipe looks really wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Emily – oh you must try it! It’s one of the only dairy-free milks that acts just the same as regular milk so you can substitute it in just about any recipe. Have fun!

    • Thanks Avery! I just headed over to your blog to check it out, you have a great space! I’m so happy that you found me!

  22. Oh my freakin’ goodness. This looks amazing!!!!
    I just bought a big beautiful head of cauliflower from the market yesterday and had no plans in mind for it. Obviously I was destined to come across this post to put my cauliflower to good use =)
    … it’ll be interesting to see what the soup looks like using purple cauliflower ;p

    • Ohh purple mushroom soup! I bet it’ll look awesome :) Enjoy!

  23. This looks delicious! I’ve been on a big creamy cauliflower and creamy broccoli soup kick. Love the addition of mushrooms.

  24. Just discovered you from Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog… and what a lovely place! I can’t wait to try this recipe… maybe dinner tonight :)

  25. Wow, I LOVE(ED) cream of mushroom soup, but haven’t been able to have it in years due to my daughters allergies. So excited beyond words to try this. AND we love cauliflower soups AND have all the ingredients on hand!!! Just found you through Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog (TWIX… are you kidding me? You are my new hero!). I will be devouring your blog, too, now!!

    • Hi Cat – so happy that this recipe will allow you and your family to enjoy your favorites again! Welcome to the blog, so great that you found me through CCK!

  26. Oh! Sorry, was so excited by the recipe I totally forgot my question! :-P I can’t use almond milk (nut allergy). Do you think coconut milk would work? Thanks so much!

    • Haha no worries! Yes, any type of non-dairy milk will do well. We’ve made it with homemade hemp milk and almond milk but I think anything would work. Enjoy!

    • Hey Kristin – thanks for the link up! Looks like a yummy product but there’s dairy in it :( Would love to know your thoughts on it though, always looking for better cream of mushroom soups for my clients that can handle their dairy but want to avoid eating out of cans.

    • Awesome! Thanks for reporting back. So happy that you liked the soup, Erin :)

  27. I made this last night for my dairy loving mom and husband. We all flipped out over it. SO great tasting and incredibly simple. This will be a regular on our menu here at home. Thank you so much for this great recipe and your wonderful, insightful blog!

    • That’s ridiculously awesome! So happy that the three of you enjoyed it :)

  28. Loved this soup! Creamy and filling! I used a mix of crimini and white mushrooms along with adding a bit of thyme during cooking. I top off my bowl with fresh ground pepper…amazing!

    • Wow the addition of thyme was probably amazing, no doubt. I’m so happy that you liked the recipe, Kathie!

  29. Thank you soooo much for this recipe! I made it the other night and it was absolutely amazing. Yum, yum, I cannot get enough :) I left out the onion because I do not digest it well, and it was still incredible. I also topped it with a sprinkle of Herbs de Provence.

    Thanks again!!!!!! It even tasted amazing the next day (yes, I doubled the recipe so I would have left overs).

    • Great call on doubling the recipe, Chris! So happy that you enjoyed it :)

  30. This soup looks amazing! I love the idea of using cauliflower to thicken the soup and add extra nutrients, brilliant!!!

  31. This soup is AMAZING! I’ll definitely be making this again!

    I did a couple of things differently:
    1. I used hemp milk because I love hemp milk and I already had it on hand (it also has a mild nutty flavor to it).
    2. I sauteed the onions separate from the mushrooms so I could throw them in with the cauliflower/milk mixture and puree them (I don’t like chunks of onion, but do like the flavor).
    3. When done, I put it all in the crock pot on warm so we can enjoy it throughout the day and the flavors can continue to merge.

    ohhhhh so good! Thanks!

    • Thanks for sharing your substitutions and adjustments, that’s awesome. I’ll have to try hemp milk with it next time. So happy that you liked the recipe, Cindy :)

      • “LIke” the recipe is an understatement. We LOVE this recipe. Love your site and your recipes. Thanks for making vegan so good and so easy. :)

  32. I just made this for lunch this week and it is SOOOO good! Thanks so much for the recipe :)

    • Hey Ashley – I’m so happy that you liked the recipe! You can use it in place of the cream of mushroom soup in any recipe. Ah!

      • That’s such a good idea! Next time I find a recipe using cream of mushroom soup I will try it :)

  33. Hi – I can honestly say that I’ve never left a review for anyhing online – but I had to tell you that I made this last night and it was ridiculously delicious and super quick and easy. Will definitely be making this again! Thank you!!

    • Well, I’m happy you broke that and stopped in to say hello! I’m so happy that you liked it, Adi ;)

  34. I really would like to try this recipe as I have been missing green bean casserole. I tried my own concoction of mushrooms, flax milk, tamari, pepper, and agar, and it set up alright, but was bland tasting and nothing like the original. I made my own fried onions with rice flour and they turned out well. I’ll try to get some cauliflower tomorrow and give it a go.

  35. HI I am going to send this to a friend of mine who loved cream of mushroom soup and has not been able to find a good one that was dairy free, they usually taste like flour, ewwwww!! But we have no himalayan rock salt in his part of the island, can reg salt be used??

    • Awesome, Jerry. Thanks for sharing the love! For sure, any salt will do the trick.

      • He tried the soup tonight for dinner, he actually added some of the chicken juice to it, from the chicken he cooked and made it like a mushroom soup gravy, it was quite good actually! :-)

  36. I am so happy to have found you! My kids absolutely love cream of mushroom soup but I hate giving them the canned crap that’s full of dairy and additives so this recipe I am going to make often. Thank you so much!!

    • I’m happy that you found me too, Tania! Thumbs down for the canned garbage. I’d love to know how they like it when you whip up a batch!

  37. Yummy!! I made this tonight (with dried mushrooms) and it was sooooooooooo sooooooo good and so filling! I almost feel guilty for eating it (but not quite!) haha

    Thanks for another awesome recipe! I added a bit extra salt, but I have been eating things a bit more salty these days! :)

    • Awesome! So happy that you liked it, Jessica. I’ve never, ever cooked with dried mushrooms! Ugh, I’m going crazy for the salt, too lately. No idea why!

  38. Hi Leanne,

    Brilliant idea. I read this recipe the other day and instantly added your feed to my Google Reader, thank you.

    I’ve just made this soup, but I think I’ve got some of the measurements wrong! Do you have a guide for converting your recipes into UK measurements (eg grams and ml)? I think I used too much caulflower and not enough milk or mushrooms – it came out more like a dip than a soup. I just added more milk while processing, but it doesn’t taste very mushroom-y. Please can you advise?

    • Hi Sam! So happy that you found me :) Loads of readers have tried this recipe with lots of success so it must have been a measurement issue. Nothing a little math can’t fix! You could try this: cauliflower = 500mL (250grams), mushrooms = 350 mL (340 grams), milk = 400mL I’m not sure on the weight… that’s just a guess. I hope that makes sense and works out for you :)

  39. My 3 year old and I just made this for lunch and it was wonderful! definitely a new staple for lunch. Thanks for sharing it :)

    • That’s great! I’m so happy that you two liked the recipe ;)

  40. Is there a way to store this to use in recipes for the future? We are going dairy free for my daughters chronic ear infections and when clearing out our cabinets I realized how much cream of… soup we use in our cooking. Could this possibly be frozen?

    • Hi Mallorie – I’ve frozen this a couple of times and it did pretty well… it’s not 100% perfect, but if you let it defrost and then reheat on the stovetop, it’s pretty good! I’d love to know how your daughter does once she’s been dairy-free for awhile!

  41. Oh wow! thank you for this recipe! I have been looking all over the internet for a vegan mushroom recipe but they all call for veggie stock which…I have no time to prepare, and can’t seem to find the cubed ones at the supermarket. Thank you again for this, it just saved me! =) I’ll be making some tonight!

      • I did Leanne! However I switch it a bit, since almonds are quite expensive here in Costa Rica. I used plain soy milk, and roasted the tiny potato bits along with dry mushrooms, garlic, onion, salt, pepper and olive oil. The end result was a very subtle soup flavor combined with a strong tasting “topping” …it was brilliant!

  42. Okay, everyone’s been saying this soup sounds great,
    but I made it for lunch today and THIS SOUP IS AMAZING!!!
    I have never eaten anything soooo creamy, especially without cream, and so little oil.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Big Hug!

    • Everyone has been saying? Wow, awesome! ;)

      I’m SO happy that you liked it!

  43. I was wondering if you have used this in casseroles that call for cream soups? If so how much of it do you use for 1 can of soup? And does it freeze well?

    Just found your site and am very excited that it is Gluten and Dairy Free!!

    • Hi Tracy – you sure can use this soup in casseroles! I’ve done it many times. I believe the canned soup makes 2 cups? And this recipe makes about 4 cups of soup. I hope that helps! Oh yes, and it freezes well. Just let it defrost on the counter and heat on the stove top.

  44. I am fairly new to “whole foods” eating and eliminating dairy, and have been making up yummy soup and stew recipes for years. But I have to say this is one of THE BEST soups I have ever made. Period. Every time I eat it I say to myself, “This can’t be healthy. This is too yummy.” The cauliflower to thicken is brilliant and has my mind in overdrive thinking how I can incorporate this into other recipes.
    Last night I made a quadruple batch of this, but instead of onion I used leeks and cooked them low and slow to almost caramelized them. It gave a wonderfully different sweet layer to the flavor. OMG, my mouth is watering just typing out this review.
    THANK YOU for such a great and simple recipe!!!

  45. Hi Leanne,

    I’m never confident in my cooking skills, this recipe seems simple and easy with a few ingredients which I love. I have to say I’m surprised how taste it turned out from my first attempt! that never happen to me before!!! i don’t have almond mild on hand so I used unsweetened soy milk instead, this experience boost my confident in myself, I’m going to try making it again with almond milk!

    I hope you come up with more recipes for those “suck at cooking” vegans like me!

  46. Just made this for dinner and it is so good. I am already dreaming up ways to ad my own twist. I did add minced garlic in the onion stage but I add garlic to everything. This site has so many good recipes~ Thank you!

    • Hi Robin – garlic, yes! I’m the same way. I put that stuff on everything! So happy that you liked it, and like my blog :) Have a great week!

  47. I lost an entire night and day because I cooked a dish using dairy and MSG loaded canned mushroom soup. I can’t wait to try your homemade vegan alternative. Thanks for sharing!

  48. Hi Leanne

    Apart from being vegan, I don’t eat onions (or anything in the onion and garlic family) either. Do you think I could just omit the onions altogether or is there something that I could substitute it with? Thanks for sharing the recipe! Looks amazing.

  49. I made this last night – it was delicious! So simple and easy. My husband loved it! Thank you so much for the recipe. I only made one change – used veggie broth in place of oil. I will need to doulbe the recipe because it so good. I have my soup on top of my brown rice.

  50. I just just just made this using your recipe and it is insanely amazing!!!! I loved it! Even the smell of the pureed cauliflower and almond milk was great!

  51. I made the vegan cream of mushroom soup tonight for my husband and teen age boys. My husband has always claimed that he hates cauliflower, so you know I wasn’t going to tell him what was in it until they finished eating. Let me preface this by saying that I was so excited to come across this recipe b/c I’m almost done with chemo, and my taste buds have gone all wonky on me. Finding things that sound appealing has been a challenge, and this soup sounded amazing! I made it and laid it out in the bowls for the fam. Before I knew it all the soup was gone. I asked for a thumbs up or thumbs down, and all of them gave it a thumbs up and said it was a “great keeper recipe.” Even, my cauliflower hating husband. Ha ha ha! Finally, they asked what was in it b/c they are very used to me hiding things in foods. I told them and they were so very impressed. Luckily I made extra, b/c i’m having it for lunch again tomorrow. This is my new favorite soup!!

  52. I just want you to know how happy I am with this recipe. I’ve made it quite a few times already. Being vegan, I was positive that I would never be able to have green bean casserole again but this works great! Thank you so, so much.

  53. I’m going to try this tonight on a pizza with spinach and maybe some ground turkey or shrimp. I recently switched to dairy free and gluten free so I’m going to love this! I used to make scalloped potatoes with cream of mushroom soup, so I’m thinking of using it with sweet potatoes for that recipe! Should be delicious!! :) Thanks for sharing!! :)

  54. Wow! I just made this with a few personal tweaks and it wwas amazing! I just wish I’d made more cuz it was barely enough for two. Great recipe!!

  55. I have a question regarding your choice of almond milk, it seems you replace milk with that a lot, do you have any non-milk (like any kind cow, goat, almond, coconut, soy) recipes? My daughter gets BAD eczema from any ‘white liquid’ that we’ve tried… if we stay away from the ‘white liquids’ she has beautiful skin.. but every kind of milk on the market that we’ve tried will make her break out… I’m a little desperate to find alternatives for the foods we loved eating before this allergy.

  56. Hi, I’ve made it today, and it was absolutely delicious, both my boyfriend and I loved it. I used KARA coconut diary-alternative drink and worked very well too. It’s great how simple it was to make, and cheap, too.

  57. Thank you for the great idea of using cauliflower as a thickener! Will be implementing this technique for other cream soups. It’s so much easier to go dairy-free or vegan nowadays with all the alternatives.

    • Hey! Yes, I’ve used cauliflower for multiple thickening jobs, it works SO great!

  58. Just made this – it is amazing!! Thank you for the recipe, I am so glad I found your site.

    • Hi Christy! I’m so happy that you liked my soup recipe. Have a fabulous day :)

  59. WOW, was this good! I really like cauliflower, so I split the cauliflower mixture into two parts. One part, I creamed thoroughly with an immersion blender. The other part, I left a little bit chunky. Then I put the two parts back together and dumped in the onions and mushrooms. This effectively turns it into a cream of mushroom, onion, and cauliflower soup. DELISH!! Thanks for the recipe!

  60. Thanks for sharing! I made this recipe vegetarian style with water and cream as I didn’t have any almond milk at hand today. I also used butter instead of olive oil. Cauliflower is great for thickening any kind of dish, it’s creamy and mild. Next time I’ll do it vegan style. :D

  61. i subbed the cauli out for yellow squash and it was really good!!! maybe not as thick as you get it with cauliflower so i added a little plantain flour

  62. This soup is divine! It’s got such great flavor and texture. Thanks for the lovely recipe! I’ll be sharing it with my mom and friends.

  63. This soup has never thickened, and its pretty bland tasting. was disappointed!

    • I’m sorry that you didn’t like it, Elena. Did you change any of the ingredients? I’ve never had anyone tell me that they didn’t like this soup so I’m pretty surprised!

  64. Love the idea with cauliflower, turned very well!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  65. I made this soup today and it was woooonderful! I am making again, for sure! Thank you for this yummy and healthy recipe. :)

  66. OK, this soup ROCKS! I can’t stop making it. It is so delicious, so easy to make and so low calorie. Cauliflower is an awesome food, but you are a genius for this clever use of it.

  67. I just made this recipe and it was delicious! I omitted the onion powder because I thought there was enough flavor, but it was still really yummy! Especially for a beginner cook! :)

    • Well done, Louise! I’m so happy that you liked it :)

  68. This is amazing!! Tried this today and it’s out of this world! Thank you for sharing this recipe :) Loving it! Definitely a keeper!!

  69. This was fantastic! I make my own almond milk (which is quite easy) and I used dried shiitake mushrooms and used the water from rehydrating/soaking and added that to the mix. Thanks for the quick and easy (and delicious) recipe!

  70. Hi Leanne,
    I’m relatively new to your site, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed this recipe! Mushrooms are probably one of my top ten favorite foods, so this recipe appealed to me so much. I love how simple and easy it is to make, and it will definitely be in my regular rotation of meals. Thank you!

  71. I’m just curious-why would you use onion powder AND onions? Onion powder seems to be a bit…unnecessary? And a processed ingredient that just doesn’t seem needed here. I don’t think they even sell it in Australia / Amsterdam (where I live) so I’m curious as to what it adds before making this.

    • Hi Joanne – it adds an extra kick of onion. I’ve made it without, and didn’t like it as much. But it was still good! I hope that helps :)

  72. One thing that worked nicely for me was sauteeing the onions by themselves and then pureeing them with the cauliflower.

  73. I’ve always used made from scratch baby butter beans to make the cream bases for my soup. Add in about an 1/8 cup per bowl if soup of vegan cheese to the pot and blend well and it REALLY gets creamy, not just thick and white….I’ve found the cauliflower gets thick and white but not creamy at all to my taste buds.
    You can use any bean you like as a soup base, just pressure cook them well, add liquid to get desired consistency while you use SN EM Weston blender to whip it into creamy base!
    I used to use the silken tofu…but I like the beans much better!

  74. I used this as a base recipe for “cream” of Asparagus soup! I just sauteed the onion in some butter before adding the cauliflower, almond milk & spices, then steamed some asparagus (about 3/4″ dice) in a separate pot. I added half the asparagus to the cauliflower mixture, blended it all together with the immersion blender, then added the rest of the asparagus pieces. It was so good!! You could make “cream” of anything with the cauliflower base! Thank you! :)

    I should mention that I accidentally grabbed regular almond milk at the store instead of unsweetened. It did give it a nice sweet flavor, but I’ll try it w/o the added sugar next time! (I know I could make my own almond milk, but that takes too much time lol).

  75. Oh my, I am trying this. Like tomorrow. If I didnt have a dairy free leek and potato soup on the stove right now, I would walk myself to the mercado to buy white mushrooms (I do have portabellas in the fridge, would they work?) .

    We arent even a strictly “dairy free” household, but I am weaning us away from meals heavy on cow milk products because there are healthier options for my young kiddos! And the girls LOVE creamy soups (who doesnt?) . I love love love that this is full of cauliflower. The girlys like the “monster flower” anyway, but it is always good to get extra veggies in when you can.

    Sooooo excited to have stumbled across your blog! (Googled “dairy free creamy soups”) . Looks like we will be trying alot lf your recipes soon!

    • Hi Tricia! I think portabellas would work just fine, although I haven’t tried it. I’m so very happy that you found me, too!

  76. Hi! I love your recipes! I was just wondering…. have you ever tried this cream of mushroom soup as a pasta sauce? I was going to make your vegan alfredo sauce for my dad… but not only his he lactose intolerant, but he’s also allergic to garlic! I’m not sure the alfredo recipe would sound the same without the garlic…. but the mushroom soup recipe has none. Do you think it would be good as a pasta sauce? Thank you!

  77. Hi! I love your recipes! I was just wondering…. have you ever tried this cream of mushroom soup as a pasta sauce? I was going to make your vegan Alfredo sauce for my dad… but not only is he lactose intolerant, but he’s also allergic to garlic! I’m not sure the Alfredo recipe would sound the same without the garlic…. but the mushroom soup recipe has none. Do you think it would be good as a pasta sauce? Thank you for your advice and your WONDERFUL recipes!

    • Yes, it’s AWESOME as a pasta sauce! Do it up, your Dad will love, love it!

  78. This soup was really tasty! Since I have a nut allergy I made it with rice milk instead and also substituted onion powder with nutritional yeast to give it an extra cheesy flavor. Thanks very much!

  79. This soup is in a pan on my burner as I type this. I should rephrase to say “what is left of it”, this is crazy good!!! This is one previously go-to food I thought I’d never see again as a vegan… My daughter calls it our new “creamless of mushroom soup”, Thank you!!

    • Creamless cream. Love it! I’m so happy that you enjoy it, Lisa ;)

  80. could you clearify how much almond milk to use?on my phone it looks like 10 cups that seems like a lot.thank you.

  81. Well, I was totally skeptical of this before I made it. Cauliflower and mushrooms? Sounds strange. Also I’m not that big a fan of mushroom heavy dishes, but I had mushrooms that were going bad so I decided to try this. I loved it! My husband scraped the bowl and said asked for more (but we only had one serving each so I would double it next time). It was surprisingly mild but hearty and delicious. I added 1 garlic clove and mushroom bouillon cube (cutting back on the salt). My only negative comment is that is smells slightly sweet or almondy from the milk, but the taste was yummy-licious!!!!! Thanks!!!

    • Hey Shannon! I’m happy I turned you into a cauliflower soup believer. Yay!

  82. I just made this soup tonight and it is delicious. I added some garlic and seasoning salt and found it cut down on the sweetness from the almond milk. I love that it is so healthy!

    • Hey Jessica! I am happy that you liked my recipe :) Great idea with the garlic powder!

  83. I made this and did half almond milk – half vegetable broth. It was pretty delicious! Not like traditional cream of mushroom, but flavorful and yummy, for sure. I definitely added more salt than suggested, but that’s just me! Thanks for the recipe!

  84. Yum, love it! I added garlic, cumin seeds and paprika to the onion mushroom sauté and did half broth/almond milk, really yummy, one of my favorites!!!!

    • Wow, that’s brilliant! Sounds amazing. So happy that you loved it!

  85. Thanks! This was delicious! Love the recipes that are good for my allergy boy and yummy for the rest of us!

  86. Hi
    this soup is sensational thank you – even my “not so keen on mushrooms” partner went back for seconds
    I can’t wait to try some other recipes
    thanks Leanne

  87. Just made this tonight – so EASY and DELICIOUS! I pureed no-salt-added chickpeas to the mix to pump up the protein!

  88. At the behest of one of my best friends, I’m giving the vegan thing a try and this soup is really helping me through it, haha! Can’t wait to try out the Cream of Broccoli recipe soon as well!
    As always, you are wonderful Leanne!

    • Wow, you’re a great friend! How long are you giving it a go, Joyce?

      • Well it’s become a persistence challenge, so I’m trying to see how long I can go before I cave. It’s only been about a week at this point. Soups and tofu scrambles are my saviors right now!

  89. just a note: do not use olive oil for high heat frying, use coconut oil. I also use potatoes as thickener for soups. I was fortunate to come across some organic, pure dried potato flakes, they are my go to thickener for soups. Really handy, when you live on a tight budget, esp. if mushrooms are on sale (or you had a good pick)
    and good cauliflower is not priced well.
    This would also be good with home made almond milk, and then grind the almond meal into flour to use as a thickener. (no extra ingredients in homemade almond milk)
    I try as much as possible to use the purest ingredients available..

    • Great point Veronica, thank you! You’re definitely right about the olive oil. I switched to grape seed oil for high temperature cooking and baking. Works wonderfully. I’m not too sure about replacing the cauliflower with whole nuts. But if you give it a try, I’d love to know how it turns out!

  90. I used to hate cauliflower but I’ve recently fallen in love with it. The versatility amazes me. Just yesterday I used my last head of cauliflower for some Mac & cheese (no pasta involved). So now I really want to buy another one so I can make this soup, if possible today jajajaja. I’ll be trying it with portobello mushrooms, I’m guessing it should be as good as your version. Thanks for sharing!!!

  91. You are a total genius! Thank you! I just found your website today as I was looking for a vegan creamy soup to add to my gluten free pasta. I’m using this one! THANK YOU!!!!

  92. I made your soup tonight… I loved it! instead of almond milk I cooked the cauliflower in water and added a 1/2 c of cashews to the blender with the cauliflower when I pureed it. Awesome vegan gluten free recipe!!!!

  93. Hi Leanne~ When you say serves 2, do you know roughly how many ounces that would be? I’m looking to replace a recipe calling for 1- 14.5 oz. can cream of mushroom soup. Thanks so much, this sounds delish! :)

    • Hey Beth! Hmm it makes about 2 cup, which is 16 oz. I hope that helps!

  94. I am trying to make a traditional green bean casserole for Thanksgiving, do you think this would work as a replacement for canned soup? Also, I am allergic to milk, nuts and soy, what milk would you recommend to replace the almond milk?

    • You bet it would! I’ve done it before and it worked perfectly. You could use any type of milk, as long as it’s unsweetened. Enjoy!

  95. Hi Leann, this was great! I used it as a base for my green bean casserole and it was like crack! I was skeptical, but so glad I went for it! I added a touch white whine and some extra onion powder. Thank you?

    • That’s awesome, Tessa! I’ve had a couple of readers tell me that it works great for green bean casserole. I’m going to have to give it a try!

  96. Made this last night! I doubled the recipe and used half veggie broth, half milk. Also added garlic to the onions and mushrooms and some cayenne pepper for heat. Turned out great! Will be making this again very soon. Thank you :)

  97. This recipe was awesome. Even my husband, who is a traditional meat and potatoes guy, loved this soup. He devoured it today after shoveling us out of a blizzard. Definitely a keeper!

  98. Found your recipe on Celeste’s blog! I have all the ingredients including Himalayan rock salt. I love cauliflower, hubby loves mushrooms. Perfect!!

    I pinned it to my Vegan meals on Pinterest.

    Thanks a bunch!!
    ♥ carmen

  99. From a wench that has an intollerance to dairy and wheat and who’s biggest downfall is devouring cream of mushroom soup, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  100. Sounds delicious! I’m going to try it with coconut milk. Thank you for posting your healthful pursuits! :)

  101. Okay…after just having found this recipe an hour ago I couldn’t wait to make it since I had everything on hand already! I couldn’t wait to THANK you either because this is amazing! I’m new to mushrooms and this is the perfect hook to reel me in with. Yum!

  102. Love this soup, just made it, and my 7 year old son loved it to, thats the real test!!!!

  103. Good idea for Passover recipes too! I have been trying vegan / gluten / grain free recipes for the upcoming Seder without much luck, but this might be the trick! Thanks for the tip!

  104. Just did this recipe, so delicious. Added a whole head of roasted garlic at the end and pureed… made the broth even creamier and the soup even nuttier!

  105. Thank you so much for this recipe! I hate all the junk that is in most can soups. Also, my girls and I are extremely lactose intolerant. I made this about 2 weeks ago to use in a recipe calling for cream of mushroom and it tasted amazing and worked great in the recipe. Definitely a keeper!

  106. This is soooo good. I’ve made it twice now and love adding different twists on the recipe. I never really liked Cream of Mushroom soup until now! Thank you!

  107. So yummy and simple. Made this with homemade coconut milk that I needed to use up. Didn’t add too many mushrooms because they tend to have a strong flavor. But to be honest I couldn’t even taste the mushroom. So next time I’ll add more. It was so creamy. Perfect for chilly days.

  108. This is exactly what I was looking for! So very excited to find it and give it a try. Question though, I’m not opposed to using almond milk (I actually use it often) but can this be made with a vegetable stock as an alternative?

    • Ooops! Nevermind. Just read through some other comments and saw that broth works well. Can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks!

  109. As a picky vegan, who is a bit leery of cauliflower, I was a little skeptical of this recipe. I can’t believe how CREAMY it turned out! Just as good as using cashews for cream, but with much less fat! I added a bullion cube, a little poultry seasoning, and a few dashes of cayenne and this soup turned out fabulous! I also doubled the recipe and I’m glad I did.. between my husband, me, and our roommate, it was gone fast! I could definitely see adding other veggies to it, like asparagus, celery, bell pepper, etc. Yum!

    • So happy that you liked it, Laura! Always, always double the recipe lol. I find that I never make enough, no matter how much I make. Cayenne pepper, love it!

  110. I am going to attempt this recipe in my Wild Rice Casserole recipe. We have a family member who has celiac and chooses to be gf also. I do cater to her because I like gf also. I am excited to try, and sure hope it’s a success! I will let you know. Wish me luck!

  111. Sounds great! will have to try it. Do you think this soup would be good for a vegan green bean casserole?

  112. Made this tonight and it was delicious! Just found out I have diabetes, and was disappointed at the thought of not being able to have my beloved homemade cream of mushroom soup. This is the perfect replacement! I added a few extra ingredients; garlic in with the onions, some nutmeg while boiling the cauliflower, and a few handfuls of baby spinach while blending the cauliflower…YUM!

  113. Thank you for this!!!!! I recently went vegan. I LOVE it, but some things I miss. I’ll never have to miss green bean casserole again thanks to you! :)

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