5 Minute Banana Chocolate Chip Quinoa Flake Bake

It’s baaaaack….

The breakfast that I was head over heals in love with last summer is making a major come back.

Quinoa flake bakes are the king of all quinoa flake recipes. They’re a breakfast cake, a protein monster, can be made vegan, are loaded with fiber, and contribute over 15% of your RDA of iron. Not to mention, they’re fabulous as training fuel when preparing for a marathon or other high endurance activity.

If you have a bag of lonely quinoa flakes in the back of your pantry that you haven’t put to good use you owe it to yourself to try one of these bakes. They’re so good and easy, too!

… and this one has chocolate. You just cannot go wrong!

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5 Minute Banana Chocolate Chip Quinoa Flake Bake
Recipe type: Vegan (option), Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 cake, 1 serving
The perfect 5 minute breakfast that’s high in protein, fiber… and chocolate.
  1. Prepare a 16oz. microwave/oven safe dish by oiling with a dab of coconut oil. Set aside. Drop all ingredients in a small bowl and mix until fully incorporated. Press mixture into prepare dish and even out with fork.
  2. Microwave option: Place in the microwave and cook for 2.5 minutes. You’ll know when it’s done when it rises slightly, is harder to the touch, and pulls away from the sides of the dish. Don’t bake it too long, or you’ll have a chocolate Frisbee!
  3. Oven option: Place in a preheated oven at 350F and bake for 25-30 minutes, or until toothpick inserted comes out clean.
  4. Allow to rest for 1 minute before tipping over onto a plate and smothering with your favorite toppings.
    Feel free to use 1 egg in place of egg whites. To keep vegan, use ¼ cup apple sauce.

    Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

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      • Quinoa flakes can also be used in place of matza meal if you are making “matza” balls for soup. You will have to bake them instead of dropping them in water or broth. So these are gluten free treats, using no eggs, also.

        • I have just made this and It is yummy! What a great, fast, breakfast option. The only thing is it looks a little pale in colour when ready so I wondered about adding a little cacao powder just for colour?? Love the idea April had of making into muffins and freezing, as I found that one was quite a lot to eat.

          • I love the idea of adding cocoa powder to chocolate it up!

    1. Oh have mercy! This is like a chocolate chip cookie but better! And even better than that I know exactly where to buy my quinoa flakes and have already got every other ingredient for this recipe at home. I know what I’m having for brekkie tomorrow! Happy Friday Leanne!

    2. quinoa flakes? I eat quinoa all the time, but have never had the flakes. your breakfast bake looks good–I might just have to pick some up at the store! does it taste similar to if you use oatmeal or oatbran (that what I typically eat each morning)?

    3. This looks so good. I’ve never had quinoa flakes, but I’m pretty sure I saw them at the grocery store. I’ll definitely need to try them!

    4. Ok, never heard of quinoa flakes either. Love quinoa so will search out the flakes. This sounds good!!

    5. Taaaa daaaa…… since I live in the boonies and we don’t really have much in the way of specialty shops, I shop a lot on Amazon.com … and guess what? They have quinoa flakes!!! Ordering today.

    6. I soooo wish I could find quinoa flakes around me! I’ve been looking ever since your first quinoa flake bake. I could buy them online, but I hate to pay for shipping haha, I’m cheap!

    7. Like the rest, I will seek out quinoa flakes. Heading to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and a local health food store today. (Poor me……must drive 45 minutes to get there.)

      • Wow, that is a long drive! We’re about the same. I wait until I need to stock up on a bunch of stuff so it’s 100% worth the trip but I have been known to drive over an hour to get my paws on some quinoa flakes ;) Enjoy your shopping trip!

    8. So excited to try this yumminess. I have been trying to find a way to combine quinoa and chocolate – I knew there had to be some sort of possibility. Leave it to you! I eat quinoa nearly every day and would you believe I have never tried it in flake form? Heading out to the store to try and find it…

      • If you love quinoa, you’ll adore the flakes. They make for such a great alternative to oats for those that cant handle their oats. Enjoy, Mikelle!

    9. looks delicious!! but i have no idea where to buy quinoa flakes, could I substitute rolled oats instead?

      • Hi Sarah – I’ve been told a couple of times that cooked quinoa works, but not at what ratio. Good thing is I know it’s possible!

    10. This looks ridiculously good, wow! I have an extreme intolerance to quinoa though, do you think I’d be OK with quinoa flakes, or should I not even try and just stick with substituting normal oats (like keira asked)? Thanks!

      • Hey Jenny, if you have an intolerance to quinoa you’d be best off subbing with oats. Quinoa flakes are just squished quinoa seeds so probably wouldn’t agree with you!

    11. Yum! Funny enough, I can get quinoa flakes easily, but can’t get pecans! I don’t think I’ve seen pecans in the health food shop here (in Australia). I’m sure walnuts will sub fine. So do you use quinoa flakes as a sub for oats in recipes? I never thought of that. I can’t eat oats (celiac) and it’s too expensive to get GF oats shipped here.

      • That’s too funny. I think you’re about the only Australian that’s told me that they can find quinoa flakes. Where do you get them? Walnuts will sub just fine, no worries on that. I’m not sure if I could live a life without pecans, you poor thing! Quinoa flakes work for oats in some recipes, but not all. And sometimes you need to add extra depending on how they’re used. It’s a touch and go kinda thing.

        • I got the quinoa flakes from one of the major supermarket chains here, Coles – just in their health section. I was at the farmers market yesterday and you’ll never believe what I found – pecans!! I swear I’ve never seen them before, and there they were – locally grown and organic. And your right, their delicious! Now I have no excuse not to make this recipe. Thanks for the tips on subbing oats – I want to try it in some baking recipes, hopefully it will work out.

    12. I love this idea, using quinoa in place of oats! But could you use regular quinoa seeds in the recipe? Is it interchangeable? Thanks so much- your blog rocks! :)

      • Thanks Brianna! I’ve seen a couple of people use regular quinoa, I believe they cook it first, then use it in the cake. Hope that helps! Have a great day ;)

    13. I just made this (my first quinoa flake bake), and I loved it! It was delicious, and so easy to make. I topped mine with peanut butter and berries – so good! I can’t wait to try your other versions!

    14. Made this this morning and it was great!! So quick and easy, I had been forcing myself to eat quinoa flake porridge as I didn’t enjoy the taste….however this bake was delicious. Thanks for the recipe! Going to be trying all the different versions now :)

      • I’m with you on quinoa flake porridge, definitely not my thing. But quinoa flake bakes, totally different story! Glad you feel the same way :)

      • You know what, I’ve never tried it! I’m sure it could though, it’s very similar to a muffin so I don’t see why not!

    15. Hi I defiantly want to try this. My DD is 4 years old and had her colon removed due to ulcerative colitis. She now has a j-pouch and is very limited on her foods she can tolerate at this point. I have defiantly found gluten to be an issue so we are currently following a Celiacs diet but there is so many GMOs in corn and soy I was a bit lost in it. Don’t feel like I am helping her, bc she is loading up on fillers now instead. She has a hard time with raw fruits and veggies. We are now trying a new one every week. I really hope I can find some recipes in your website to help her through this transition period. She doesnt have Celiacs or anything but I do feel like if she had her way she would eat all noodles and bread all day every day. I think quinoa flakes will be the something new we try next week.

      • Wow, I’m sorry to hear that she’s had such a rough go at it, and at only 4 years old… some items you may want to look into is zucchini noodles (you can lightly steam or boil them so that they’re easier to digest), baked apples, and yes, quiona flake bakes are a great alternative to sweets and cakes! I hope you can find a bunch of recipes here to help the journey :)

    16. Very delicious! I was a bit hesitant on how it would turn out but I gave it a try anyway bc i figured I might as well use up the quinoa flakes abandoned at the back of my pantry. Thank gosh i did bake this bc the texture was amazing. So light and fluffy and perfect sweetness. Thanks so much for the recipe!

      • I’m so happy to hear that you went ahead with it even though you were a bit skeptical!

    17. Hi Leanne,

      I’m off to cook this right now and have just sent the link to my newsletter readers. It’s Sunday here and I can’t wait to try it.

      Love what you’re doing here and thank you for sharing your ideas.

      x Annabel

    18. I love this so much. I often sub walnuts for the pecans. I top with sliced banana and maple syrup.
      Question: have you ever made this as a loaf, like banana bread? I gave my daughter a bite of my “banana bread” this morning and she actually liked it. (Don’t get me started, she’s 14 but very picky. I’m only 4 months into the clean eating way, so I’m slowly trying to shift my children off the processed stuff.) I was thinking if I made a whole loaf and sliced it like banana bread, my kids would enjoy it. I’d probably bake it, but I’m not sure how long to increase the baking time to.

    19. I had just opened my first packet of quinoa flakes and made porridge, and I sat at the computer to see what other things I could do with the flakes. I am so glad I did! The porridge is in the bin (sadly, no-one else wanted it either, not even the dog) and I am enjoying a BCCQFB. This was meant to be – I had all the ingredients – even organic maple syrup to top it with! That will have to balance out the chocolate chips, which aren’t organic :(
      I live in country Australia and have a 2 hour drive to the nearest big shopping centre, so when I find ingredients I want to use I buy up and store them in the freezer. Most people have a freezer full of meat; I let hubby put his meat on the bottom shelf only, and the rest is full of nuts, berries, grains, and vegetables – with some home-cooked vegetarian meals in there when I have a chance to do a big cook!

    20. WOW! Thank you or posting this recipe. I tripled the recipe and made them into 10 muffins. I am freezing them for the week, so they can be a quick grab and go snack. I made the vegan version and they were heavenly :)

    21. I’m the one that commented yesterday on the Blueberry Quinoa Flake Breakfast Bake recipe and we did try this one today. It was a HUGE hit with my four year old triplets! HUGE! In fact, the second one is in the oven now because my son cried when he finished his 1/3 of the first bake and asked for more and there wasn’t any. Granted, he’s been on edge lately and crying easily, but still. I’ll know better and just double it next time!

      I made a few small changes, but nothing major. Like using the entire egg because I hate having random egg yolks to use up. I also used more banana, about half a medium banana, because when I eyeballed a 3 Tbsp chunk and then mashed it, it didn’t look like much. I also used a heaping Tbsp of chocolate chips to make it more appealing to the two that haven’t liked the blueberry bake, but I don’t have to do that again because they both gobbled it up and asked for more!

      Thanks for another great recipe! I’ll be posting a link to this recipe on facebook and recommending it to friends!

      • It’s still in the oven and they keep asking, “Is it done yet, Mama?” Definitely a keeper!

    22. HI there, just happened to stumble upon your blog…I love what you do! We have a lot in common in regards to cooking! I’ve been obsessed with mug cakes lately and most recently have been whipping up recipes with quinoa flakes (also my new fave in the kitchen-although I’ve been cooking with regular quinoa for ages!). I just made a mug cake the other day with homemade applesauce, chia seeds and quinoa flakes…so easy, so simple, so healthy AND so delicious, right?!!

      • Hey Lisa! Thanks for stopping in and saying hello :) Wow, that cake sounds amazing. Love quinoa flakes!

    23. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I discovered that I’m gluten-intolerant last year, and while I feel so much better avoiding it, oatmeal is one of the foods I was missing…until I found this recipe. My whole family will eat it, and they don’t even mind waiting 30 minutes for me to bake a pan of it. It’s very easy to switch up with strawberries or other toppings. Delicious!

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