Masala Dosa Take I


Just like the gluten-free samosa, I’m struggling with making dosa.

It’s hard to accept that I learned how to make both of these dishes in India, but can’t seem to replicate the process in my own kitchen no matter how hard I try.

First error in all this dosa making attempting was trying to make my own lentil flour. Sure, it’s good in theory… if you soak them and have a proper grinder.

Not so good when you’re relying on your coffee grinder to do the job.

Second error was thinking green lentils would yield a white (classic) dosa. Seriously? Where was my head at when I made this assumption?

Third error (that I keep reliving over, and over, and over again…) making the potato mixture before I try out the dough.

One more lunch of unused masala potatoes and samosa filling and I think I’ll turn into a potato.

That’s not a bad thing though… right?

This is how the dough should look,

how it should be spread across the pan,

how it’s rolled,


and consumed…

Maybe if I just look at these pictures over and over it’ll give me the power I need to get ‘er done?

Is there a recipe or task in your life currently that you can’t seem to master?

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