Understanding Blood Work: Parasites and More!

By March 25, 2022

Leanne Vogel

Did you know, you can look at your regular ‘ol blood work panel (the one your doctor has ran for you) and pinpoint functional issues you may be having? Yup! Why doesn’t the doctor see them? Because they’re looking at your blood work diagnostically, not functionally. But if you follow these simple steps, you’ll be gleaning answers from your blood work in moments.

Understanding your blood work is a superpower, truly it is. Catching various patterns of nutrient needs is the name of the game, there are SO many answers in a standard blood work panel.

Guide to blood lab work Guide to blood lab work

The best markers to look for in your blood work.

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Today’s video highlights how to run labs, why it matters, what sorts of answers you can get from your standard blood work panel, and how to look at your blood work with fresh eyes.

We’re covering how to spot a need for iron (this is very common!), parasite pattern and what markers outline a potential parasitic imbalance, b12 need, and biofilms.

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