This Summer Treat Wreaks Havoc on Your Life + What You Can Do About It

By November 3, 2018


The FDA claims that it’s “safe” in low levels but it adds up quickly and can be hazardous to our health.

BPA is an endocrine disruptor – a substance that interferes with the production, secretion, transport, action, function and elimination of natural hormones. BPA can imitate our body’s own hormones in a way that could be hazardous for health. Babies and young children are said to be especially sensitive to the effects of BPA. [source]

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Why is this a problem? These pesky “fake” hormones can cause…

::Reproductive disorders, affecting egg maturation

::Male impotence, risking erectile dysfuntion

::Killed brain cells

… and the list goes on.

If you’re trying to conceive or are worried about your fertility, BPA is a no-no. And, babies & children are so much more sensitive to BPA.

Safe Popsicle Molds-1788

What I didn’t know is that BPA isn’t limited to food packaging & storage. It’s in medical equipment, safety equipment, electronics, and more [source]. The scary thing? The items don’t need to be heated to transfer into our bodies. They emit BPA by just being.

There’s 1 super easy step we can all take; especially in the summer months, to reduce our exposure to this chemical… use BPA-free popsicle molds!

Here are a couple of my favorite BPA-free popsicle molds::


Onyx 18/8 Stainless Steel Popsicle Mold


Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds


Zuko Slow Pops: Classic Pop Molds


Norpro Ice Pop Maker

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