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By November 5, 2018


There’s a fine line between being a complete energy junky and having a healthy (non-habit forming) relationship with caffeine.

Although there are days where #allIwantisaStarbucks, I’d like to think that I fall into the latter category.

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I am all for natural forms of energy:: a good nights sleep, copious amounts of water, a bunch of healthy fats throughout the day, green juices, balanced meals, etc. But sometimes, I just need a boost.

This week — I’ve been finalizing my new cookbook (!!), writing posts for the blog, preparing for our wedding, studying Course in Miracles, prepping for yoga teacher training, volunteering and also… living. Whole foods help me maintain energy throughout the day, but there’s nothing quite like the natural energy boost and clarity that a batch of homemade iced black tea gives me.

At least that’s what I thought until I was introduced to NERGIA. This stuff takes my black tea sippin’ days to a whole new level.

Natural Energy Boost-7620

NERGIA is an all-natural, non-GMO energy shot that’s free of all the crap other energy drinks have, like:: taurine, gluten, artificial ingredients or bogus preservatives.

What I like about them is that they support local farmers in Brazil (where many of the ingredients are sourced) by helping them maintain their native culture and improve their quality of life without affecting the delicate balance of the rainforest region.

NERGIA is comprised of guarana, acai berry, catauaba, water, natural flavor, stevia extract, malic acid (natural flavor enhancer), erythritol (sugar alcohol), citrus extract and talin. Each bottle contains about 180mg of caffeine – the same as about 2 cups of coffee.

To give you an idea, other energy shots contain ingredients like taurine, glucuronic acid, malic acid, N-acetyl L-Tyrosine, L-Phenylalanine, caffeine, citicoline, natural and artificial flavours, sucralose, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and EDTA.

Natural Energy Boost-7621

Instead of drinking it straight-up, I have been adding it to my iced black teas, smoothies and green juices.

Because taurine and high fructose corn syrup haven’t been used, and the source of caffeine in these shots is natural, I haven’t been getting those crazy energy crashes (that I’ve experienced with other energy shots in the past)

I definitely wouldn’t recommend going all crazy and drinking these daily, but when you need a clean, natural boost of energy, NERGIA has my vote.

NERGIA is currently available on GNC’s online store HERE, if you’re interested.

This post was sponsored by NERGIA. All opinions expressed herein are those of Healthful Pursuit Inc. and are not indicative of the positions or opinions of NERGIA. Thank you for supporting the brands that I believe in and choose to feature here.

How do you increase your energy on days where things are sliding all over the place?

What forms of caffeine are your favorite?

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