33 Days To Go

By November 4, 2018

Antique-Vintage Wedding Craft Ideas -- placecards #wedding #antique #crafts

We’re getting married.

We’re getting married in 33 days.

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Our wedding is taking place in a historical mansion in the heart of downtown Calgary. It’s vintage, with a bit of rustic, cowboy.

Instead of dealing with booze, dancing and all-night debauchery, we chose to host a breakfast wedding. Champagne has been replaced with green smoothies, gluten-free French toast instead of meats and salads, and soft, light colors everywhere.

I’ve been dreaming of this day all my life and have been busily creating every tiny detail for our 3-hour celebration.

And this past weekend? I completed the last of the crafts. I have been working day and night on these babies and thought it would be fun to take you through the details.

Antique-Vintage Wedding Craft Ideas -- invitations #wedding #antique #crafts


provided by Anna Lou Avenue

Antique-Vintage Wedding Craft Ideas -- centerpiece #wedding #antique #crafts


Antique-Vintage Wedding Craft Ideas -- placecards #wedding #antique #crafts

Place cards

Antique-Vintage Wedding Craft Ideas -- cupcake flags #wedding #antique #crafts

Cupcake flags

Antique-Vintage Wedding Craft Ideas -- weddingfavors #wedding #antique #crafts

Wedding favors

My wedding shower is next weekend, picking up my dress in a couple of days, gluten- and dairy-free cupcakes are on the menu, everything is falling into place!

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