Never Worry About Sugary Desserts Again


When you’re on a sugar-free or candida diet and the list of foods you can’t have outweigh the ones you can, figuring how to prepare a “safe” dessert is usually just too much to handle.

Your cravings get stronger, you’re unhappy, and before you know it, you’re elbow deep in a pint of ice cream.

Ugh. I’ve been there. But, I’ve got news for you…



With a little tweak here and there, ANY recipe can be made to fit your life.

Not sure what I mean?

I’ve taken some of my favorite recipes and made them sugar-free and candida diet friendly.


Strawberry Chia Squares

Omit coconut nectar completely.


No-bake Snicker Doodles

Use 1 tablespoon apple sauce instead of coconut nectar and dehydrate the cookies for 4-5 hours or bake for 10 minutes.


Cream Cheese Sauce

Replace the maple syrup with a pinch of stevia.


No-bake Key Lime Tarts

Remove the coconut nectar from the recipe and replace with a pinch of stevia.


Bananas Foster Pudding

If bananas are off limits for you, replace with 2 cups of mixed berries. Omit the small amount of coconut sugar with a pinch of stevia or 2 teaspoons of xylitol.


Lemon Meringue Shake

Replace the 1 tablespoons of coconut nectar with a pinch of stevia or 1 tablespoon of xylitol. Or, if you are sugar-free, replace with 2 pitted medjool dates.


Cardamom Crunch Cookies

Replace coconut sugar with an equal amount of xylitol or stevia baking mix.


Carob Orange Crunch Cookies

Replace coconut sugar with an equal amount of xylitol or stevia baking mix.


Apple Pie Parfaits

Omit the maple syrup in apples and replace maple syrup in the cream with a pinch of stevia.


Raspberry Apple Crumble

Replace the coconut sugar in crust with an equal amount of xylitol. Omit the coconut sugar from berries completely.


Everyone’s body reacts differently when on the sugar-free or candida diet. Therefore, the successful use of stevia, xylitol, berries or apples while you’re on either of these diets may vary from person to person. I’ve tried to include a bunch of different options here for you so that you’ll find something that works for you.

Are you living a sugar-free or candida-friendly life? What are your biggest challenges?

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  1. Any chance you could do the same thing for the Christmas Dessert Freedom book? I purchased it but am sugar-free/candida diet and wasn’t sure how to change the recipes. Thanks!!!!!

  2. Leanne! I made another one of your desserts from the e-book yesterday! The almond butter ice cream squares were so yummy, but since I didn’t have almond butter or mixed berry jam, I used peanut butter and strawberry jam. Still delicious and totally hits the spot. I love how it has all the layers to it as well.

    I really like your tips and motivational sayings in the e-book too. I’ve been trying to practice eating a savory breakfast to ward off sugar cravings. I’m not vegan, but I try to eat plant-based as much as possible. Besides eggs and toast, which is savory, what vegetarian/vegan savory breakfast options would you recommend please?