Maple Taffy Love

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I’ve always wanted to eat maple taffy from the snow. Always.

I tried it as a kid once – grabbed the maple syrup from the door of the fridge, pulled on my snowsuit and drizzled the stuff all over the snow in the backyard. I searched for the taffy in the snow for what seemed like forever. The taffy wasn’t there. I was crazily disappointed. (Little did I know that you had to heat the stuff, first).

All the anticipation, years of dreaming of that maple taffy, you can imagine how excited I was when we headed out to Sucrerie de-la Montagne for a whole DAY dedicated to maple taffy, maple food, maple everything!

Sugaring Off (12)

I was all big smiles. BIG. I’ve been so buried in work lately that it was nice to take the day off and get outside. You know, live it up a little.

I recognize that I need more balance in my life. More meditation, outings, road trips, more exploring, doodling, adventuring…

This little trip did me good.

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to edit the photos Kevin and I took throughout the day, but here they are! Snow and all…

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When you go to a sugaring off event, they serve you a HUGE meal. Breakfast items galore. Surprisingly, Sucrerie de-la Montagne had a list of gluten-free, dairy-free items that were safe for me. I had baked beans, bacon and ham. All very good, very filling.

The place was packed.


We both filled our bellies up (leaving juuuuust enough room for maple taffy, of course)… and headed to the bakery to take pictures of treats ;)

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Then came the maple taffy.

You line up, grab a stick and eat as much as you can until you cannot eat any more.

Thankfully the portions are pretty small so you get a good fix off 2-3 sticks.

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So, so, so worth the years of anticipation.

And now? I know how to make taffy all by myself.

Watch out.


Here are a couple of extra pictures we took throughout the day…

[nggallery id=11]

Have you ever tried maple taffy?

Did you have a fascination with it when you were a kid, too?

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  1. This little adventure was great fun. I am glad that the low-light pictures turned out well. Taking pictures at a high ISO is always a bit of a gamble. It was a great experience. We have a check mark beside apple picking and sugaring off, what is next?

    • 6 flags! 6 flags!!! RIDES!

  2. I’ve never heard of it before, but it looks delicious and I want to try it. Thanks for opening my eyes.

  3. My sister and I tried to make my own maple taffy at home too when we were kids living in Edmonton! #Fail! I think we probably used Aunt Jemima too, yuck. When I went to Montreal 2 years ago it was too late in the season to go to the sugar shacks. :(

  4. Anything maple is a big win in my books. When we were down in AZ this winter, I carted around a little container of real maple syrup wherever we went, ‘just in case’. Nothing sucks more than ‘pancake syrup’ (aka corn syrup and artificial caramel color/flavour) when you’re used to the real deal… Does this mean we’ll all know how to make maple taffy some time soon? ;)

  5. This is kind of a tradition at winter festivals in Canada, and its definitely a treat. The taffy is so sticky and wonderfully sweet, I like it a lot better than maple syrup on its own! Glad you got to try it out :)