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Maple Taffy Love

by July 21, 2014

Sugaring Off (11)

I’ve always wanted to eat maple taffy from the snow. Always.

I tried it as a kid once – grabbed the maple syrup from the door of the fridge, pulled on my snowsuit and drizzled the stuff all over the snow in the backyard. I searched for the taffy in the snow for what seemed like forever. The taffy wasn’t there. I was crazily disappointed. (Little did I know that you had to heat the stuff, first).

All the anticipation, years of dreaming of that maple taffy, you can imagine how excited I was when we headed out to Sucrerie de-la Montagne for a whole DAY dedicated to maple taffy, maple food, maple everything! Sugaring Off (12) I was all big smiles. BIG. I’ve been so buried in work lately that it was nice to take the day off and get outside. You know, live it up a little. I recognize that I need more balance in my life. More meditation, outings, road trips, more exploring, doodling, adventuring… This little trip did me good. It’s taken me a couple of weeks to edit the photos Kevin and I took throughout the day, but here they are! Snow and all… Sugaring Off (13) When you go to a sugaring off event, they serve you a HUGE meal. Breakfast items galore. Surprisingly, Sucrerie de-la Montagne had a list of gluten-free, dairy-free items that were safe for me. I had baked beans, bacon and ham. All very good, very filling. The place was packed. SugaringOff-1 We both filled our bellies up (leaving juuuuust enough room for maple taffy, of course)… and headed to the bakery to take pictures of treats ;) Sugaring Off (7) Then came the maple taffy. You line up, grab a stick and eat as much as you can until you cannot eat any more. Thankfully the portions are pretty small so you get a good fix off 2-3 sticks. Sugaring Off (9) So, so, so worth the years of anticipation. And now? I know how to make taffy all by myself. Watch out. NorthCabin Here are a couple of extra pictures we took throughout the day… [nggallery id=11] Have you ever tried maple taffy? Did you have a fascination with it when you were a kid, too?

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