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Garlic Maple Sweet Potato Casserole

by July 6, 2017

We’re done the two week cleanse! One of my favorite things about cleansing is that it resets my eating habits and redefines what’s important to me. In the span of the last two weeks, I’ve eaten more vegetables daily than I used to consume in a week, drank a whole bunch more water, and developed new life practices – like daily meditation and intention setting, that I plan to stick with for the long term. For many of us, Thanksgiving is right around the corner. While you’ll technically be off of your cleanse by the time the big day is here, taking a cleanse-worthy approach to this special day will ensure that you’re not stepping too far out of your newly developed; and intensely fragile, cleansed state. We want to keep the balance we’ve achieved rolling for as long as possible! With all of this in mind, when Beth over at Tasty Yummies invited me to share a gluten-free, dairy-free Thanksgiving recipe for her Thanksgiving event, I took an extremely clean approach to a Thanksgiving classic. As always, the recipe comes with simple step-by-step instructions… and did I mention that it’s out of this world amazing? It’s sweet and savory, balanced, and will make you feel good. Head on over to Tasty Yummies for my new recipe for this Vegan Sweet Potato Casserole. $50 Upaya Naturals Giveaway I’m blown away with all of the amazing cleanse-worthy meals everyone shared throughout the cleanse. There was a lot of #twoweekcleanse action on Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Now that the cleanse is over, I’ve compiled all of the entries and Vaneoz was selected as the winner. Congratulations!

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