10 Yummies I Missed Out On

I’ve finally had the time to open my Google reader and sift through the +500 blog posts I missed while I was away.

Sure, I could have just marked it all as read and continued on, but I had this sneaking suspicion that I’d regret not having a peak at all the delicious food that my favorite foodies created while I was in India.

And boy, was I right!

Here are my top 10 picks…

Skinny Green Tropical Smoothie from Skinny Taste:

Walnut Oil Mayo from All Day I Dream About Food:

Root Fries with Tomato Chutney from Comfy Belly:

Chocolate Coffee Snack Cake from Edible Perspective:

Carrot and Coriander Soup from Jeanettes Healthy Living:

Mexican Chocolate Coconut Butter from Katie Did:

Walnut Date Stuffed Baked Apples from Family Fresh Cooking:

Apple Fennel Salad from Rawmazing:

Date Filled Butter Cookies from spabettie:

Coconut Cream Whoopie Pies from Spunky Coconut:

I haven’t exactly shared many recipes with you since I got back from India; save for the oatmeal raisin cookies that absolutely needed to be made the minute I got back to Canada.

I promise all of that will be changing in the next day or so when I introduce a new exciting series I’ve been working on. It involves an Indian kitchen, recipes, loads of garam masala, and many more India stories!

Stay tuned ;)

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  1. OK. I’ve given up. There is absolutely no way I can keep up with your wonderful recipes, as I just discovered your blog a few months ago or so, and you have WAY too many incredibly good recipes. Every recipe I’ve tried from your blog has tasted wonderful, has been easy to prepare, and – except for a few ingredients that I haven’t been able to find (I think – see questions next) – I am finally acquiring the ingredients to make foods that you post. I’m not even sure how you have the energy to keep up with yourself! Must be all that healthy food. :-)

    Questions: (1) is palm sugar the same as coconut sugar, and is that the same as coconut nectar? I found that I have a bag of coconut sugar and a jar of sugar-like crystals that are made from coconut nectar. (2) Quinoa flakes: I found a box in the cereal section of one store that says quinoa flakes, but also has blueberry and peach pieces in it. What do you think – can I use that for quinoa flakes in your recipes?

    That’s it until the next question or comment arises! Hope to get busy cooking here soon, but I keep finding tempting recipes to try.

    • Thanks Cat!
      1) palm sugar and coconut sugar are the same – substitute for white or brown sugar. Coconut nectar is liquid, similar to consistency of honey or agave.
      2) quinoa flakes with pieces of fruit? How awesome! For sure, I think it will work just fine.
      Have fun baking!

  2. i highly, highly, highly recommend making the walnut oil mayo—i did! and am a new lover of mayo! i gave up on mayo for 20 years and over those years for different reasons–80’s when my mother went through her natural foods faze and bought vegan mayo and i could not stomach the flavor—90’s when fat free was the craze—2000 because i thought it was plain gross and processed etc—now 2012 i am a mayo addict based on this recipe! oh my! i’ve made TTL’s (tempeh (smoky maple), tomato lettuce sandwiches) twice! i’ve made reuben sandwichs twice! (the third today will use up the last of the mayo)….i am not a vegan, but a plant based eater (eat eggs, but not frequently and eat fish–and no way on anything 2 legs or more)….

  3. I’m so excited about the new series! I might have a chance to go to India in the near future for my work … It is sooo funny everyone else is like DON’T send me, I volunteered when they asked me! So I have been loving your India posts! :)

    • Oh my gosh, they’re missing out!

  4. hmm I think I need to get a google reader to organize all of my favourite food blogs I spend way too much checking them to see if they have been updated. Welcome back!

  5. Hot damn, those baked apples look tasty. Thanks for sharing the link, Leanne! And welcome back from India. We sure missed all your great recipes and pictures while you were gone :)

  6. When I didn’t check my Google reader for just a week I thought about just making it all as read since it was a very daunting task to get through it all, but I am so glad that I did because I would’ve missed out on some great stuff!