We’re jetting off to the mountains in exactly 20 minutes.

The plan was to share one of the tasty recipes I made yesterday, but I slept in and still need to find my long johns before we leave!

So, all I can say for now is that it’s going to be a very, very yummy week…

See you tomorrow ;)

What tasty meals, or snacks have you made this weekend?

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  1. Oh, Leanne!

    …I HAVE to have the donut recipe….and the icing on top? …I’m hoping it is cane-sugar free! It looks soooooo delicious! I have a mini-bundt pan that has six wells for mini-cakes…I bet it would work for your donut recipe! …and figs…I too, LOVE figs…I made a figgy pudding recipe for Christmas this year…Gluten free, dairy free, cane sugar free. It was awesome. If you want, I’ll email you the recipe…Have a great trip!
    @ Diane B. –well, I suppose most of us out here in cyberland miss our family favorite recipes. I know I do–even after almost five years of having to eat right to stay alive. But, I must say, even though I have times where I “slip up,” on the whole, it has gotten waaay easier. And some of those things I used to love don’t even taste good to me anymore….but, SOME do…like dark chocolate—yum!

  2. I’m a new comer to your website. You are a terrific photographer!!! Also, I think you should have a donation spot on your website. I would contribute. How, HOW do you have time for your beautiful website. All of the staging with your recipes. All of your cooking. Do you have a staff to help you? I am 70 years old and raised on the farm and so was my husband. As far as your recipes….. not liking so much. sorry. BUT, this year my husband and I have changed our lifestyle of eating… almost Vegan. I sure miss my meat, eggs, fried chicken, rich gravies, etc. LOL! But, I’m going to stick with you…. I’m going to try those donuts… but I have to admit at this time the pictures usually look better than the tasting part. Okay, I’m going to stick with this ….. our doctor gave us the book by Dr. Furhman…. our diet now is mostly smoothies of green monster drinks!! I’m getting good with cooking with Jack Fruit as a BBQ meat…. it is alright but nothing like MY BBQ baby back ribs. Okay,k okay…. I”M TRYING! love you girl!

    • Hi Diane – thanks for stopping by and saying hi. I do not have staff to help, just me, my kitchen and my camera! Would love to chat more about the ‘tasting part’ of my recipes. Is it because of the ingredients I use that you’re just not used to the taste? Or that you don’t feel my recipes are tasty enough? I absolutely love constructive criticism so I can grow and give my readers what they want :)

  3. Are those dates and donuts I see? Fabulous. I can’t wait to hear about them.

    I made brioche this weekend. They are the perfect morning treat.

    • I’ve been in the mood for new breakfast fare to change up the routine…those doughnuts look appetizing and Holly…would it be possible to share your brioche recipe?…I have always wanted to attempt this!