Healthful Hints: How Candida Can Impact Our Health

By March 1, 2018

Candida is a hot topic around these parts. In today’s Healthful Hints we’re chatting about why Candida overgrowth is harmful to your health, how to avoid it, signs and symptoms to watch for, and steps you can take to address overgrowth if it becomes an issue for you.


The candida spit test: as I say in the video, this isn’t 100% reliable, but will give you a good idea if candida may be an issue for you. The more reliable candida stool and blood test offered by Genova Diagnostics can be found here. You can find some more information about my candida journey here. My favorite candida supporting treats include, 100 Calorie Beary Simple Cookies Yeast Bustin’ Carob Clusters Jam-packed Protein Cakes Have a Healthful Hints topic you’d like me to cover? Leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to cover it in the weeks ahead!

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