Healthful Hints: How Candida Can Impact Our Health

Candida is a hot topic around these parts.

In today’s Healthful Hints we’re chatting about why Candida overgrowth is harmful to your health, how to avoid it, signs and symptoms to watch for, and steps you can take to address overgrowth if it becomes an issue for you.


The candida spit test: as I say in the video, this isn’t 100% reliable, but will give you a good idea if candida may be an issue for you.

The more reliable candida stool and blood test offered by Genova Diagnostics can be found here.

You can find some more information about my candida journey here.

My favorite candida supporting treats include,

100 Calorie Beary Simple Cookies

Yeast Bustin’ Carob Clusters

Jam-packed Protein Cakes

Have a Healthful Hints topic you’d like me to cover? Leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to cover it in the weeks ahead!

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  1. Hi Leanne,

    What is the name of the test you suggest from Geneva? When I click on the link you shared it says the product is no longer available. Thanks for your help!


    • Hi Carissa! I believe it was just called “candida” test. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi, I just found this blog. I love healthy food!!! Thanks for sharing your exciting recipes and health information.
    I think I have candida. My biggest complaints are not breathing well and sudden digestion issues like reflux, diarrhea, mucus in throat, etc… I looked at the Geneva testing and you have to be a health care professional to order that. How much is that testing? And how would I go about getting tested if I’m not a health care professional. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Ginger, I’m glad you like my blog! The testing was from genova diagnostics. Many of the tests range from $100 to a couple thousand, depending on what you’re looking for. You can find a listing of practitioners that offer services in your area by visiting their website: hope that helps!

      • Thank you for the speedy response. I sent a request for a practitioner. :)

  3. I love your bear cookies – every time I see them, I smile. SO cute! Then again, I’m kind of bias towards cut-out-cookies, ha…

    • You totally are bias, but I’ll take it anyways! I’ve been sharing your new site with everyone. I just LOVE the design!!

  4. I tried the spit test this morning and after about half an hour it looked just like the diagram. I’m not sure if I can afford the other tests. I don’t really feel out-of-it very often, but I do feel like I can never get enough sleep. I’ve had uncontrollable acne problems for the last year and a half (nothing seems to work to make it go away) and I’ve noticed that when my allergies get bad it hits me a lot harder than it used to. Shoot. I considered this as a potential problem, but I didn’t consider how I would handle it if it was a problem. I guess I’ll have to go back and read through your candida strategy. I was under the impression that the diet consisted of meat and veggies, which could be difficult for me because I’m a vegetarian. I guess I’ll just have to research. Thank you for this information, Leanne.

    • Hi Courtney, I’ve done the candida cleanse as a vegetarian and you just have to get creative with your protein sources – a lot of spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, etc. and less legumes/grains. It can be done if that’s the path that feels best for your body!

  5. Great video…thank you!
    I did a homeopathic treatment for a few months after having a bioenergetic reading. They said I most likely had candida overgrowth and that’s probably what led to my early lupus diagnosis..which by the way, I never went back for conventional treatment or diagnosis. Medicines make me sicker, hence all the symptoms after starting on birth control and antibiotics. My question is…can candida overgrowth alone be responsible for lupus symptoms?
    I’ve done more than two candida cleanses and diets and I never truly heal. Making me wonder if I really do have an autoimmune disease?

    • Have you met with a naturopath to make that connection? A practitioner may be able to pinpoint where you should be focusing first. I’ve seen some very intense candida symptoms, but if a doctor has said that you may have lupus, it might be best to get properly tested for candida/auto immune before moving forward. I hope that helps :)