Today I Am…

Some times you just need to disconnect from the world and take a moment for yourself. To spend your day creating treats in a warm kitchen; hidden away from the rain, with a tall glass of grapefruit cranberry fizz and a mind full of recipes.

I was supposed to be sharing my workout updates with you… but it’s 7am on a Saturday and all I want to do is make doughnuts and read through Tosca’s new cookbook.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

How do you disconnect?

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  1. Respect for following your gut :) I’m doing the same today – woke up and had a quick workout to get some energy into myself, now I’m on the couch with my dog curled up on my lap, reading food blogs and cook books, and watching the Food channel! Also, preparing to make some veggie chips, and a little bit of chocolate cake action later… ahhhhh, heaven :)

  2. My first thought was to say running or working out. While they both help me disconnect mentally from my day I also use photography as my escape. My mental break that leaves me inspired and revived.