Smiles, Adventures, And A Bit Of German

By July 17, 2015

Time flies when you’re having fun, and our latest vacation with Kevin’s family from Germany was no exception. It was my first time meeting Kevin’s sister Asli, and husband Marco. Asli loves to have fun, has an infectious attitude and doesn’t get too wrapped up in things. It was clear to see that she lives in the moment and loves life to the fullest. Marco never stops smiling, laughing, or making people laugh. He genuinely cares for his family, and doesn’t let the little things drag him down. The pair of them together made for such a positive week! Plus it doesn’t hurt to be around a couple that’s so crazy in love it gets you all gitty with joy. I don’t know if we’ve ever packed so many amazing experiences into 6.5 days. But, here goes! We started off at Johnson’s Canyon in Banff National Park. After a 4km hike, we got back in the car and headed to Lake Louise. After driving out to Golden, we headed to the visitor center to book a couple of excursions. First up, white water rafting! I’ve rafted at least 50 times in the past [I used to be a camp counselor] but with the rain not letting up and temperatures staying below 41F, I wasn’t too excited to go… But once we got in our wet suits, there was no turning back! Checking out the rapids before we go through them: httpv:// Going through them… httpv:// We went horseback riding on Saturday. Thankfully it stopped raining and the sun even came out for awhile. After days on anticipation, Marco took me for a ride on his motorcycle. I was so ridiculously nervous! About 5 minutes into the ride I got way more comfortable. My favorite part was looking up at the trees and seeing how fast they were flying by. That, and leaning into corners at 65 miles/hr. My farewell [I love what Asli says at the end of the video :|] httpv:// I made it! httpv:// We did a lot of hanging out, chocolate eating, fetching, dog cuddling, wolf howling, httpv:// and smiling. All in all, it was a fantastic vacation. When was your last vacation? What did you do?

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