Preparing For My First 10k

I’ve come to understand the importance of not pushing myself too hard after a race, but I haven’t spent much time learning how to prepare for one.

Because there’s just 4 more days until my first 10k, now’s a better time than any to build a plan that will make sure my body + mind are ready for the event.

The 10k plan

Long run

Complete one last long run of 8.5km. I’ve never ran a full 10k [since my injury] and I don’t need to. 8.5km will take me there.

This run went amazing! I ran at a 8min/1min interval set and had loads of energy afterward. You see that? I kept my pace! Yay me :)

Hydration Belt

Run with my new hydration belt. Make sure that it’s comfortable, fits well, and won’t drive me crazy!

[review to come soon!]

Reduce Strength Training + Running

Don’t want those muscles to be sore on race day!

I’m no longer working with a coach, so I’ve made my own changes to my plan.

Schedule Race Prep Day

Schedule a relaxed race prep day the day before the race. I’ll be swimming 1 hour [with pull buoy] and 10 minute brick run + 10 minute interval.

Plan Playlist

I think I’ll run to a mix of The Prodigy + MSTRKRFT + GirlTalk. I’ll have to stop myself from breakin’ out a couple dance moves on my journey [and that’s always a good thing!]

Prepare Clothes

Layout my favorite/comfiest running clothes. Blue Nike capris, lululemon top, MEC sweater. Nothing new on race day! The last thing I need is unexpected chafing.

Plan pre-race Meal

Goal: carbohydrate + protein + fat.

Protein smoothie [1 cup berries, 2 tablespoon hemp protein powder, chia, almond milk], 1 banana w/almond butter, and a slice of carrot cake loaf.

Plan post-race Meal

Goal: all macro-nutrients, high in minerals + vitamins.

BIG salad with almonds, chickpeas, chicken, leftover rice/quinoa mix, carrots, cucs, and kale.

I am so ready for this race.

How do you prepare for your races?

Do you have a favorite running outfit?

What artists are on your current workout playlist?

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  1. I’m currently changing out my i-pod running list as well, adding 70’s rock, some country and Christian upbeat tempo music.

  2. Double up on your max dosage the day of your run (take 6 instead of 3) and you’ll find that you’ll recover a lot faster after the run. Good luck!

    • Interesting… I’ll do that! Thanks Sona :)

  3. Good luck for the race! You do your runs a lot more scientific than I ever do. Your Race Prep Day made my chin drop: You swim for an hour the day before a race + brick run + interval? Wow!!! I’d be flat on my back for a week.

  4. On my ipod riht now, for running, I am loving JLo’s On the Floor. Good luck on your race ! I am too chicken too sign up for a 10 k ! But maybe I should !

  5. Sounds like you’ve been putting a lot of thought into your prepping! I’m sure you’ll do great! =)
    I’m hoping to run my first half marathon in June and I am going from 5k to half marathon…we’ll see how that goes!
    As far as current workout playlist, I’ve just added a couple songs by La Roux, as well some from radio that happen to be guilty pleasures.

    Can’t wait to hear how your 10k goes!

    • La Roux is awesome! I’m sure you’ll do great with your half marathon, so exciting!

  6. Your website is so helpful for all things health-related! I stumbled upon it (literally) and am so glad I did!
    I actually came on to running when I started trying to lose weight. At first I started on the elliptical, and when my cardio was up enough, I transitioned into running, starting out barely able to run a quarter of a mile! Now I’m up to 3 miles, and I keep entertaining the idea of running a race, but have been a little intimidated! I have lost 80 pounds so far, but I still have about 60 pounds to lose before I will be “fit” so I am hesitant to embarrass myself, being the last one finishing, with buckets of sweat pouring off of me for a short 5k run :P
    Reading about all of your race preparation is really neat though, and it just makes me want to try one for myself even more, even if it’s just a 5k-er! Any advice for the first one?

    • It sounds like you’ve made great progress, Ellen! I know what you mean about feeling embarrassed. Don’t worry about it though. There are SO many different people at races at all sorts of physical levels. I was by no means the fastest, I came in very very late. But that’s okay, it was a personal best! And I was proud. I know my 10k will be similar. Just remind yourself that everyone’s been in the SAME place as you at some point. You can also check out my first race recap here if you’re interested. Good luck :)

      • Thanks Leanne! I read your race recap, and it sounds like trying scary things is probably good! :) The 5k I was considering is on May 21st, and I’m still considering it. I have been running on a treadmill to save my knees. Do you run outdoors normally? And do you think that someone who can run 5k on a treadmill could run the same distance outdoors?

        • Treadmill running vs. running outside vs. on the track are all different. I like to do one of each every week so that my body doesn’t get accustomed to doing the same thing. Running on a treadmill – the focus is getting your legs to propel forward, then the treadmill does the pushing back for you. Running outside/track – you are the force that has to propel your foot backward (opposite from on the treadmill). On track is similar to outside, only you’re going in a continuous circle which can be painful for your joints. I’m not sure what your skill level is, but I’d say you could just do the 5k and if you need to walk a bit, walk a bit! I do it too!