Preparing For My First 10k

By July 18, 2015

I’ve come to understand the importance of not pushing myself too hard after a race, but I haven’t spent much time learning how to prepare for one. Because there’s just 4 more days until my first 10k, now’s a better time than any to build a plan that will make sure my body + mind are ready for the event.

The 10k plan

Long run

Complete one last long run of 8.5km. I’ve never ran a full 10k [since my injury] and I don’t need to. 8.5km will take me there.

This run went amazing! I ran at a 8min/1min interval set and had loads of energy afterward. You see that? I kept my pace! Yay me :)

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I'm ready!

Hydration Belt

Run with my new hydration belt. Make sure that it’s comfortable, fits well, and won’t drive me crazy!

[review to come soon!]

Reduce Strength Training + Running

Don’t want those muscles to be sore on race day!

I’m no longer working with a coach, so I’ve made my own changes to my plan.

Schedule Race Prep Day

Schedule a relaxed race prep day the day before the race. I’ll be swimming 1 hour [with pull buoy] and 10 minute brick run + 10 minute interval.

Plan Playlist

I think I’ll run to a mix of The Prodigy + MSTRKRFT + GirlTalk. I’ll have to stop myself from breakin’ out a couple dance moves on my journey [and that’s always a good thing!]

Prepare Clothes

Layout my favorite/comfiest running clothes. Blue Nike capris, lululemon top, MEC sweater. Nothing new on race day! The last thing I need is unexpected chafing.

Plan pre-race Meal

Goal: carbohydrate + protein + fat.

Protein smoothie [1 cup berries, 2 tablespoon hemp protein powder, chia, almond milk], 1 banana w/almond butter, and a slice of carrot cake loaf.

Plan post-race Meal

Goal: all macro-nutrients, high in minerals + vitamins.

BIG salad with almonds, chickpeas, chicken, leftover rice/quinoa mix, carrots, cucs, and kale.

I am so ready for this race. How do you prepare for your races? Do you have a favorite running outfit? What artists are on your current workout playlist?

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