Wild Game Meat: Health Benefits

By July 22, 2015

game-meat This content is from a previous post about the controversy surrounding meat. I’ve been told that the full post wasn’t viewable in many RSS readers, so I’ve divided them in hopes that this will fix the issue for all of you.

Wild game

I’ll be honest with you – I was never too keen on trying wild game meats. Even the sound of it is just so… primal. But thankfully a friend of mine – who will remain nameless just in case she does this to all her friends – hid it in a burger of mine just about a year ago and; not knowing what was in the burger, I ranted and raved about how fantastic it tasted. And that was my introduction to bison. After bison I never looked back. Why should you give it a go? Hereare 5 reasons why wild game meats are superior to all the other meats on the market:
  1. Low in saturated fat – comes in at 5% total saturated fat content
  2. Higher in protein – fat is 9 calories a gram, protein is 4. We know that conventional, grain-fed meat is higher in fat, therefore the ‘energy’ or calories in the meat is primarily fat. The same amount of calories of a wild game meat would have higher protein than it’s non-wild counterpart because it’s lower in fat, therefore higher in protein. Make sense? I feel like I need a diagram with this one.
  3. Higher in iron
  4. Higher in zinc
  5. Higher in vitamin B12
  6. Bonus #6: I promise it tastes fantastic. Begin by mixing it in with beef if you’re a bit apprehensive and cooking it in recipes like the ones I’ve concocted below. You’ll soon build up a taste for wild game, I have no doubt about it!
Example: of our daily recommended values, one serving of bison meat provides:
  • 34% protein
  • 32%  zinc
  • 33% iron
  • 10% niacin
  • 20% phosphorus
  • 14% vitamin b6
  • 42% selenium

The perfect meat

Luckily, organic livestock cannot be grown with hormones or antibiotics BUT they aren’t always necessarily grass-fed or free-range. So, what we’re looking for in our meat is: grass-fed, organic, free-range meat. How do you find it? You’ve heard me talk about Horizon Meats. If you live in Calgary, this and Second to None Meats are great choices. My experience is that Horizon Meats is a bit cheaper. If you’re in other locations, try calling up butchers in your area. Now that you know what you’re looking for you can ask them the right questions to find the meat that will benefit your health and taste fantastic. It’s win, win!

Healthful Pursuit’s wild-game recipes

In order of most loved… Hunters Pie with Herb Gravy *new* Bison and Yak Burgers Bison and Elk Cabbage Rolls Bison and Chicken Chili Lazy (wo)mans Cabbage Rolls

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