Clean(er) Living II

By July 21, 2015

chemicalss2 In yesterdays post we talked about all the nasty chemicals found in our everyday beauty and cleaning products. What I’d like to point out here is that the studies that have been performed on these substances have deemed these chemicals as safe in small doses, fair enough. If a small dose is in your life here and there, your liver (if it’s functioning at top performance aka healthy) should be able to detoxify the chemical from your body, no harm done. It’s when we have constant toxicity from our foods, environment – the air we breath, the water we drink, from the lotions we put on our skin, the body wash, the tooth paste, deodorant, shaving cream. It’s when ALL of this is toxic that we have a huge problem, our body just can’t keep up with the detoxification of all of these chemicals. Simple as that. While not all of us are willing to go 100% clean (I’ll be the first to admit that I saved my amazing bottle of Thierry Mugler Alien perfume for special occasions and don’t feel guilty when I treat myself every couple of months) there are steps we can take to minimize our toxic load, where we feel comfortable.

Where to find the high quality goods

Here are a couple of products, companies, and people I’ve met along the way that have made my journey to a non-toxic lifestyle an eye opening and enjoyable one:
  • Small Planet: I seriously cannot tell you how much I LOVE these products. Every time I clean with germs-be-gone my face lights up with the scent of tea tree and lemon. Yes, I said I become happier when I’m cleaning, that’s how amazing this product is. Best of all, studies have shown that it kills 99.5% of bacteria!
  • Seventh Generation: As a child I remember my mom cursing at the dishwasher when the load was done. She’d get so frustrated – the dishes never came out clean. So, when I got my own dishwasher I didn’t expect much. I tried multiple brands including Cascade, Electrasol, Palmolive. But nothing worked. There’s nothing more annoying than opening up your dishwasher expecting clean dishes and instead, you’re met with little pieces of food stuck to your plates. It wasn’t until a couple of months ago that I stumbled across Seventh Generation dishwasher powder. Instantly I noticed a difference in the cleanliness of our dishes. Out of curiosity I tried another natural brand a couple of weeks ago but lo and behold,  my dishes weren’t clean. So, I switched back and have committed to Seventh Generation for life!
  • Norwex: I’m new to the Norwex brand but have already seen vast improvements in my skin. Norwex has created handy microfiber face & body cloths that replace makeup removing cleansers and harsh soaps with the soft touch of microfiber.
Finding products that you love, make you feel great, and even brightening your mood when cleaning, is the first of many benefits you’ll experience when you take the first step towards a cleaner way of living. Happy cleaning!

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