The Everything Awesome Frittata

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Oh my gosh it’s so hot out.

It’s been 81F or higher since Sunday and looks like today will be about the same. Living in a town that sees 8 months of snow makes 81 degrees feel like we’re living in the sun.

Thankfully our neighbors have air conditioning, and I have plenty of treats to bribe them with.

1 Berry Pastry Jam Roll in exchange for 30 minutes in a cold house?

Beats paying $15 to sit in an air conditioned movie theater. Plus, it gives me an escape plan for when I decide to turn on the oven!

When it gets this hot my day is comprised of 3 main foods: smoothies, popsicles, and eggs. I don’t know how eggs play into the whole heat thing… but it just works.

I completed my 14km long run on Sunday [only 5 weeks until the race... omg] and came home with a raging belly.

Instead of having my usual bowl of oats, I opted for a empty the fridge frittata aka everything awesome frittata.

Olives, and mushrooms, nutritional yeast, tomatoes, fresh herbs… every last leftover in my fridge went into making this delicious breakfast.

The Everything Awesome Frittata

Gluten free, Dairy free, Sugar free, Corn free

Do you reheat your leftover grains for days and days or throw out your wilted herbs and veggies? Switch it up by adding a little egg + milk to the mix by making your very own crispy and delicious frittata.

Yield: 4 servings


  • 1 tablespoon extra virgin coconut oil
  • 6 free range, organic large eggs
  • 1/4 cup non-dairy milk – I used Eden Organics unsweetened soy milk
  • 1/2 cup carrots + zucchini, shredded
  • 1/4 cup sun dried tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
  • 1/4 cup leftover rice
  • 6 olives, pitted and diced
  • 6 cremini mushrooms, sliced
  • 2 fresh basil leaves, chopped
  • 1/2 teaspoon herbamare
  • 1/2 teaspoon oregano
  • 2 tablespoon nutritional yeast


  1. Preheat coconut oil on medium heat in a medium sized oven safe pan [I used cast iron].
  2. Meanwhile, place eggs and milk in a bowl and whip with a fork for 1 minute. Add remaining ingredients except mushrooms and nutritional yeast. Stir to combine.
  3. Pour mixture into prepared pan and top with sliced mushrooms. Allow to cook for 10 minutes.
  4. At about the 8 minute mark, turn your oven broiler to low and sprinkle nutritional yeast on top of the frittata.
  5. Slide the frittata under the broiler [oven rack should be around 6" away from the element] and watch carefully until the top is golden, about 5 minutes.
  6. Remove from oven and serve!

I had mine with 3 strips of bacon and a goat yogurt strawberry parfait!

Yep, you read that right. I’m trying out dairy again! I had been incessantly craving dairy for over 3 weeks. I was going to our fridge looking for milk. Every time I drove past Dairy Queen I had to fight the urge to stop for an ice cream. I even caught myself day dreaming of a huge block of melted cheese!

Odd right?

Instead of ignoring these queues my body was so obviously sending me, or going off the deep end and burying myself in a DQ blizzard, I decided to pick up some plain, sugar-free goat yogurt and give dairy another run for it’s money.

Why goat’s yogurt? When compared to cow’s milk, it’s easier for your body to digest because of it’s:

  • short and medium chain triglycerides.
  • smaller globules. The smaller globules allow our enzymes to break them down quicker.
  • smaller, softer curds and;
  • totally random point… it’s higher in calcium!

So far I’ve had no stomach aches, headaches, or rashes.

I knew I was doing my body right with the first spoonful. Who knows, maybe I wont like yogurt tomorrow, but I’m loving it right now!

Goat’s Yogurt Strawberry Parfait

Gluten free, Sugar free, Corn free

  • 3/4 cup plain, sugar-free goat’s yogurt
  • 3 strawberries, sliced
  • 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  • 1/8 teaspoon white powdered stevia

Mix together and allow to sit for 30 minutes before enjoying.

When you get cravings, what do you do?

I’d love to hear your approach to how you deal with cravings, especially if it means changing your diet to accommodate!

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  1. That fritatta looks sooo good! I love how you have so many veggies and shrooms in it. Wow, delish!

    “I knew I was doing my body right with the first spoonful”–GOOD FOR YOU!!!
    I am always happy when someone tries things, experiments, and plays around with their dietary path. Our bodies are not static, they are always changing, and the dietary path that worked for me at 16 did not work when I was pregnant and what worked then does not work now and now that my food allergies are under control and my gut is well healed, my path is changing again from vegan to vegetarian b/c baking with butter and eggs is fun :)

    Good for you for experimenting!

    And thanks for the comment reply re the straws, digestion, etc why you dont use them.

  2. This frittata looks so good. With the heat lately I’ve been going to eggs a lot, too. Also not sure why, haha. Maybe because they’re quick and the last thing I feel like doing is putting together a long meal?
    Great to hear you’re not having any problems with the yogurt! I’m of the belief that our cravings always mean something – especially when they’re that consistent – so I definitely try to follow them. I don’t really consider myself on a particular diet/way of eating even though I don’t eat meat and tend to stay away from dairy, too. I hadn’t eaten eggs in a lonnnng time until I started craving them like crazy recently, and if I start to crave dairy I’d be okay with bringing it back into my diet, too. Meat, it might take a little more persistence…but lately, there’s many more places to source grass-fed/organic beef (or whatever) locally, so I might be okay with it after some debate. I’ll cross that bridge when the time comes :P It’s nice to hear from someone who feels similarly on the whole “honoring cravings” thing, even if they conflict with how we typically eat.

  3. I love your approach to cravings — and I’m happy that the goats milk yogurt is working for you for now!

    When I crave something, I usually give in. But if it is something dairy related (which doesn’t always sit well with me) I try a small amount and that is usually enough.

    I don’t like to restrict myself, but sometimes my head has to remind my stomach about how too much sugar/dairy makes me feel!

  4. That fritatta looks delicious! My boyfriend wanted to make omelets for dinner the other night and I looked at him like he was crazy because that is breakfast food. haha. Perhaps I should take a swing at it on a hot day though, saves the heat of the oven.

    I agree with your outlook on cravings, our bodies know what we need if we merely listen to them. My diet has ranged from vegetarian to vegan to eating meat and now I only eat some seafood as far as meat goes. Just as you said, if we fight those cravings it can sometimes lead to a worse food decision in the moment. Hope you enjoyed your goat’s yogurt, I wish I enjoyed the taste of goat milk’s product more.

  5. That fritatta looks delicious! I think I have all those ingredients in my fridge with the exception of the rice — I’m thinking this might be on our menu for dinner tonight?!!!

  6. I live in the Calgary area as well and have been trying to find goats milk yogurt! Where did you get it?

  7. Mmm, frittatas are so tasty & easy.

    As far as cravings go, it depends what I am craving, and why I am craving it. Especially during “that time of the month” I am a fiend for dark chocolate & salty things, usually popcorn or tortilla chips. If I’m craving something that’s relatively healthy or I can make for myself into some relatively healthy, I’ll usually give in. If my craving is for ice cream out or dinner out or something, I pick & choose which ones to honor. It’s a delicate balance for me. :) I try to be conscientious of WHY I’m having a craving, such as if I am just bored sitting at my house and have gotten in my head that I want to eat something, hehe. :)

  8. I approach cravings the same way you do, by trying to figure out what my body really needs. Dealing with a bunch of stomach issues and dietary restrictions…I know I need to give my body stuff that’s going to heal it and fuel it. Looking at it like that makes it easy to walk away from junk most of the time. Oh and I LOVE goat’s milk yogurt! :)

  9. oh these look so amazing I love all things with mushrooms, I havent had eggs in a long time but this fritata definitely makes me want to make some soon!!

  10. When I get cravings for meat (which happens occasionally – especially at sushi restaurants!), I don’t feel good about listening to those, but I will splurge a little on any other craving. I try to find a vegan replacement when I can, but if I’m at work and dying for a bagel with shmear (aka today), I’m down with a quick run to the local cafe. Cravings are meant to be listened to!

  11. I like goat’s cheese but I’m not crazy about the yoghurt – it’s a bit goaty if you know what I mean?!

    Distraction is key for me when dealing with cravings. They usually only last about 15 minutes so I just throw myself into something until it’s passed and I’ve forgotten about it.

    Also I find that eating healthy tasty food naturally keeps me satisfied and my cravings to a minimun – most of the time anyway :)

  12. I especially like the name of this frittata.

    Cravings… I usually try fruit or yogurt first. If that doesn’t work I attempt to distract myself by doing somthing else – a walk, blog reading, cleaning (hahaha – yeah, right). Then sometimes I just give in. :)

  13. When I get cravings, I either guilt myself out of the food or indulge and then feel guilty. Either way, the guilt is there, which is bad. I’ve been trying to work on that lately, and this post and it’s comments are really inspiring to me.

  14. Looks AMAZING!! So funny because I have this frittata recipe I ripped out of a magazine that’s been starring at me for a couple of months now. After seeing this I NEED to get to making it!

  15. I don’t know how eggs fit with hot weather but they really do! I’ve been going crazy on them lately so this looks awesome :D I love mushrooms so much but I hardly ever buy them because I’m the only one that will eat them. Now I’m really craving some :) Glad you’re getting some hot weather. Ours has gotten hot again all of a sudden. Awesome! And thanks for going over goats milk yogurt. We had a goat for a short while(but we got in trouble for having him in our yard in town, haha!) and now my in laws have a little family of goats and plan on getting milk in the future so it’s nice to read about it.

  16. I hope the dairy works with your stomach nicely. Nothing worse than stomach cramps…

    And when I crave something-I eat it, in moderation. But if I crave anything that involves dairy, gluten, or sugar, then I make my own recipe without it!

  17. I saw goat yogurt on sale at a store about a week ago and considered buying it. I alread had 2 other yogurts I was planning on buying so I decided to save it for next time. I used to only drink goat’s milk when I was very small. What does goat yogurt taste like?

  18. glad to hear goat is working for you. i wonder if it is lactose from cow’s milk etc. that gets you. there is no lactose in goat’s milk, thus most people actually don’t get tummy issues from it.
    have you tried a non-pasteurized cow cheese or milk? i find those very digestible.
    but most importantly, goat cheeses, yogurts, and milk is omgmazing..

  19. I am all about listening to what the body needs. I think we usually have these cravings for a reason, like our bodies are missing something. Even when that craving is chocolate ;)

    • They (nutritionists) say that when you’re craving chocolate it’s sometimes due to a magnesium deficiency!There are other reasons, but I found it interesting that I always crave chocolate when I have sore muscles, and sore muscles can be treated effectively with magnesium!

      • Wow! Interesting point. I am so sore from my monster 16km run last Saturday plus Body combat on Tuesday night and I’ve been craving chocolate. I’m off to search for foods high in Magnesium. BTW I love a good frittata. So easy to make!

  20. That frittata really does look awesome! :) And I think its great that your following your bodies signals, it’s giving you them for a reason, right?! I don’t generally eat meat but if I find myself dreaming of or craving some I think the best thing for me to do is indulge once and then go back to my normal ways. The same with chocolate, although I definitely crave that more often than meat! ;) I hope your tummy still feels good after the yoghurt!

  21. What an interesting mix of veggies and flavours! That frittata is lovely…it would be great to make and serve to guests.

  22. I am now thinking that I will go purchase some more eggs this afternoon! And the yogurt with chia seeds…!

  23. Except for the mushrooms, which I can’t eat, the frittata looks really good. I think I’m going to make it tomorrow for dinner.

    I have to ask, you are concerned about eating healthy, bought goat’s milk yogurt instead of cow’s milk, so whats with the bacon?

    • Oh yum! Let me know how you like it. The bacon is bison bacon from our local butcher. I like to treat myself with a couple slices once a week after my long runs :)

    • I forced myself to wake up at 6am and go before it was unbearable!

  24. I hope it’s cooled down a bit by now, Leanne! The whole country is sweltering; it sucks :-( Kudos to you for running in this heat! The frittata is totally my kind of eatin’, dear! Those are some of the best dishes–where you toss all kinds of leftovers together into a fantastically tasty united dish!

  25. I don’t know where to begin with how beautiful this is and how delicious it sounds. I have an extreme appreciation for food and how people approach eating. I don’t think it’s a one size fits all kind of thing. I go with cravings to an extent. Obviously, giving in to ice cream would be pretty uncomfortable and/or unpleasant for me and others around me, so I have to come up with the next best thing. I do thing that our bodies crave things for a reason, especially those of us that are extremely mindful of what we eat on a regular basis. I think giving in to those cravings within reason is important. I’ve also found, the longer I have eaten healthy, I don’t crave junk food at all. Not to say I don’t crave sugar or sweets, but it doesn’t seem to taste the same to me anymore and once I give in, I’ve satisfied what I was looking for.

  26. What temperature do you start cooking at? I want to make this for Sunday breakfast today!

    • I put the burner to medium heat and kept it there for about 10 minutes. Then I let the broiler heat up for 2 minutes. I’d say the oven was at about 350F when I put the frittata in. Enjoy!

  27. Ah, man.. 81F is what I have my AC set on all summer! (117F here is Arizona). But I wouldn’t trade it for all that snow!

  28. I LOVE your blog! I never knew goat’s yogurt was more nutritious than normal yogurt. I’ve always thought that Greek yogurt was better than regular. I’m definitely running out and buying some today.

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