Essential Oil Diffuser

I use my essential oil diffuser almost every day to keep the air in my home in-tune with the vibe I want.

This specific diffuser doesn’t require water, meaning it’ll never shut off halfway through a cycle or require much care at all — no messy oil spills like other diffusers. Once the essential oil bottle is connected to the unit, it’s not going anywhere. Topped with the silencer, and you can barely hear the unit running.

The programs are easy. There’s a setting for RUN TIME, REST TIME, and STRENGTH. This last setting allows you to control how much scent is released into the room, which many diffusers do not do. A 15ml bottle of essential oil on a medium setting set to run for 5 minutes and rest for 5 minutes will last about 10 to 14 days in a 500 sq. ft. space. When you’re not in the room, turn it off. No sense it running without you there.

Caring for the unit is simple. Each time I change out an essential oil bottle, I soak the top cap in hot soapy water. The hot water helps to breakdown the oils inside the diffusing unit (just the black cap that you place on top of the essential oil bottle) from clogging up. Do this after each use, and I’m pretty sure this unit will NEVER disappoint you.

Here is a list of my favorite essential oils to use in the diffuser.

Diffuser World has a couple of diffusers to choose from:

  • I have the Aroma Ace that covers 1,5000 sq. ft, topped with a silencer
  • There’s the Aroma Express that covers 600 sq. ft, is AA battery-powered and AWESOME for travel – fits perfectly in my suitcase
  • And also the Aroma Infinity that covers 800 sq. ft, is cordless, and lithium battery powered