Crowsnest Pub, Tobermory Ontario

Tobermory Crowsnest Pub

I’ve always known Ontario was a large province, but this is crazy!

We’re 4 days into our 9-day trip and we’re about halfway through Ontario.

Kevin keeps telling me that it’s time to hustle, “We have to make good time today – get some kilometers under our belt.” he says. When all I want to do is lounge on the beach and hit up another Bed & Breakfast on a secluded island somewhere.

Tobermory Crowsnest Pub

I want to get lost… just for a little while. Ontario will do that to a girl.

Our 6-hour stopover in Tobermory, Ontario translated into a 36-hour stay in; what is now, one of my favorite beach towns.

Tobermory (also know as, “The Tub”) is a quaint little town off the coast of Lake Huron. The scenery is beautiful; the people are friendly, and the food… the food!

Tobermory Crowsnest Pub

I was full-on expecting that I’d have to live off canned tuna and lettuce greens during our visit (little towns like Tobermory don’t exactly have a good reputation of having allergen-free restaurants), but Matthew and Kristin; the owners of Crowsnest Pub & Restaurant located in the heart of Tobermory, made can openers and bland salads a thing of my road trip past.

The pub boasts a bunch of different items that can be made gluten-free, dairy-free and; in some cases, grain-free. Gluten-free pizzas, dairy-free cheese for pizzas, fish plates featuring Tobermory’s famous white fish, gluten-free or grain-free burgers and wraps, gluten-free sandwiches, grain-free salads, dairy-free alfredo on gluten-free pasta, these guys have it right on so many levels.

Tobermory Crowsnest Pub

I had a hard time making my selection from the rich allergen-free menu, but in the end I went with something I knew I couldn’t get anywhere else – the famous white fish with zesty lemon seasoning. Kelly (our awesome, passionate, life-loving server) offered to replace the dairy and gluten-filled bread and coleslaw that came with the meal with a fresh garden salad. Booya!

Tobermory Crowsnest Pub

Kevin went for a 12” dairy-free meat lover’s pizza. I wanted him to get the gluten-free crust… but he went against it because he knew I’d end up eating half of his meal if it came gluten-free. Smart man.

Our food came to our table lickity split, 20 minutes or so, giving us just enough time to soak in the gorgeous marine view from the patio and do a little people-watching on the streets below.

Tobermory Crowsnest Pub

My meal was SO good. The serving size was perfect, the fish was seasoned well and the fries were all sorts of amazing. I’ve never had an interest in eating fish skin before, but I just couldn’t help myself. It was crunchy, a bit oily and lick-your-fingers delicious. Don’t judge me. I swear it was packed with healthy omegas… I could taste it ;)

Tobermory Crowsnest Pub

Kevin; the meat loving, cheese diggin’ man that he is, loved his pizza through and through.

If you are ever in the area (or are looking for a sweet little town to get lost in for the weekend) we highly recommend staying a couple of days in Tobermory and treating yourself to some white fish and pizza action at Crowsnest Pub!

I’d love to hear about your travel stories –

Have you ever visited a place that pleasantly surprised you with all the healthy or allergen-free options available?

Your perfect vacation: is it by the water? In the wilderness? Maybe it’s in a busy city?

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  1. Just wanted to provide an update. My husband and I just returned from our weekend in Tobermory and we visited the Crowsnest. They no longer offer gluten free options due to liabilities. I ended up just having the grilled whitefish and rice, which was really good after a long day of hiking.

  2. Leanne, where did you stay in Tobermory? We are heading there next week and are looking for a recommendation. Thanks.

  3. WOW – so many substitutions! So rare! That’s great that you found this gem!

    I have driven from Edmonton to Vancouver and then all the way back. 2 week road trip and by the end I wanted to kill my husband ;) but I am glad I did it! Our country is so beautiful! You’re right, Ontario is huge! Can’t wait to hear about more places you’ve discovered on the road!

  4. I’m from Ontario and have never even heard of Tobermory! Sounds like a lovely place! How far outside of Toronto is it? I remember from driving to PEI many summers how BIG Ontario is! Kind of shocking isn’t it.

    Friends are here visiting me in Vancouver and we tried out a Mexican place last night. I’m dairy, gluten and bean free and was a bit worried about going out to eat… Especially since you couldn’t view the menu online! Fortunately it was a huge and pleasant surprise! Most foods were naturally gluten-free, local and organic meats, and our server was more than happy to substitute dairy-free sides! Love it when that happens. And it’s become my new favourite place.

    • Hi Danielle – it’s about 3-4 hours if I remember correctly? It wasn’t too far at all.

  5. I’ve only been to the Bruce Peninsula once, but oh man, isn’t it beautiful? I’m totally jealous that you’re there right now. Lake swimming all day in the summer sun…ah. :)

    • It was pretty glorious, that’s for sure!

  6. Awesome blog about my hometown and the pub where I am proud to work except I have to point out that Tobermory is located on the shores of Georgian Bay .. not Lake Superior. Come visit again and bring lots of friends!

  7. Is there more than one Tobermory in Ontario? Because the one I know about is at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula, right between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. Is that where you were, or somewhere else? I want to go there this summer! :D

    • Thanks for pointing that out, Kris. There is just one. And it’s on Lake Huron. Oops!

  8. Gotta tell you, I like all your recipes and blog but if anyone tries to find Tobermory on Lake Superior, they WILL get lost. Tobermory is on Lake Huron.

  9. Wow! I’ve been to Tobermory so many times and would never have guested these options would be available! This certainly eases my travel worries and makes this a top hit on my summer travel list.
    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your trip across Canada! (that is another one I’ve done a few times and throughly enjoy.) There is so much to see in this big beautiful country!
    To answer your questions: Montreal! I was so thrilled with the locations you and Angela recommended…I’d go back in a flash to visit with the fantastic food options they have there! Always a great surprise!
    My favourite vacationing spot…Torredembarra, Spain. Just a little town in Spain where no one speaks english (and there aren’t many tourists) however friends of ours have a condo there and WOW! The nicest most relaxing place I’ve ever been! Also it has an award winning beach which doesn’t hurt ;)
    Safe travels for the rest of your trip! Take it all in :)

  10. SO glad you had such a great time in Tobermory, Leanne! I haven’t been up there yet but I hear it’s gorgeous. And grilled fish…. that is the stuff summers are made of!! :) I’d have ordered the same as you. As for my ideal holidays, they’re by the sea (or lake… wherever there’s a beach and warm weather!)

    • I’ve never been there either!! See, even living in Ontario there’s still so much to see! (and I totally hear ya on how BIG it is – when we moved out to BC 3 summers ago, the longest part of the drive was just leaving Ontario!)