Living Responsibly: Committing To Happiness

Imagine this –

You have the life that you’ve always dreamed of. The dream job, in the dream city, with the dream family and the dream car, with the dream backyard and the dream friends. Everything is exactly how you planned it out to be.

But something’s missing.

You’re uninspired, unhappy and miserable.

As a result, you may –

… cry a lot, about everything, for no reason.

… feel tight, constricted and empty.

… feel guilty for having these feelings and try to bury them by distracting yourself with things.



So, this one time, not so long ago…

Kevin and I dreamed of doing something drastic with our lives. We wanted adventure.

I left my job, ramped up my online business, we sold our things, rented out our home and moved across the country to Montreal. It was exhilarating.

We moved, we explored, we conquered. All smiles, lollipops and rainbows. Until the dust settled and we realized we just weren’t happy.

Instead of pushing off our feelings for another couple of months, we decided to embrace it and roll with the punches.

Rolling with the punches = easy.

Rolling against = major right hook in the jaw.

How To Commit To Happiness

  1. Accept that you’re not quitting your dreams, you’re evolving them.
  2. Decide to do what feels good, not what is socially acceptable, or “right”.
  3. Check your ego (and its expectations) at the door. Open yourself up to limitless potential.
  4. Declare how you want to feel. Using the practices from Danielle LaPorte’s (much loved!) Desire Map. Desire Map will help to catapult yourself into the realm of possibilities and understand how you want to feel in this next chapter of your life.
  5. Pray for a miracle.

Our miracle came the very next day.

No joke.

Kevin was offered a new job that would allow us to work from where ever we wanted. We chose to move home for the time being and are now less than 2 weeks away from making the move… across the country… again.

But who’s counting?



Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map has changed my life in more ways than one. And (!!!) because I love you all so much and am so darn appreciative of each of you, I’m going to buy a copy for one lucky reader.

Entry is easy…

All you have to do is leave a comment by answering the following question(s) – what lights you up, creates thunderbolts of brilliance, happiness and love in your life? Are you livin’ it up right now? If you aren’t, what steps could you take to get that awesome sauce all up in your reality?

Ooop. Now you’ve declared it. Better act on it ;)

I’ll randomly select a winner + announce it on the blog next Sunday.

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  1. Working with marine animals, particularly in a rescue and rehabilitation capacity, makes me buzz with electricity and glow like a lightning bug! It has always been my “thing”, but I have not had paid employment doing the work in over 7 years. I recently moved all the way down the coast to FL from MA. I am working in a volunteer capacity with a great group of folks doing sea turtle nest monitoring. I plan on working with marine animal care and conservation again as my paid employment, and I intend to one day own an environmental center and hostel where I can share this passion, teach the art to people, and make a living helping the species I love. I believe the doors will open for me and I will be guided to my desired destination.

  2. What lights me up? A Kootenay gal by birth, for me it’s the mountains–being on them and in them, away from buildings and busyness. I feel such clarity and peace when I am surrounded by the beauty of the forest, just me & the trees :) But right now, in the city, I don’t find it as easy to get my wilderness fix. As a result, I’ve been feeling less than centred….time for a new strategy I guess! Or maybe time to move?

    • Amen to the mountains! I could just build a little hut in the middle of nowhere, deep in the Rockies and be fine there for oodles of years. Totally feel you on that one! Good luck in getting more peaks and valleys into your life!

  3. What lights me up is being creative, taking care of my body and soul, courage, purpose. I’m currently dealing with an health issue and I know what’s on my plate got there, because I put it there. I desire health, creativity, always love and being useful to others. Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  4. Hmm.. let’s see.. what lights me up is being in the spotlight, leading others toward their greatness (while taking care to stay living in mine), excessive amounts of travel, and being an active part of dog rescue/advocating on their behalf. Holy my, that last one fires me up like you would not believe (wait – I think you would believe) and I see clear lines that direct me from the first point to the last; that being in the spotlight leads me to helping rescue more dogs and slowly change the system. When I get afraid of living my dreams, or start to think ‘I’m not good enough’ etc.. I think about those dogs, and I keep moving forward. Great giveaway and great site – excited to learn more!!

  5. I am an actor and a singer. I love performing with every fiber of my being, but as I learned (quickly, and harshly) once I got out of school, the business of entertainment is at least 90% hustling for opportunities and maybe 10% actually doing what you love if you’re lucky. So just recently, I decided to stop waiting for opportunities and create my own. I finally gathered the courage to write a film for myself and I’m taking my first steps towards getting it made. It’s absolutely exhilarating.