Jukebox Burgers, Montreal

Some may indulge in chocolates, candies or other sweet things but me? I’m a burger and fries gal. I don’t enjoy them often but when I do, I go all out.

Kevin and I were on one of our weekend adventures recently when we heard an ad for Jukebox Burgers on the radio. I haven’t had much success in finding gluten-free options at diners, but being new to the city and having no clue where to go for an awesome burger I figured it couldn’t hurt to investigate the place. I sent an email asking if they had gluten-free options and received a positive response almost immediately.

Kevin and I jumped in the car and headed over. Well, maybe not jumped… but there was definitely some enthusiasm there.

I gotta say, it was hard to believe that this restaurant opened it’s doors just 2 years ago. There’s character everywhere you look, small details that make the space fun, inviting and comfortable. They even have one of those long bars with the super cute stools… but we chose a spot near the window so that our foodie pictures would turn out nice.

I’m definitely sitting at the bar next time though.

The menu was easy to follow, the prices were great and there was no limit to the options available to us even with our dairy-free and gluten-free restrictions. We both had our eyes set on the burger menu so it was a pretty easy choice for the both of us.

To order a burger you:

  • Choose your patty – beef, turkey, chicken breast or vegetarian.
  • Select a bun – white, honey brown, rye, pumpernickel, sweet yeast or lettuce wrap (if you get the lettuce wrap you’ll have extra room in your belly for fries!).
  • Commit to your toppings – there’s a lot of options to choose from ranging between $9.95 and $17.95 (the $17 burger was a crazy thing that replaced the bun with slabs of cheese…)
  • Pick a side – fries, onion rings, that sort of thing.

We made our selections and waited patiently for our lunch.

Kevin started with an iced tea as he does no matter where we go,

and I counted the seconds. Well, not actually… but I have to say I was pretty excited.

Our order came to the table in about 15 minutes.

My burger, “The Brando” came with salami, caramelized onions, tomato, lettuce, pickles, mayo, ketchup, mustard and sweet BBQ sauce. I went with the lettuce wrap, beef patty and potato fries.

And how cool is the knife jabbed into the top? It looked so dangerous!

The burger was great but I found the barbecue sauce to be a bit too sweet for my taste. Other than that, it was a perfect lunch. A bit too many fries, but who’s complaining?

At the advise of our server, Kevin went with the pumpernickel bread for his “Humpherey Burger” and replaced the cheese with caramelized onions making it a bacon and onion burger with lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard.

Pretty sure this face says it all…

I’ve never seen a man eat a burger so quickly.

And did I mention the fries? They were so fun to eat! I’ve never had curly fries like this before. They went on for days. Had a been a tad bit younger I would have tried putting them up to my face and pretended they were ringlets… but I managed to control the urge.

I should mention though, that the fries are made in the same oil as the breaded items so if you’re celiac I’d recommend skipping them.


  • Ambiance: Job well done with the space. Great lighting, too!  4/5
  • Authenticity: you can tell that a lot of care was taken into selecting the design for this space. It’s locally owned and operated so you know someone went to great lengths to make it just perfect. 5/5
  • Ease of ordering and menu readability: very clear and well laid out 5/5
  • Plating: our burgers came in baskets lined with paper. Because mine was in a lettuce wrap and didn’t have anything to soak up the juices from the burger everything was dripping all over the place. I hadn’t realized until we got in the car but some of it ended up dripping from the table into my lap. I expect to get a bit messy when I eat a burger but having the juice leak through the ‘plate’ couldn’t be controlled. 3/5
  • Service: our server was really helpful. She went to the kitchen multiple times to ask about gluten ingredients, made suggestions where she felt we’d benefit from them, could list off the ingredients in many of the dishes and was super friendly. 5/5
  • Taste: the burger was unreal… the fries were even better. 4.5/5
  • Value: overly pleased with the portion sizes for the cost. 5/5

Total: 31.5/35 = 90%

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What foods do you indulge in every once in awhile?

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  1. Honestly, drove all the way from downtown to try this place with my girlfriend. We were very excited. Unfortunately, that all changed very quickly. While the atmosphere was nice, the service was horrible. We got stuck with a waiter who was extremely rude. It’s always nice having a waiter correct you on how to pronounce the names on the menu. Who really cares. Extremely rude, especially if you’re on a date. I asked for the bill. Doesn’t even hand it to you. Leaves it at the corner of the table, so i have to lean over. Ordered a vodka lemonade. Didn’t even put the vodka. Trying to trick me. Really? Here’s a message to the owners and whoever decides to eat at Jukebox burgers. While your food is good, remember, it’s all about the experience. I can go eat a burger and fries at 100 different places in Montreal that’s just as good. I came to your place for the experience, and your rude staff ruined that. When restaurants like yours allow your staff to be rude to clients, that’s when things go downhill. Burgers and fries. I can go to Baton Rouge for the same price, even cheaper, and have above and beyond service. I even approached your waiter after, and told him of my experience. He started yelling and saying he was working there for 3 years…etc…. If you want to last, don’t treat your customers like disposable patrons. IF YOU LIVE IN THE WEST AND YOU’RE HUNGRY, I GUESS ITS AS GOOD AS ANY OTHER FASTFOOD RESTAURANT, IF YOU CAN HANDLE THE HORRIBLE SERVICE. IF YOU LIVE OUTSIDE THE WEST ISLAND, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! OVERPRICED! HORRIBLE SERVICE!

  2. I’m really curious about what they said was/could be prepared gluten-free!!! Do you remember anything?

  3. Hey Leanne,

    I am seriously amazed at all the effort you are putting into getting your new neighbourhood, well, actually a lot further than your neibourhood! Thank you: I am really considering going over to this place tomorrow, Saturday night, which I am getting to spend with my kids and my parents. All of them will easily find something they will be happy with, but for me, vegetarian option and lettuce wrap, that does not come by often! I will let you know!


    • That’d be a really fun outing for the family! It was such a family friendly place. Definitely let me know how you like the veggie burger. Enjoy!

  4. I do love Ted’s Montana Grill’s bison burgers, done “Skinny” style (with avocado) and get those once or twice a year, though the past few times, I’ve gotten the slider size and shared them with my 8-year-old instead of getting a whole burger for myself. They serve them on something more like a biscuit than a bun and this Northern-born, Southern-raised girl LOVES that!

    As far as indulging, I used to have two things once or twice a year: liverwurst and corned-beef hash. Not on the same day, mind you. Now that I’m trying to recall, I couldn’t tell you when I last had liverwurst, but the last time I indugled in corned-beef hash, it was at a little local diner. It was very greasy (I aggressively press out the majority of the oil when I make it at home) and I began feeling ill before we were even finished with our meal! So, in reality, I suppose I’ll need to look around for another indulgent, decadent delight. I really enjoyed a quinoa burger I had at Farm Burger in Atlanta, but I was disappointed because they told me at the counter that it didn’t have cheese, then found out from the server (after I ate it) that it had cheese IN it, just not ON it. Fail for someone who was just starting dairy-free at that time. I used to freak out the servers at The Vortex in Atlanta by ordering their veggie burger with bacon and cheese… But it was SO GOOD like that!

    • Wow, so many good eats! I’ve never tried corned-beef hash but it sounds right up my alley! So sorry about the cheese incident. I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me. Sheesh!

  5. That’s pretty cool you can opt for a lettuce wrap (I like your “more-fries” motive, there!) Looks like a fun place to eat – I love those “build you own” style meals!

  6. What I wouldn’t give for a plate of onion rings right now. You’ve made me start craving burgers – something I hardly ever indulge in either. I just found a place at the Christmas market that is serving bison burgers… maybe I should given them a try.

    • Bison burgers? Oh my, yes you should! They’re my absolute favorite. Ever.

  7. We are burger girls, too! There are 3 places here in London you can go for gourmet burgers: Relish, The Neighborhood Bungalow, and The Works. They are very similar to this place you went too, except that each place offers a “wild red meat”- buffalo, bison, or elk. Our favourite place is The Works, we go there with our cross country team all the time! What’s awesome, too, is that all of there burgers are gluten free and they have gluten free buns, which according to the two girls on our team who need gluten-free, are really good!

    • Oh my gosh I went to The Works a month or so ago and LOVED it. Their elk burgers are so good, aren’t they? I can attest to how awesome their gluten-free buns are. They’re by far the best gluten-free bun I’ve ever had.

  8. Both meals looked delicious. I do crave a hamburger from time to time but cringe at the thought of meat and haven’t found a veggie/meatless version that looks good enough to eat. Instead I have a fish sandwich/burger once in a while loaded with lettuce, tomato, avocado, and red onions. Off this post a little, going to start your cleanse soon. What can u suggest I use in place of the coconut in your breakfast cupcake? Also, haven’t been able to find a spiralizer? What other tool can produce the same results?

    • That’s fair, veggie burgers can be a bit scary, eh? For the cupcake – you could try slivered almonds. Maybe cut them up a bit just with a knife to make them a tad smaller. As for the spiralizer, you can replace spiralized zucchini with bean sprouts!

  9. Wow, what an amazing experience!! This sounds so delicious! As I read the menu options you described, I thought “ooh, I hope one of them got the pumpernickel bun!!” then I saw the lettuce thing, and I was like “ooh I’d totally go for that!” Both of your meals look amazing, especially that badass knife stuck in the top of yours. LOVE it! How would you rank this place in comparison to The Works?

    • It was pretty badass, wasn’t it? I felt pretty awesome eating a burger that was stabbed with a big knife, not going to lie. The Works is still better. I’d give it a 95%. But Jukebox Burgers did well. I really, really wish we had The Works here!