Cookie Crazed…

Congratulations, Rachel! You’ve won 2 boxes of Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies.

I’m sad that all my cookies are gone. Luckily for Rachel, she’ll have some tasty gluten-free sugar and double chocolate cookies stashed away for weeks to come.

If you’re sad that you didn’t win any cookies, don’t fret.

Instead, turn that frown upside down with these simple, delicious, and healthy cookie recipes!

These Sweet Potato Carob Chip Cookies are mildly spiced, perfectly filling, and are a great introduction to carob for those of you that have reservations about it’s flavor.

Or, treat yourself to these sugar-free Runners Repair Cookies. These babies are made on a weekly basis at our house. They’re jam packed with protein, fiber, and whole foods, making them a perfect take along for picnics, workouts, or an afternoon snack.

Don’t let the look of them scare you. I promise they’re fantastic.

A cookie list wouldn’t be a cookie list without including the jaw dropping, crowd pleasing, vegan Hidden Gem “Butter” Cookies. I guess you could say that they’re a mix between a sugar cookie, shortbread + fig newtons. Ah-mazing!

Gawsh.. I wish I packed some cookies in my lunch today!

Have a wonderful Thursday :)

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  1. I will have to pass this along to my girlfriend who has to eat gluten free!

  2. I just looked at the link for those runner’s repair cookies — they may not look pretty but they sound very delicious!

    I wish I had brought cookies in my lunch today too!