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By July 18, 2015

What I’ve learned in the last 7 days…

Fiber power

Coconut flour is an amazing fiber supplement for your daily smoothies. With just 2 tablespoon of coconut flour you can add 5g of fiber to your smoothie! Plus it thickens it up and gives it a nice subtle coconut flavor.

Made for each other

Mixing hemp milk and rice milk has to be one of the best combinations, ever. Rice milk is naturally sweet, hemp milk is not. Combine the two and you have a match made in milk heaven. Shh don’t tell almond milk I’m cheating on him.

Perfume free

Fridge-n-freezer baking soda boxes work wonderfully as a car deodorizer and don’t come with all the nasty car freshener carcinogens perfumes!



Combining hummus + avocado makes for an amazing dip combination. It will change your life, and add a new word to your vocabulary!

Spell check

Always double check the spelling of your URL before ordering iron on letters for your clothes . Also, factor in the possibility that the print shop could get it wrong too. I’ll be sporting my URL on my clothing during my upcoming 10km and 1/2 marathon races. I should mention that Spot98 was awesome with sending me replacements in under 3 days, plus they threw in a couple extra l’s so nothing went to waste!

Grains to my ears

Ordering grains through a local supplier is great. Not only are you supporting local businesses and farmers, but you get loads of amazing organic grains for a great price! It wasn’t long after I mentioned how challenging it was for me to find buckwheat in Calgary, that Cheryl recommended I contact Grassland Grains & Kitchens. Grassland Grains & Kitchens is run by Priscilla and Sara Lipp, a mother-daughter team living just outside of SE Calgary. They have a passion for baking and cooking nutritious food for the family and helping other families do the same. I was excited to find out that they had all sorts of organic grains, so I ordered:
  • 5kg buckwheat groats [$25]
  • 1kg brown flax seed [$5]
  • 454g shelled hemp seeds [$13]
  • 4kg green lentils [$25]
  • 4kg millet [$14]
  • 5kg brown basmati rice [$30]
  • 1kg wild rice [$21]
  • 2kg amaranth [$16]
I have a stack of containers drying off on the counter and a clear space in my pantry for all these goodies!

Other odds ‘n ends lessons of the week

  • Preparing lunch before bed will help prevent you from snacking. As opposed to doing it right before you get home.
  • Eating less sugar regularly doesn’t mean I can go on a sugar binge without suffering from stomach pains, difficulty paying attention, and poor complexion. Doh!
  • It’s well worth the wait to hold out until the food processor of your dreams goes on sale.

Stopping to smell the roses + learning along the way

It’s rare that I learn this much in just 7 days. Generally I just go with the motions – on auto pilot – to get through to the weekend. But this week was different. On Monday, I decided to dedicate the week to the mantra [something I’ve never done before]… I repeated this to myself several times I day. I stopped, I took a breath, I sent myself loving thoughts, and I continued on. It helped me stay present in the moment, and in doing so, I was able to enjoy many of the things I miss out on when I’m wrapped up in the future. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to send ourselves loving thoughts throughout the day! Loving the mantra, loving myself, loving my new-found lessons. What more could a girl ask for? Do you have a mantra? What did you learn this week? Have you ever combined avocado + hummus before to make avohumocado?

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