Bulk Barn <3

Gosh yesterday was fun.

A couple of ladies from work and I  headed to the new Bulk Barn during our lunch hour. I couldn’t wait to get there.

So we walk in and there’s candy to the left, baking goods in the back, gluten free to the right and so many baking supplies tacked to the walls, I nearly shed a tear.

I was amazed by the assortment of gluten free flours. They have every type imaginable, except almond flour. Doh!

I was blown away by the amount of organic products – hemp, chia, quinoa, millet, amaranth, flax… but no carob powder!

And the sugar free dried fruit was unreal. I could have spent hours in that corner filling up my cart with a never ending supply of each type.

But I didn’t. I stuck to my plan [somewhat].

I was really excited about the Jennies carob macaroon but it was SO stale. This wont stop me from buying it again though, generally they’re so good!

Okay, you’re all probably wondering… how much did she spend? Did she go over her budget?

[organic food with astrisks]

Items you don’t see because I ate them all:

  • Wine gums [Holy moly sugar will mess you up when you haven’t had it in a long time. Never again.]- $0.46
  • Crystallized ginger* – $1.73
  • Natural mango slices* – $0.89

Total = $39.29

I was over by $9.29 which for me, is absolutely amazing!

I deserve a pat on the back for this one. $40 goes a LONG way at Bulk Barn. I’m so impressed with how much I was able to get.

Bulk Barn is awesome. I can’t wait to go back [and more importantly, can’t wait to bake with my new ingredients this weekend!]

Something you may not know about me – I was once a rice cake addict and could easily go through a bag a day.

I thought rice cakes were a healthy food that promoted weight control and curbed snacking rages. Boy was I wrong.

Rice cakes are completely devoid of everything. Evidence? Nutrition stats: 35 calories, everything else has a value of 0.


So, a couple of years ago I decided to cut rice cakes from my life and move to whole grains. Any time I was feeling the urge to snack on a rice cake I would either grab a plate of fresh veggie sticks or heat up a small bowl of precooked quinoa, rice or millet.

It was a huge adjustment but I’m so happy I did it. Not only do we save money by eating whole grains instead, I’m also getting more daily fiber, vitamins [specifically B vitamins], minerals, and whole foods goodness. Best of all, I stay fuller longer!

So why the heck did I buy these yesterday?

I think I just got a bit carried away. I was hungry and excited and had the best intentions of just keeping them in my car last night for snacking on the road.

Oh I snacked alright. I had 4 rice cakes in the span of 30 minutes. Within seconds of finishing the last one, my stomach hurt SO badly. I’m sure if my stomach could have talked it would have said “Darn you Leanne, why do you gotta go and fill me up with this junk? First the wine gums, now this? Common’ now!”

Minor setback, lesson learned. Today I’m trading in my rice cakes for some homemade cinnamon and flax socca toast. Now we’re talkin’

What’s your favorite thing to get in the bulk section of your grocery store? Cashews!

Do you eat rice cakes?

Have you ever tried to rid your diet of a problem food? What steps did you take to get over your cravings?

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  1. i used to like rice cakes but i totally forgot about them! theyre good for crunch when you put nut butter on them :D
    we dont have bulk bins in the grocery stores near us :(.. BUT when i can get to the ONE whole foods in london.. i love the bulk bins! i usually get oat bran!

  2. Oh my god, why isn’t there one of these by me?! I often shop the bulk bin at Whole Foods and the deals are pretty good, but Bulk Barn looks even better. PS: I love carob chips!

    • Carob is fantastic, isn’t it? I’m amazed at the health benefits. I’ve totally converted to carob from chocolate. It’s so much more satisfying!

  3. My favourite things at Bulk barn are oat groats, dried peaches, hemp seeds and….. everything else.

  4. First I need a Bulk Barn LOL I need all those goodies and at those prices! Second YES I use to snack on rice cakes like crazy, all the time, all day long. I figured it was better than chocolate LOL! But than I stopped, sadly I went back to more chocolate LOL. Lately I’m eating lots of fruits and veggies and I can tell you honestly I never felt better. I love to snack on nuts too ;)

    • It’s so challenging to find that balance, but it sounds like you have it goin’ on! Great to hear you’re choosing healthy snacks and feel great!

      • I was much better at it before pregnancy, but than I let myself go a lot. Now, for the past six years it has been a struggle. Getting back to what it once was, fitness and food vise it seems so much harder. Plus hubby and I have completely different diets. He lives on protein and meat, vegetables are like foreign bodies to him LOL where I am more of a veggie/seafood person.

        I need to get some carob chips I have a feeling they’ll be my new BFF :) I’ve baked with it and loved how carob tastes.

        • I understand how challenging it is to eat well when you have 3 different food preferences in the house. Have you thought of making a dish for yourself on the weekend and freezing it in individual containers so that you have something to eat when your husband wants meat + potatoes? Our house is the same way. I don’t know how he can’t like veggies.

          • Thats a great idea one I must do :) thanks :) I usually get up early LOL and get right on work making like two or three different things. But this could save me time and sanity LOL :)

  5. we recently had a bulk barn open here but i haven’t gotten the chance to explore it yet. now i’m thinking of going tomorrow after the farmer’s market.

    What’s your favourite thing to get in the bulk section of your grocery store? *sigh* candy

    Do you eat rice cakes? i’ve purchased them a few times, but they do nothing for me. i have to eat like 4 to feel anything and they hurt my gums :( i have a bag somewhere in my cupboard. i could paint them and use them as coasters?

    Have you ever tried to rid your diet of a problem food? What steps did you take to get over your cravings? root beer! it was so tough. i can go without any other pop but root beer was like my life fluid. i just quit cold turkey. i went through actual withdrawl. the shakes, headaches, the works. now i can have a treat of it every now and again (my rule is only in movie theatres and it has to be a small) and feel okay about it.

    • Oh yes, you must! It’s a magical place. Painting rice cakes… that’s the best idea I’ve ever heard! They’d make the coolest coasters! Good for you for quitting root beer. I can understand how challenging that must have been. I went through something similar with Coca Cola Zero and had the shakes/headaches too! I bet you feel so much better without the junk. It’s totally okay to treat yourself to it once in awhile!

  6. The Bulk Barn sounds like my idea of heaven :P Looks like you got some great stuff and stuck to your budget well, too!
    I had never had rice/corn/whatever cakes up until I was sent some a couple weeks ago and I actually really liked them! Granted, I used them as a vessel for PB and Jelly, and still like them for that; but wouldn’t necessarily look to them as a filling snack. Moreso to curb slight munchies while dinner is in process or something.

    • Whatever cakes… perfect name for one of your awesome recipes haha

  7. They do have different selections even across different stores in Ontario. I suppose you can ask the store manager if there’re things you really really want to get at the store. I shop at BB all the time too! They run coupons and such on their website. Worthwhile to check out.

    • coupons? Awesome… checking it out now! Thanks Candy!!

  8. Oh, rice cakes! I looooove those, especially lightly toasted with a little bit of almond or peanut butter (all natural, of course!) They can’t be that bad for you, now, can they? I mean, sure, they’re not nutritious, but still… Please Leanne, don’t bust my bubble like that, tell me I can still indulge on a rice cake or two every now and then?! ;o) I’ll have a side of apple with that, promise!
    (Great, now I just gave myself a craving for a sliced apple with a toasted rice cake and almond butter, all sprinkled with cinnamon… and that’s gonna have to wait until Sunday! *sigh*)
    Good job on not overspending [too much…] ;o)

    • They aren’t bad for you… just empty. If you pump it up with some good toppings and have it every once and awhile, that’s fine. It’s better than chomping down on some chips and dip, that’s for sure. haha you’re comment makes me laugh :) I won’t bust your bubble. I’m just not the type than can keep rice cakes in the house without eating all of them up in 1 day!