Thoughtful Gifts: 111 Kisses In A Jar

By July 21, 2015

Yesterday I promised I was not going to be sharing any new recipes with you. I hold true to that promise. But, since I’ve posted a few Valentine’s recipes over the month, I thought it’d be fun to do a round up! [Writing this post has made me very, very hungry] Okay… now that I’m wiping the drool from my chin, let’s talk about crafts, shall we? If you’re like me and you’ve spent your entire February in the kitchen, at work, running around, etc, then you won’t have had any time to buy a Valentine’s gift for your partner/boyfriend/husband. Not to fear, an easy craft is here! [Personal handmade gifts are so much more thoughtful, and you don’t have to go to the mall! BONUS!] It’s a “kisses” jar – filled with 111 reasons why I love Kevin! <3


  1. Find a jar, 10 sheets of red, pink, and white paper, a gold pen, glue gun, hole punch, thin ribbon, and a heart cut out machine [you can find these at any craft store – I don’t recommend hand cutting 111 hearts :|]
  2. Cut out the hearts from the paper and start writing! Once complete, fill the jar with the hearts
  3. Cut out a piece of paper that just about wraps around the jar, with a 1 inch gap in the back.
  4. Hole punch a couple of holes on the 2 short edges of the strip of paper [like a laced back dress]
  5. Wrap the paper around the jar, place some glue on the back so that it stays in place, and lace the holes with your ribbon.
  6. Decorate the strip of paper with a personalized message. Mine says “One Hundred and Eleven Kisses”
  7. Write the year on the bottom of the jar [I take after my Mother on this one. She dates everything.]
And there you have it – a thoughtful, handmade gift for that special one in your life. Minus prepping my 111 reasons, this project took me 1 hour from start to finish. Do you enjoy receiving or giving homemade gifts? What sorts of gifts have you made in the past?

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