You can find Leanne across the web, in print, and maybe even in the magazine that’s sitting on your coffee table right now.


Download Leanne’s press kit, complete with headshots and a short little bio to give your story extra sparkle.


Interview Leanne for your podcast, blog, newsletter, radio show, e-course or health tele-summit. Topics could include:

  • How eating carbohydrates stress the body
  • How to radically reduce weight without counting calories
  • Keto diet basics
  • End constant snacking
  • Intermittent fasting how-to
  • Mastering your metabolism
  • Strategies for going dairy-free, sugar-free or grain-free
  • Overcoming weight plateaus
  • Understanding ketogenic eating
  • Keto diet for exercise
  • What it means to be Fat Fueled

Leanne is available for video, audio, or written interviews. When the piece is live, we’ll share it with the Healthful Pursuit community, too!

Contact us to get the ball rolling.


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