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It is possible to live your dreams, manifest your heart-felt visions and live without struggle. Rebel against conditional love, limits and fear. Embrace possibility, individuality, and freedom. Start seeing love in every one, every thing, and every experience. Hosted by Leanne Vogel.

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014 Body

Giving yourself LOVE is the most radical thing you can do for our planet. YOU come first... and in today's episode, I'm sharing my journey through self-hate to self-love and how you can do it, too {and why you MUST do it for the health of all beings}.


013 Suffering

We create our own suffering. Yup, you read that right. When I experienced this truth for myself, I was angry, triggered, and... well, I didn't take it well. In today's episode, I share with you how to step out of your struggles quickly and start creating a new life for yourself made of love, joy, compassion, and kindness. Lots of personal shares in today's episode as I use my own traumas as examples to how deeply our past traumas can falsify our reality, and how this keeps us stuck in the past.


012 Happiness

What's stopping you from being happy? There's one phrase that's keeping you out of unhappiness... and many of us repeat it over, and over, and over without even being aware of it. The 3 steps you can use to find happiness in this moment and get out of negative self-talk.


011 Fear

The mindset shifts and practice I use to explore fears so they don't overtake my life anymore. Think you have a handle on fear? It's at the root of so many of the emotions you experience...


010 Witness

The major thing that no one is immune to: attachment! Attachment is what keeps you stuck in your current reality, wishing things were different, but keeps things the same. I'm sharing a meditation I use to get out of the drama of day to day life to remember my divinity and drop into my truth. An awesome practice for truly knowing yourself and connecting to your higher self.


009 Show Up

The most-important ingredient to the path of awakening: showing up for yourself! Easier said than done, right? My journey has been bumpy, sometimes feeling like nothing is moving, and everything is upside down and backwards. Sharing the 4 things I do when I feel spiritually and emotionally challenged, why it's normal to feel defeated, and the signs you're on the right path.


008 Emotion

How we process emotion and the importance of having a healthy relationship with embody emotion properly.


007 Authenticity

Get in touch with your true gifts and express your true souls’ power through being more authentic. The mistakes I’ve made in not honoring my authenticity and how I’m making steps to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Why breaking the chains of your limiting beliefs is the action that will set you free.


006 Surrender

Sharing the practices and mindset shifts I use to grow and find love in challenging times. How we react to situations tells us so much about ourselves. When life is sticky, how do you react? Do you allow it to consume you? Or, do you allow the difficult situation to run its course and not let it affect you?


005 Loving Kindness

How to show kindness toward yourself and others so that you can welcome more love in your life. Why every moment is a chance to shift your perspective and experience love through your whole body.


004 Boundaries

How to set clear boundaries and, a little trick that helps you stay empathetic of those around you, and grounded in your needs.


003 Awareness

How to become more aware with your body and emotions, and a little trick that’ll keep you aware throughout your day!


002 Heart Space

Showing you how to let LOVE in! Explaining what heart space is, why it’s the key to spiritual work, and how to get into it and remain there for powerful shifts.


001 Presence

Find joy by becoming present + the little trick that’ll help you become more present in your day-to-day.


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I'm here to share my stories, realizations, struggles, and ah-ha moments so we can both rise up, and see love in every day experiences. Welcome to Love Rebel.

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