Continuous Glucose Monitor

Continuous glucose monitors are a fabulous little technology. It’s basically the size of a quarter and you stick it on the back of your arm, replacing it every 14 days. It’s a wearable device that monitors your glucose 24 hours day and sends that information to your smartphone.

A continuous glucose monitor (CGM) can track your glucose essentially in real time so you get this really granular data stream about how all aspects of diet and lifestyle are affecting your glucose levels.

This technology has been around for over a decade. And was initially and continues to be FDA approved for the management of type one and type two diabetes. This technology was a real game changer for people with diabetes because; as opposed to pricking your finger one or two or three or four times a day, with a continuous glucose monitor, you get to see how food impacts your glucose, all in real time, without the finger poking. This real time information help diabetics dose insulin properly.

People who are health seeking and don’t necessarily have a diagnosed metabolic disease can benefit from CGM. the device provides its users with rapid closed loop feedback on how food, activity, sleep, and stress are affecting health and also how other lifestyle factors are affecting metabolism.

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