Keto Bone Broth

Many women come to me frustrated that the ketogenic diet isn’t giving them the weight loss they were looking for – they wanna burn fat, efficiently… like all the other people out there thriving on keto! One reason for this can be that they’re not digesting all the fat they’re eating. This is where the amino acid glycine comes in. Glycine helps us digest fat, making it easier for us to burn fat as energy, boosting our keto, leading to better results.

The richest source of glycine? Bone broth! But not just any bone broth. You want one that turns to gel when cooled, is frozen fresh as opposed to boxed or powdered bone broths, and is made with ONLY bones, no meat or other filler ingredients. That’ll ensure you’re getting the highest amount of glycine possible.

And that’s why I love Bonafide’s new Keto Broth, a combination of organic chicken bone broth, MCT oil, and grass-fed butter or coconut oil. Just heat, sip, and start fat burning!

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