It’s Just Not Okay.


If you haven’t read My Last Chapter or The One Thing That’s Holding Me Back and you’re curious about how I got here, have a read before you continue. This topic is highly personal. I know that you will be gentle with my story and with others that choose to share their experiences in the comments. I hope that in sharing my experiences, the women in our community are encouraged to seek help, embrace healing and create beautiful lives for themselves.

I spent years harming my body – drugs, eating disorders, wrong thoughts.

It’s been quite the journey to get here. Now, I can say with the utmost confidence – I love my body too much to do things that I know will harm it.

When I learned about all the things that birth control does to the body, cutting it out of my life was an easy choice.

I went off birth control in 2007 and hadn’t had a period since.


Every doctor and specialist that I met told me that it was normal for women not to get their period off of birth control and that; if I wanted to have children someday, they could fix me temporarily.


It’s not okay to rely on birth control for your period.

It’s not normal to never naturally menstruate.

It’s not healthy.

It’s not right.

It took me a long time to find a group of doctors that were willing to help me. But I did it. And now, I’m ready to share my experience with you::

In August 2013, I started on hormone replacement therapy (HRT) under the supervision of Endocrinologist, Dr. Bernard Corenblum. I began with a 50mg Estradiol patch (which later increased to 100mg). I wore the patch every day, switching it out every 3rd day. On days 1-10 of the month, I took 10 mg of Medroxyprogesterone to encourage a period.

The side effects were pretty intense at first. I had a hard time sleeping, increased appetite, gained 15 pounds or so, acne took over my face… but my body felt good. My nails were getting stronger (a good sign of a healthy structural system), my chest was getting larger (never a bad thing!) and I just felt… whole.

After learning that my brain could be contributing to my hormone imbalance (read more about this HERE) I devoted myself to rekindling my yoga and meditation practice. I cut down my work hours, adjusted my scheduled and started studying A Course In Miracles.

30 days after my first treatment, I got my period.

I did this for 4 months until I met Gynocologist, Dr. Laurel Smith. She recommended that we pause the treatments to allow us space to test for chromosome issues and set a gauge for how my body was reacting to the treatment.

In January 2014, the results were in. My body is creating hormones on it’s own!

Dr. Smith decided that it was time to go off of HRT. I started supplementing with Estro Detox and Biotics Cytozyme PT/HPT to keep the goodness going.

For the next 2 months, I am tracking my cycles and taking 50 mg Serophene on days 5-9 of my cycle. Serophene is a medication used to encourage ovulation. We’re testing my estrogen and progesterone levels throughout the next little while here, so we’ll see!

What’s next?

I am a couple of weeks away from getting my first “natural” period (the ultimate goal!). I would like to believe that the intense spiritual work I am doing + HRT has given my body (and brain) the kick-start it needs to get back on track. If it didn’t… well, we’ll cross that bridge if we come to that. I am a lot closer to my goal now than I was in July of last year, so that’s something.

Please, share your story with our community – are you getting a natural period? Have you had issues with your menstruation in the past? What steps have you taken to balance your hormones?

Your responses strengthen our community. By offering advice and sharing your stories, we create a safe place for a super-juicy healing conversation that can benefit hundreds, if not thousands, of women around the globe.

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  1. First let me just say your videos gave me the courage i needed to finally quit the birth control pills.

    I’ve been on birth control for 14 years. Yes, FOURTEEN.

    Ive been dealing with “functional” ovarian cysts (so large they prevented me from defecating), debilitating migraines, weak ridged nails, thinning hair and chin acne.. don’t even get me started about the lack of libido and mood swings.

    My doctor’s answer? “We need to put you on STRONGER hormones”. ?

    So here i am, only 1 week in without the poison, and i find myself wondering “what does Leanne use in place of the pills to prevent pregnancy? ” I’ve looked into the rhythm method, lady comp, iuds, everything. What sort of input or suggestions do you have regarding this?

    Peace, love and bacon grease?

  2. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this. Your story with the birth control and no periods is a lot like mine. Thanks to you I’ve really got my mind set on controlling my hormones!

    I was on birth control my whole youth, from 15 to 34. First pills, then depo provera. It was started to regulate my periods, and this was in 1985. After getting off BC at 34, I had 1 period immediately, and then accidentally got pregnant within a month. I nursed, and once I stopped when my child was 1 year old, I finally got another period. During the next few years I had random periods off and on. Very light compared to when I was a teenager, and not lasting the 2 weeks they did back then. I’m now 43, and have not had a period since my 41st birthday. I don’t have medical insurance and haven’t had any testing done, so I’ve done a lot of online research and that’s how I found you! I’m trying to use natural methods to get my estrogen levels up at this time.

    As a side note, my dad was a crop duster as a kid, and I believe that these chemicals are the reason my hormones have been so screwed up my whole life. As additional proof, my adopted brother also has zero testosterone and has gone on hormone replacement therapy. We are not related by blood, but both have the same hormonal issues!

    • Wow, you have a phenomenal story, thank you for sharing. I have no doubt that where you live can impact your hormones. Well done for taking health into your own hands and healing yourself naturally. I wish you all the best and so happy you found me!

  3. Hi,

    Have you normal period now after 6 months lchf diet? If so, did it take 6 months to get your period back?

    Thanks for answer :)

  4. I also was on birth control and then stopped getting my periods and havn’t had one for the past 10 years! IV had numerous tests and doctors tell me I’m infertile. It’s so heartbreaking especially when I love kids and want some of my own one day. Any advice is much appreciated! Xo

  5. A couple of years after puberty started (got my period at 11 yrs old) my boobs were a size C (by the time I was 13). I only weighed 105lbs, but had pretty large boobs. I was filled out everywhere, I simply looked healthy. I felt great, had no health problems. I also had a very prominent sex drive.

    I got on the pill when I was 16 and took it off and on until I was 18. ( I am now 20) I took it off and on because I was in and out of relationships, and also could not find a brand that I liked. Birth control pills made me CRAZY. I was irritable, and depressed. I had no energy, I had an overgrowth of candida, lots of yeast infections. My breast size also stayed the same while I was on the pill.

    I could not take the way it made me feel any longer and knew it could not be healthy. When I got off of the pill my breasts dropped two cup sizes within a matter of about two weeks- 1 month. Candida went away, no more yeast infections. However, I’m still irritable, I have extreme anxiety, get depressed often, my appetite is like a roller coaster, awful awful awful PMS. NO libido. My boobs are a size A (they were a size C before BC) I weigh the same that I always have but my face is thinner, I’m boney around my clavicles/ribs etc. My weight has shifted from up top to my legs. In general, I simply don’t look as healthy.

    I eat healthier than I ever have, organic meat, fruits vegetables, light exercise. I take “CALM” a magnesium supplement. I take food derived probiotics and food derived vitamins. I also take fish oil omega 3 pills.

    I have always said ” I feel like birth control took over and now that I am off of it, my body forgot how to make/ use my hormones.”

    I have ordered the cytozyme pt/hpt and really hope it helps.

    Any input or suggestions would be very helpful! Thank you!!! Please share if you have gone through this same/similar situation!

  6. Hi Leanne,
    Thank you for sharing your experience and being so courageous. I wish you continued success and God’s blessings.
    I have just joined here and came across your site when I was searching for ideas for detoxing as I never before had one and since I am currently going through some rough times emotionally I realize that this could be caused by imbalanced hormones but, not working and no insurance to go to doctor at this time.
    My story would take so long to tell here but I have been on BC for a long time as well but had been taking breaks from it every now and then. I am 50 now but my period had been coming on and off for a few years between 2007 and 2012 but in May 2012 it stopped completely (Stopped BC 2011) and to date no period. We all including my doctor, blamed it on menopause but I am so out of wack… Currently, am on Cymbalta which was given to me for nerve pain in 2010, and Verapamil and Diovan. I most times don’t have any desire to do anything, (ex. I had my turkey defrosting in the fridge for 5 days before I got half of the energy and desire to roast it! I calls myself lazy! I do a little housework now and then, I could go on and on here

    • Sorry, pressed post in error :)
      I wanted to add that I had 7 weeks of radiation therapy for skin cancer on my nose in 2007 – all is well now thank God! Then for slip disc I had two lower back surgeries 2009 and 2011 – doing pretty good with that as well. Then in April 2013 had an ablation procedure to do with my electrical system at areas in my heart…. Still have one area they could not fix due to a higher risk factor and I have been on meds for high blood pressure since 1999 and am so wanting to come off all meds!!! I have so much going on in my body….. Restless legs, tennis elbow, painful ankles…. And used to be an early bird and go walking but that has become a hard thing to do. I used to swim for exercise but long time haven’t done that. I stopped working to take a break from stress and also because I could not function/focus well at work. I don’t have a perfect eating habit but not the worst. My current weight is 182 which is down from 192 after my last back surgery in 2011. I am 5’4″

      Do you think it’s menopause that My period stopped? It’s all so confusing.
      Thank you for taking the time to do this.. Looking forward to good stuff and all the best to everyone on this blog!
      Happier, healthier new year!

  7. Thank you for sharing your story. I am currently dealing with amenorrhea. I had pituitary macroadenoma (benign tumor in the brain) removed in December. It was discovered after I got off of birth control since I was no longer menstruating. My OBGYN had my prolactin level tested and it was very low. Six months later I am still not ovulating and I was just told that IVF is the only way I can get pregnant. My husband and I are wanting to have a baby, but more importantly, I want to fully recover from my surgery. I just feel like it has been such a long road, and I was promised that my period would come back. I was never told that my estrogen might not recover. I can’t take anything orally since my brain is not communicating properly with my ovaries. I am thinking about researching HRT and discussing more options with my endocrinologist. It has been a tough time.