My Road to Health and the One Thing that Saved Me


There was a time in my life where I didn’t care for my body. Where I didn’t eat the foods that I knew were good for me. When I let my cravings and emotions control what and when I ate. When I didn’t have time to create a healthy life for myself.

I was a late night eater, I battled with sugar cravings, I ate maybe once or twice a day and in huge volumes when I did.

I was never really sure when I was hungry. I didn’t know what foods I should be eating, when, and how much. I felt out of control.

I ate out at restaurants a lot and felt like garbage every waking moment. This feeling seeped into the way I interacted with others, how I held myself in conversations and how I lived out my life.

I wanted a new beginning for myself.

So this is what I did….

Beginning with breakfast and moving my way through the day, I started to plan my meals. I ate toast with almond butter, then toast with almond butter and an apple, then swapped out the toast for some cooked quinoa. Once I felt I had mastered breakfast, I moved on to my snacks, then to lunch and lastly, dinner.

Little by little, day by day, hours passed, days passed, weeks passed, months passed and I was making progress toward my goal of living a healthy life.

I got into the habit of eating healthy, of preparing quick and easy meals that made me feel good, of taking care of my body, of choosing foods that I knew would squash my cravings, of freeing myself from late night snacking sessions… meal planning changed my life.

Our inability to get into a healthy eating routine is what stops many of us from living the life we want to live. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can have the time to do the things we love and feel healthy, we can make convenient meals that are ready in a flash, we can live a life without cravings, we can make mealtime enjoyable…

I’ve made it my life’s mission to help catapult your health forward.

Today, I’m sharing a fancy little video that highlights my story  – what fuels me, how I created a healthy life for myself, and how you can jump on the healthy train with me…

Slide over here to learn even more about how to inject your life with health!

Now, I’m turning the floor over to you because your wisdom and experience can make a huge difference for others…

List a couple of things that you’re proud of. What are your biggest, bestest accomplishments?

What do you struggle with most when it comes to creating a healthy life for yourself?

Tell me your story in the comments below.

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  1. My late night binging is out of control. At 32, exercise = not possible. I’m not absorbing my food ( I find it in my stool…or constipated..literally full of toxins. I even did something horrendous Saturday night and dug out food from the bathroom (gross) garbage and binged on it at midnight. I do purge or restrict. My digestive system a mess…with all the crap in my body and no possibility for colonic, I FIRST need a detox somehow to reset my body and clean out ..but have no idea how.

    needing control
    Needing willpower (though I’ve researched this is byond willpower…this Is actual brain physical stuff that means I am not a weak person….but ….). I just need a food plan to detox THEN eat right….and something without a juicer. If you know, let me know. Seriously. As a “buddy” from Canada :)

  2. I love your blog! I have just been told by my physician that I potentially am celiac and allergic to dairy. I am vegetarian and eat a lot of vegan food but am trying to work out what this new diet will mean for me. I have problems with IBS and low energy so have to eat regularly. I have found it hard to pinpoint what foods trigger my IBS. I love to cook and eat healthy food but have a sweet tooth and struggle to control cravings for sweet foods after a savory meal. I find socializing very difficult even being vegetarian let alone a gluten free vegan so am worried about how much harder it will be to eat out with friends and hang out at friend’s houses. Leanne, how do you deal with social situations where food is involved? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Jacqueline – so very awesome to hear from you! I’m thrilled that you enjoy my blog. For social situations, I generally bring my own food, or just ask servers/waitresses what’s safe. Nowadays you’ll be hard pressed to find a restaurant that doesn’t know what gluten is! And, my friends use the recipes and food on my blog when I’m coming over to their place. Or, I just bring a couple of things to share with everyone and make it a fun educational option for everyone! I hope that helps :)

  3. Almost 2 years now – Off refined sugar – this has helped since I was like an alcoholic when it came to sugar. One bite and I was eating it until I was wasted, weeks before I could get back to a normal state. Being diabetic I fought the one bite battle until I lost and realized I just couldn’t. I keep working on other things to improve how I feel, but mainly ditching sugar and eating real food, unprocessed good stuff. Processed foods make me feel YUK!!!

  4. I create a weekly menu, breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner and I stick to it and it helps to when writing up your shopping list, only buy what is on the menu.

    Give yourself variety for each meal so it becomes exciting and never boring.

    I think about chocolate or chips at times but at the supermarket I can never choose so I can see I have lost interest, cut out take away was easy as we live far enough away from shops.

    I went on a two week cruise recently and didn’t put on any weight, therefore I chose well and an example also of the healthy dining room meals that were prepared, even dessert plus you do a lot of walking on the ship so weight/exercise balanced out.

    Best wishes everyone and read sites like Leanne’s, education and knowledge is our best weapon towards good health and loosing and keeping off those unwanted kilo’s.

  5. Ayuveda based morning routine has saved me, some days I miss something but I just start again the next day.
    Wake up at 7.00am
    Start oil pulling and body brushing.
    Massage warm sesame oil all over body and have warm shower.
    Kundalini yoga DVD the breathing exercises get the heart pumping and the mediation calms me.
    Healthy breakfast a veggy juice followed 30 mins later by quinoa or oats or apple compote with almonds.

    It’s my dream to start adding a walk or cycle in the morning outside. At the moment I am exercising on my balcony to avoid going outside. Going through culture shock is hard. I recently moved country and it’s freezing outside.

    I also started a gluten and sugar free lifestyle and it’s amazing how much better I feel already.

    No matter what happens I follow my morning routine consistently then I work to make each day meaningful through art, site seeing, opera, cooking, yoga and making new friends. : )

  6. Hey Leanne,
    I cant thank you enough for doing this! I recently decided to not just lose weight but change the way I ate and the health content. I’ve never been a really unhealthy eater, like most women I had cravings, for me a LOT, especially as I have candida and am currently being assessed for hypothyroidism. Ive always yoyod with weight but thats because I can manage it for a while but give up the routine with excuses, one being I just got married and moved from England to Canada, and my husband unlike my family, eats what he wants and still manages to stay fit and healthy, argh! So with temptation constantly there its nice to have these recipes and guides to help me overcome them and turn my habits and food cravings around :). So thanks again :D great to see how you changed your world and attitude around!

  7. Hey Leanne..

    You really need to think about launching an affiliate program for your meal plans.. There are a ton of healthy food bloggers out there that I am sure would be glad to promote your plans…


    • Hi Jenetta! So awesome of you to mention this… I’m planning on launching one in a couple of months. It’s a lot of work to get it juuuust the way I want it, but it IS in the plans and it WILL happen!

      • well.. since I am a full time blogger too I am always thinking of ways to have a better site AND be more profitable.. so when I see other bloggers I like that have an opportunity to make more and share what they love I want to encourage them to do so :)

        • Thanks for the encouragement, Jenetta :)