Make a cake in a Crock Pot! Blueberry Maple Slow Cooker Cake

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on January 5, 2014

Nutrient-rich, nourishing gluten-free blueberry cake drizzled with maple syrup… baked for 4 hours in your slow cooker. I bought this Crock Pot as a New Year’s gift… for myself. The 10 hours I spend in the kitchen, daily, testing + creating new recipes for the blog, leaves me with 0 creativity for family meals and…


Raspberry Lemon Scones

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on May 28, 2012

My parents like inviting me over to their house for weekend brunches when Kevin’s not in town. They say it’s because they miss me and figure I could use some company, but I know it’s just because they’re hoping I’ll bring muffins, cookies, coffee cake, cinnamon buns, or apricot breakfast rolls along with me. I…


Oil-free Upside Down Banana Bread Pancakes + Maple Cream

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on May 24, 2012

One of the benefits to having a boyfriend that travels a lot for work is that I get to partake in girly activities that I can’t generally find the time for when he’s at home. Like having 2 bubble baths in a day, drowning myself in reruns of the Gilmore Girls, and going to Eveline…


Healthy Charms Cereal with 4 Flavor Variations

by Leanne Vogel (Healthful Pursuit) on October 18, 2011

Do you ever buy a product at the grocery store and think man I could totally make this at home and save a bunch of money? That happens a lot around here. Like the day I found out we could raise chickens in our backyard. Note: before entertaining the idea, make sure your dog doesn’t…


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