Enjoy Life Cookie GIVEAWAY!

There’s nothing better than a soft, perfectly baked cookie.

I say this with loads of experience in eating over cooked, practically burnt cookies.

My Mom, bless her heart, would make us chocolate chip cookies all the time. The only problem was, she had no idea how to make them.

They’d come out hard as a rock, black on the bottom, and flat as can be.

I have great memories of my sister and I dressing up in my Dad’s suits and pretending we were Men in Black fighting aliens with our chocolate chip cookie disc weapons.

Thankfully, Enjoy Life soft baked cookies are nothing at all like alien weapons.

They’re so deliciously soft and perfectly sized.

Kevin and I spent the evening last week taste testing these little morsels of goodness that Alina at Enjoy Life was kind enough to send us.

What did we think?

no-oats “oatmeal”: 3 cookies out of 4.

Kevin doesn’t like raisins, so I was alone on this one. I believe they use rice flakes as a replacement for oats [I love this trick in the kitchen!] and it works out quite nicely. I would have liked to see more currants because I loooove currants, but there was a healthy amount of them.

double chocolate brownie: 2 cookies out of 4.

The taste is fantastic. There are little bits of chocolate chips in each cookie that makes it that much more enjoyable. The flavor was good, but I’m not a huge chocolate fan, so it left something to be desired for me. Kevin was on the fence about them too, so we gave it a 2 out of 4.

snickerdoodle: 4 cookies out of 4.

I practically had to peel the box from Kevin’s hands. He definitely would have eaten them all in one sitting if I hadn’t stopped him. These are our favorite. Although they’re a bit softer than a regular snickerdoodle and don’t have quite the same taste, they are still fantastic. You’ll get no complaints from us!

Why we love Enjoy Life

I remember finding Enjoy Life a couple of months after beginning my gluten free journey. The first thing I tried was their Cinnamon Crunch granola [delicious!] and it quickly moved on to their cookies, cereals, bars, and trail mixes.

I’ve been baking with Enjoy Life products for awhile and love the results, a couple of my favorites are:

chocolate truffle cookies

apple spice and everything nice bars

everything’s good bars

and last but not least, carrot and apple breakfast cake

I was intrugued by this company because:

  • Their products are free of wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, shellfish, and many are also free of potatoes, sesame, sulfites, and casein.
  • They have an awesome social media presence on Facebook and Twitter
  • Kosher and gluten-free certified
  • The ingredients that they use are free of GMOs
  • Each of their products are free of artificial ingredients and trans fats

Ingredients in the snickerdoodle cookies:

Sorghum Flour, Brown Pure Cane Sugar, Date Paste, Expeller-Pressed Vegetable Oil (Safflower Oil and/or Sunflower Oil), Grape, Apple & Pear Juice Concentrates, Natural Rice Dextrin, Water, Ground Flaxseed, Vanilla, Baking Soda, Xanthan Gum, Salt, Cinnamon, Rosemary Extract

Compare that to typical ingredients found in other store bought snickerdoodles:

Enriched Flour Bleached, Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Soybean/Cottonseed Oil, Corn Syrup, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Salt, Corn Starch, Artificial Flavor

All in all, Enjoy Life foods are a much healthier alternative to other store bought brands!

*All of the opinions above are my own and were not influenced by Enjoy Life*

Okay, okay, I’ll get to the giveaway already!

In addition to the boxes we received, Alina has offered to send 1 lucky reader 3 boxes of their own!

Enter for a chance to win

  • 3 boxes of Enjoy Life soft baked cookies: 1 snickerdoodle, 1 double chocolate brownie, 1 no-oats “oatmeal”

Entries explained

In order to qualify, #1 must be done, then it’s up to you how many entries you want to submit, up to a total of 5.

Check out the ways you can earn entries:

  1. Mandatory entry: What’s your favorite cookie in the whole wide world?
  2. Add me to your blogroll
  3. Link back to this giveaway from your blog
  4. Tweet it: You could say something like: @be_healthful is hosting a cookie GIVEAWAY – chance to win a bunch of healthy cookies! Enter at http://bit.ly/hfstOI
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Please leave a *separate comment* for each entry!

Don’t forget to, follow and like Healthful Pursuit while you’re sharing the giveaway with your friends!

The giveaway will be open until Tuesday, April 19 with the winner announced on Wednesday, April 20.

And… go!! [Good luck :)]

PS: Canadian + US citizens only

This post was sponsored by Enjoy Life Foods. All opinions expressed herein are those of Healthful Pursuit Inc. and are not indicative of the positions or opinions of Enjoy Life Foods. Thank you for supporting the brands that I believe in and choose to feature here.

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  1. How exciting! My favorite cookie in the entire world are homemade chocoalate chip oatmeal cookies one of my mom’s clients would bring us every other week. My mom used to do hair from home, and Kitty, an elderly woman, would bring us these cookies. We called them “kitty cookies”.

  2. These are great cookies. I have tried a couple of them (Double Chocolate Brownie and Snickerdoodle) and enjoyed them both.

    My favorite cookie would be either snickerdoodles or peanut butter cookies. It is hard to choose a favorite sometimes. :)

  3. I love Mama Pea’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip cookie dough balls but now that I’m gluten-intolerant, I can’t eat them! I would love to try these GF ones :)

  4. these sound delicious! i’ve never tried them, but they sound so good.

    my favorite cookie is my mom’s no bake cookies.

  5. My favorite cookie, ever, are the hershey kiss peanut butter blossom cookies. I won’t even go near them, or I devour the entire batch, no joke, it’s happened ;)

  6. My favorite cookie would definitely have to be the ones they served at lunch back in high school. They were huuge and probably not baked all the way, but that’s what made them so good. Those were the days…

  7. My favorite cookies are pretty much anything homemade period!!! I love peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate chip cookies! SO GOOD!! My boyfriend can sit down and eat a box NO PROBLEM!

    • All good! I’ll just delete a couple of your entries :) Good luck!

  8. My favourite cookie has to peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips! I recently convert my recipe to cashew butter and used dairy free chocolate chips (so I’m familiar with Enjoy Life because I use their chips) so my friends with allergies could enjoy them as well. They have a slightly different taste but just as yummy I think. I really like Snickerdoodles too but I need a healthy version of a recipe with no refined sugar :)

  9. My favorite cookie in the whole world, without a doubt, are my mom’s holiday molasses crinkles. They’re the one cookie recipe from my childhood that I haven’t tried to “healthify”… I just don’t want to mess with perfection, you know? ;)

  10. My favorite cookie in the whole wide world is …. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip! Something about the oats, mixed with brown sugar, mixed with chocolaty love is oh so amazing!

    Thanks for this delicious looking (and hopefully tasting) giveaway!

  11. My favorite cookie would have to be pumpkin cookies with walnuts and chocolate chips. My mom has been making them since I was a kid. Lately I’ve been making them with dairy-free chocolate chips.

    Such a funny coincidence, when I read this post and saw the packaging of the cookies, I just realized that my little Co-op in Oregon carries Enjoy Life chocolate chips! Next time I’m there I’ll check to see if they also carry any of their cookies! I’m happy to hear such a good review about this company!

    • Wow, pumpkin + walnuts + chocolate sounds like heaven! I hope you can find more of their products at your Co-op.

  12. I have to choose?! I love way to many cookies for that. The first one that popped into my head though is this really chewy chocolate cookie that I can’t remember the name of. Mmmm, cookies..

  13. Ooh, I’m down! I actually just tried their snack bars for the first time today so I’d love to sample some of the cookies! My favorite cookie in the world has to be a neck-and-neck tie between Subway’s raspberry cheesecake (Boohiss for being limited edition!) and their white chocolate macademia!

    • I completely forgot about their snack bars! They’re sooo good! Caramel apple is my favorite. Raspberry cheesecake cookies sound delicious!

  14. My favorite cookie? In all the World?
    Well…I would have to say that my FAVORITE cookies are those minty-graham-cracker cookies dipped in chocolate. I have no idea what they’re called X) but they’re sooo good! On that same note, I love chocolate chip cookies made with oats instead of flour. Mmmm…cookies!

    • Wow, those minty graham cracker cookies sound delicious. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of them!

  15. soft gingerbread cookies any time of year but definitely during the snowy months!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I enjoy life too much not to post this comment about all of my love for cookies. Nom Yum Yummy Cookies!!!

  17. I love Enjoy Life Brand goodies!! Their little tiny dairy free wonderful chocolate chips are amazing. :)

    Yum to the cookies! I honestly don’t know if I could chose just one cookie as my favorite- growing up it was chocolate crinkles, though. Maybe raw cookies are my favorite now. Or peanut butter. Mmmm. :)

    • I love those little chocolate chips. I don’t buy them too often because I end up just eating them all from the bag!

  18. My all time favorite cookie would have to be chocolate chip. That was one of the first GF reciprocal and store bought GF replacement I looked for after going GFCF.

    • I did the same thing when I went gluten free. My first thought was: okay, what bread am I going to use? Second thought: what cookies can I have? haha

  19. Thanks for having this giveaway! I always see these at the store but am not sure if they are worth the extra expense since I am not on a specialized diet.
    My favorite cookie would probably have to be a gingersnap. Mmmm those are the best! Close runner up- M&M cookie.

    • Fair enough, if you’re not on a special diet, there are loads of healthier cookies out there that are a bit less expensive!

  20. my favorite cookies were my mom’s chocolate with red and green mint m & m’s for christmas. that was before going gluten free & dairy free. all of my moms cookies were the best!

  21. Favorite cookie in the whole wide world…that’s tough. There a lot of amazing cookies in the world! I really love Uncle Eddie’s cookies. But since I’ve been avoiding gluten lately, my favorite would have to be the peanut butter chocolate chip cookies I’ve been making lately.

  22. snickerdoodle are the best cookies ever I love them dunked in coffee or hot cocoa

  23. Well, after reading all of the entries I’m going to have to go make some cookies! But, my all time favorite are soft sugar cookies with M&Ms. But, I do love a good snicker doodle or molasses cookie. So hard to choose!

    • I know, right? I’ve been craving cookies all day. I just made a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies hehe. I’ve never had molasses cookies, but I love molasses!

    • I totally forgot about those cookies! I’ll have to make a batch.

  24. Sounds interesting. Love the ingredient list.
    My fav cookie in the whole wide world?……. I guess snickerdoodle. or these carrot ‘cake’ cookies I just came across. :)

  25. mmmm I was sent these glorious cookies too and couldn’t agree with your rating more! I gave the chocolate ones a 2 out of 4….but loved the snickers :)

    Love what you do girl!!!


    • I’m glad we’re on the same page! I came home to an empty box of snickerdoodles today :( haha

  26. My favorite cookie is oatmeal raisin the recipe my mom makes :) that I should share sometimes :) BTW fun giveaway!

  27. I keep seeing Enjoy Life products on the shelves and the cookies always pique my interest…but I’ve never tried them! Would love to.
    My favorite kind of cookie? Either snickerdoodles (ironically) or a really good oatmeal cookie with cranberries or raisins :] Oh wait! Or ginger cookies!! Ack, no – lemon poppyseed cookies from ED & BV.
    Indecisive enough?

  28. Leanne, I adore your blog! Especially the “healthful” part of your name! My favorite cookies are…. oatmeal raisin/cranberry! with chocolate chips. and then maybe dab some chocolate almond butter deliciousness on top. oh my oh my. :DD

    • Thanks, Jinny! I love the idea of putting almond butter on top of your cookies! After reading all of these comments about cookies, I’ve decided to make a batch of my own. You better believe I’ll be putting almond butter on a couple of mine!

  29. Do I really have to choose one favorite cookie? I love gingerbread, oatmeal with coconut, and double chocolate!

  30. My mother makes the best shortcake cookies with icing and a walnut on top. Only at Christmas though thank God. You’re also on my blog roll

  31. My favorite cookies are gingersnaps – hard or soft – love, love, love them.

  32. Gingersnaps!! :) SO DELICIOUS! It is a “flavor-burst party” in your mouth!

  33. My favorite cookie is chocolate chip – I love experimenting with healthier versions to help reduce ‘bad’ fats and sugar.

    • That’s great Christine, I find using coconut oil vs. butter is a great help! Good luck with the giveaway :)

  34. Yum! These look great! My favorite cookie is dreena burton’s homestyle chocolate chip cookies made with spelt flour!

  35. I would enjoy trying the chocolate ones. I love ELF’s snickerdoodles!

  36. My favorite cookie in the whole word is chocolate chip. I know, super boring but I think it’s a classic. You just can’t go wrong with a soft, ooey-gooey chocolate chip….or anything with chocolate for that matter!

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