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3 Keto Lies That Hurt Women

And how to overcome them to succeed on keto

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Break free from the myths keeping you out of ketosis, the ups and downs of the dieting roller coaster, out of control carb binges, and get…

  • Better sleep
  • Better health
  • Boosted confidence
  • More peace (less stress!)
  • More weight loss

The ONE reason women fail on keto stops them from seeing how powerful a low-carb/high-fat diet can be. This webinar delivers five things you can do (as a woman) to put an end to your keto frustrations, get in control of your health, and feel better… NOW.

Leanne Vogel, Certified Nutrition Educator

International Bestselling Author

I’ve gone from being a hormonal wreck, living in a depressed state of constant restriction, negativity and weight fluctuations to a life of abundance and happiness. I want to teach you the exact framework I used to balance my hormones, end cravings, and achieve better health.

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Wednesday January 9

10am Eastern

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Wednesday January 9

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What most women need is the right coach. Someone they trust to give them the tools and proven information that will help them MASSIVELY build the health they need to generate confidence and create breakthroughs with their weight.

That’s why you need this workshop!

Many women want to feel good… every day. But these three things are standing in our way.

Join me Wednesday, January 9 as I bust through “3 Keto Lies that Hurt Women” and share my tips for “how to overcome them (with solid action steps you can take away immediately) to succeed” like…

What following bad keto information does to your hormones and how to get it right

The ONE thing that needs to happen before your body can start dropping the extra pounds

  • How to discover the right amount of carbs for YOU
  • How a macro-focused approach can harm your body
  • How to optimize your body’s ‘secret control center’ for better health
  • Much, MUCH MORE!

There IS more than one right way to follow the keto diet to successfully lose weight, heal, nourish, protect and strengthen your body… down to the cellular level.

I want to help you customize keto to fit your body and lifestyle needs.

And to help you overcome the 3 keto lies that hurt women – reason women easily get frustrated and give up on the ‘one-size-fits-all’ version of the keto diet.

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