Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook

Cover-iPad4stop letting cravings rule your life

Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook is for people that are ready to take better care of themselves. On the surface, it’s about juices, smoothies and cleansing. But really, it’s about activating your most radiant self.

With over 55 original paleo, vegan and gluten-free juice and smoothie recipes, and 160+ pages infused with literally everything I know about juices ‘n’ cleanses, this book will show you how to:

  • Effortlessly use juices & smoothies to boost your health
  • Listen to your body and know when you’re legitimately satisfied
  • Move into, through, and out of a cleanse safely (with shining results)



Each page is gorgeously illustrated with vibrant, make-your-mouth-water photographs.

Once you purchase your cookbook, you’ll receive a message in your inbox with an exclusive-to-you link that you can save on up to three devices (your computer, iPad, Kindle, etc.) so you can tote around your Vibrant Life where ever you go.

Grab a glass and get ready to connect with your body.

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Take a Peek Inside


Has your body been trying to tell you something?

Maybe you’ve been feeling pretty wiped, recently.

Maybe your digestion’s all outta whack or you’re stressed to the max.

Maybe you want to clean up your eating habits and squeeze a little more fruit ‘n’ veg into your diet.

Whatever the reason, whether you opt for the 7-,9- or 11-day cleanse, or start up a daily juice & smoothie practice, you’ll wind up feeling happier, re-energized and more radiant. (Bingo!)

Your happy, healthy life is just one step away.

Get Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook now for just $25

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INSIDE Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook:


Recipes created by a Holistic Nutritionist (me!) that will give you everything you need to begin your fresh life… today. (And I mean everything.)

  • Guidebook on how to wash produce, when to buy organic, and how to juice without a juicer to 10 ways to use pulp, equipment recommendations and juice storage instructions.
  • 29 nutrient-rich recipes for green, water-based, juice-based, and dessert smoothies. Titillating. Nutrient-rich. And plain delicious.
  • 20 cleansing, boosting and purifying juices.
  • 4 energizing tonics to boost spirits and increase feel-god vibes.
  • 6 nourishing nut & seed milks to keep your blood sugar stable, metabolism revved up and immune system detoxifying.


Want to know how to cleanse and what to expect when you do? You are guided every step of the way with:

  • Day-by-day cleanse routine.
  • All the little tidbits: pulp, juicer types, storage instructions, equipment and more.
  • What to eat for added energy.
  • The 4 must-have supplements for cleansing + everyday (no need to overdo it)
  • Guidelines for gentle cleansing transitions so you can make the most of your cleanse.


This section includes three cleanse programs to suit everyone’s needs, including:

  • The Restore Cleanse – a great introductory cleanse for those who prefer to take things easy.
  • The Enliven Cleanse – which will give you that extra push to get you feeling great.
  • The Refresh Cleanse – a program that is heavy on the veggies and offers maximum body healing.

As well as 3-day rump up & wind down programs that support you in moving and out of a cleanse softly – aka not leaving your body wondering “What the hell’s going on?” When you follow the guidelines in this section, you’ll avoid the headache (literally).


Grocery shopping won’t be a chore anymore with these prepped meal plans and shopping lists.

  • 7-, 9- and 11-day meal plans for each cleanse program. You just pick a plan, and roll with it.
  • Printer friendly plans and shopping lists with exact measurements so no ingredients are wasted.
  • Comprehensive layout for ease of use.


A chapter dedicated to tips, tools and resources to guide you in taking better care of yourself, to honour what your body actually wants, and discover what healthy really feels like.

  • A new approach at putting yourself first that doesn’t require oodles of money or time.
  • Easy approach to show you how to exude more confidence.
  • Simple 4 steps you can use to fall in love with your cravings (and transform) your cravings.

You see, this isn’t just a cookbook.

This is about taking better care of you (and feeling abso-frickin’-wonderful.)

Make powerful food choices now

Imagine starting the day with a juice or a smoothie. The sun is shining, you’re drinking your greens, life is good. Plus, you’re far more likely to reach midday and think, “Wow, I feel really good, I’m going to eat something healthy for lunch.”

And that’s the thing with juices & smoothies – if you don’t want to do a full-on cleanse, that’s okay! Simply knock one up the night before, and voila! You get to experience delicious hydration, a natural energy boost, and nutrients galore for breakfast. (Yum num num.)

discover what your body actually wants.

I guide you through, every step of the way

Never cleansed before? That’s okay, I’ll talk you through it.

Juicing pro? Awesome! There’s something in here for you, too.

Whether you’re ready to start knocking up a juice each day for breakfast, or you’re ready to master a full-on cleanse, this illustrated digital book will become your manual fo’ life.

(Your one and only.)

the key to feeling awesome is here, waiting for you.

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look forward to…

It's More Motivation

To do what you need to do, without craving a nap every three hours. You’ll be vibrating with energy, primed to make healthy choices for yourself and those around you.

Feeling good about what you’re eating and how you’re treating your body is the key to living a happy and healthy life. Because when you feel good, you’re motivated to keep on surrounding yourself with the things that make you feel this way.

My approach to cleansing and a daily juice & smoothie practice will show you that the healthy life you’ve always wanted is just a sip away.

It's More rest

Thanks to improved sleep patterns and a bolstered immune system. Using juices, smoothies and cleansing is a sure-fire way to boost your nutrient intake, instantly. And, when you give your body the nutrients it needs, it performs as it should. Naturally fighting off infections, calming your body when it’s time to rest, and providing energy to you when you need it most will become commonplace.

Whether you’re ready to be guided through a full on cleanse, or are set on adding 1 juice or smoothie to your day, these recipes and programs activate your body’s natural ability to rest when it’s time to rest.

It's More clarity.

You’ll be taking a step back, resetting and reflecting on your approach to healthy living. Maybe you’re like me – you eat well, take care of yourself and generally lead a healthy life but every couple of months your body just… doesn’t feel right. These programs and supporting recipes help to recalibrate and set everything straight again.

When cravings have slowly started to creep in and your motivation is lacking, these plug and play cleanse programs will give you a clear, fresh start anytime you need it.

It's More mojo.

You’ll no longer feel sluggish. Instead, you’ll feel revitalized and ready to get-up-and-go! That heavy feeling you get after a meal will no longer slow you down, creating space for you to totally rock every-single-moment of the day.

You’ll be on top of your world – making healthy choices, drinking the good stuff and feelin’ fine.

Stop Waiting For Tomorrow. Get started right now.

Get Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook now for just $25

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Leanne2I’m not one for sweeping statements

So when I say that juicing changed my life, I really do mean that.

Becoming a holistic nutritionist made me realize how much I’d damaged my body throughout my life. It was the wakeup call I needed to start paying more attention to how I felt.

Easing into the day with a mason jar of green juice became my favourite thing to do. For the first time in my life, I was doing something good for my body, and it felt frickin’ amazing.

After a couple of months sipping juice in the morning, I started incorporating smoothies into my afternoon routine. It felt so much better than stuffing myself with a huge dinner and dealing with the digestive fallout afterwards. In fact, the more juices ‘n’ smoothies I consumed, the better my digestion became.

Pouring fibers and nutrients into every cell in my body helped my gut heal fully for the first time in years.

By the time I began experimenting with juice and smoothie cleanses, I was eating a pretty clean diet, but I’d still obsess about eating. Oftentimes, all I could think about was what I had planned for my next meal. Cleanses and detoxing became a way for me to release that attachment.

Nowadays, I still enjoy eating, but I no longer get to that point of “Ohmygod, I just need FOOD in my mouth!”

you are ready for a fresh beginning.

Get Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook now for just $25

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Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook Enthusiasts

Praise from Krystal

Starting the year with a cleanse was a remarkable experience and a key turning point for my health. Once my body ‘reset’ I was no longer plagued by numerous cravings. My energy levels were up, my skin condition improved, I could go on forever about the benefits. If you’ve contemplated doing a cleanse but not really sure how to go about it I highly recommend  Vibrant Life Cleanse Program and Cookbook. This program takes all the guess work out of cleansing correctly. What to drink, what to eat, when to do it is all included.


Praise from Bianca

I’m on day 9 of my 11-day Vibrant Life Cleans and today is day 2 of the Wind Down Program. I feel amazing, the whole cleanse is great, well-balanced and delicious. I took Leanne’s suggestion and tried colon hydrotherapy 3 times during the cleanse. What a difference! This book is full of so much wisdom. I’m totally in love with this program and will highly recommend it to my friends and family!

— Bianca

This cookbook is so thorough, vibrant and fun, just like Leanne. I’ve never done a cleanse before but have wanted to. Leanne’s guide definitely gives me the confidence and motivation to get started. All the juices and smoothies look amazing and use a variety of ingredients, so I know I won’t get bored! I’ve already tried the Red Rush Smoothie and it’s delicious! I think the Enliven cleanse will be my cleanse of choice. Can’t wait to get my smoothie and juice on! Thanks Leanne!

Arie-Elle | Nourish & Inspire Me

Praise from Brianne | FemFusion Fitness

Wow! Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook is bursting with healthy and unique juice, smoothie, milk, and tonic recipes. Even just looking at the pictures makes me feel light and vibrant. Leanne guides you through, whether you’re looking to deepen your detox experience or increase self-care with daily juicing. This book is essential for anyone who is ready to clean up their health – mind, body, and spirit.

Brianne | FemFusion Fitness

Praise from Sonnet | In Sonnet’s Kitchen

Leanne has created a beautiful cleanse program and cookbook, complete with all the resources anyone would need to to be successful in a daily juice program or full-blown cleanse, including shopping lists! The recipes are unique, creative, and delicious. I can’t get enough of the coco cabana smoothie! If you’re looking for a great cleanse for spring you can trust Leanne’s program to help you transition safely and restore your body back to optimum health.

Sonnet | In Sonnet’s Kitchen

Praise from Queenie | Hatha Yoga Teacher

Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook is the most comprehensive resource I’ve seen for a safe, simple and delicious way to cleanse and incorporate juices and smoothies into your day. It focuses on nourishment not deprivation. I’ve gone on some pretty unsustainable cleanses in the past, then slipped right back into old habits that had me distressed in the first place. Leanne’s book is so far from that experience – it will help me create a consistently healthy lifestyle.

— Queenie | Hatha Yoga Teacher

Praise from Catherine

My body is begging for a post-winter clean out. The Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook is going to be my seasonal reset button to better health! I know it will motivate me to make healthier choices this Spring. I have been following Leanne’s juice cleanses for the last year on her blog and with her new cookbook comes so many new DELICIOUS juice and smoothie recipes. The cookbook in its entirety resonates with me – from the design, photos, easy recipes and most of all Leanne’s positive outlook on life… She is a true warrior and I feel much gratitude that I stumbled upon her blog over a year ago.

— Catherine

Praise from Alison | Alison Smith

Leanne has done it once again! Through beautiful imagery and engaging information, Leanne has created a book that takes us through the maze of cleansing with brilliant ease. If you are on a journey to invite more vibrancy and health into your life, just like me, I would highly recommend The Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook: it will take all of the guess work right out of the process. I raise a glass of Lime Light juice you to, Leanne: you have created a gorgeous book that all wellness warriors will love.

Alison | Alison Smith

Praise from Jennifer | Gluten-free School

Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook is your ultimate juice cleanse guide. This interactive booklet is beautifully laid out with an extraordinary number of simple, clean recipes that are lumped into categories based on your particular needs and goals. Even those just looking to add more juice to their diets would benefit from using Leanne’s recipes! The cookbook completely demystifies the process of juicing and makes it practical and attainable. I’m excited to use these recipes this Spring for my own personal cleanse!

Jennifer | Gluten-free School

Get Vibrant Life Cleanse Program & Cookbook now for just $25

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