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Maybe you’re struggling with sticking to a grocery budget.
Or maybe you’re bored with your same sprouted bread with almond butter breakfast.
And you’re almost definitely sick of thumbing through your cookbooks for the perfect weeknight dinner.

I’ve got your weekly plan, Stan (or Stephanie, Regina, Susan, etc.)


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Do you have a food allergy? Have no fear. All plans are gluten, wheat, dairy, and peanut-free. Each weekly plan also comes with grain-free, nut-free and vegan substitutions to please your palate and satisfy your stomach.


Spend less time jotting down what you need, and more time going after it. Each meal plan comes raring and ready to go with a totally comprehensive shopping lists, complete with simple allergy substitutions. No matter what restrictions you have? I have the answer.


Here at Healthful Pursuit, we believe in breakfasts that make you excited to get out of bed. We believe in perfectly portioned snacks expertly designed to keep your momentum in full swing, and lunches that propel you into afternoon productivity. Throw in dinners that are to die for, (or at least swoon over), and you’ve got an entire week of meals at your fingertips.


Your sparkling, brand new meal plan will be delivered with love to your inbox every Tuesday. (Note: sparkles not included, but I wholeheartedly support the throwing of confetti.)


All simple recipes. All direct instructions. Because what good is a recipe if you can’t nail it on the first try? Exactly.


Have more than one mouth to please? Just multiply the shopping list and recipes, and you’re all set! (Though I’m not responsible for your new-found VIP status at luncheons and increasing potluck dinner invitations.)


I’ve lovingly prepared the answers to your questions over in the FAQ.



Get Real Meals for your real life right this very second. Or, check out our FAQ’s.

Because you’ve spent more money on makeup, and makeup won’t cook you dinner, save you money,
and improve your body from the inside out. (Note: If you’ve found this makeup, please pass along the name.)

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15-day Money-Back Guarantee

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If you are not happy with ANY aspect of your monthly or 3-month Real Meals Meal Plan Program, simply send me an email and I will cancel your program immediately, no questions asked. You will never be charged again.

Committed to a yearly plan and just not feeling it? Send me a quick email within the first 15 days and I will immediately refund 100% of your money, no questions asked!

The Exceptional Effects

Of Subscribing:

Save All the Money

(Or at the very least, $100 every month.)

Get that perfect pair of glitter Toms, or pump up your travel fund so you can finally take that trip to Bali. See also: Throw it in a college fund. Get a massage from a gorgeous man. Buy your dog the biggest bone he’s ever seen. Hoard it in a shoebox under your bed. Take yourself out on a date and then try to get to first base.

The bottom line? Sticking to a meal plan means you’ll be buying exactly what you need, and nothing that you don’t. When you learn how to prepare healthy, inexpensive meals while eating seasonally, less cash will leave your pocket, leaving more for Fido and your night on the town.

Be Happier

I know. I know. That’s a big promise, right? But when you take care of your insides, everything else falls into place. You’ll feel ready to tackle that high school reunion, slide into your skinny jeans, (paired with that perfect slouchy bag), have that little something glow, and begin to realize that you can accomplish whatever it is you set your mind to.

You’ll develop an addiction to feeling good, and following my proven approach to balanced eating will help you create a habit of healthy living. For you. For your family. For life.

Have More Time

The funny thing about not investing your precious seconds scribbling down lists and hurriedly flipping through cookbooks? Is that you can invest that time in something else. (And save yourself the papercuts.) Want to try yoga? Yoga away! Sleep in on the weekends. Sew a quilt for your friend’s new baby, or laugh too loudly at a 1950’s film noir.

Whether your cup of tea is entertaining your pals, reading, or finally learning how to salsa dance, you’ll have at least 3 extra hours each and every week to put towards what you love. Less time preparing. More time enjoying the life you have.


Real Meals Meal Plan is NOT for you, if:

You’re not open to cooking, grocery shopping or investing energy in getting into the habit of preparing food for yourself.

You’re looking for the quick fix that’s going to have you down 30+ pounds in 21 days or less.

You’re interested in low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic eating. (I’m creating a meal plan subscription for you, coming January 2016!)

Real Meals Meal Plan IS for you, if:

You are allergic to dairy, gluten, wheat, grains, corn, yeast, refined sugar, eggs, nuts or grains.

You are ready to commit, follow through and create a fabulous life for yourself.

You are ready to stop making excuses and take charge of your health.

You are a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore.

Real People (Like You!)

Loving Real Meals Meal Plans

Praise from Lori

This is an amazing meal planning service, like none other. I was recently diagnosed with young onset dementia at 44 years old and I truly believe Real Meals has helped me stay as sharp and energetic as possible! I can no longer cook on my own but the recipes are simple for others to follow and help.

— Lori

Praise from Meghan

Following Healthful Pursuit has helped me to understand how to eat appropriately for my training programs without starving or overeating, how to fuel my body with delicious food, and feed my family and friends with healthy meals. Best part is that I’ve learned how to use different spices and vegetables (that I’d never even heard of) and get excited about variety!

— Meghan

Leanne has inspired and helped me beyond words. Although I don’t have any allergies or anything, her recipes have really helped me to embrace a healthy lifestyle and diet and I feel and look healthier than I ever have before. Leanne’s recipes have so much variety and are fulfilling and complex in flavors, but still simple to make. I live in India and love Leanne’s take on Indian meals! She has transformed lots of boring Indian dishes into healthy meals that I look forward to making.

— Jessy

When I was told a had a bunch of allergies and needed to remove them from my diet, I found breakfast the hardest to manage, as wheat, eggs, barley, rye and cows milk was out of the picture. Leanne’s Real Meals Meal Planning Program gave me the tools I needed to feel empowered again. Now, I eat with variety, I eat with confidence and I feel so much healthier!

— Tara

Praise from Melinda

We have 2 kids under the age of 3 and a household of dairy allergies, gluten intolerance’s and gastroparesis. It could be a mad house over here… but with Leanne’s creative, fun and simple recipes, creating a balanced life for myself and my family is easy. Clever and innovative use of pantry staples, easy to follow recipes, oodles of substitutions, meal ideas, allergen-free recipes… Leanne ROCKS!

— Melinda

Leanne’s amazingly delicious recipes are easy, tasty and nutrient dense! She does not just a swap out gluten items for gluten-free items, but transforms dishes to be healthy and healing! Thank you so much Leanne for all your hard and delicious work!

— Kennedy

Praise from Shelby | Shelby Douglas

With Leanne’s help, I was able to cut out dairy from my life… for good. Within hours of omitting dairy from my daily routine, I noticed a difference. Within HOURS. The few blemishes I had on my face disappeared within a couple days and I didn’t feel or look bloated anymore. My meals were all dairy free and I made them all from Leanne’s recipes. I used alternates to dairy and my meals were amazing!! I will never go back to a diet rich in dairy products again.

Shelby | Shelby Douglas

Praise from Tracy

I love the flexibility in your Real Meals Meal Plans. I happily let my daughter have several of your treats without feeling guilty that she’s loading up on unhealthy treats. Thanks Leanne for sharing so freely…it’s making our transition for her to gluten-free and dairy-free so much easier!

— Tracy

Praise from Angela

Leanne is such a fabulous resource for anyone with special dietary requirements. I am totally blown away by her creativity and thoroughness when it comes to developing dairy-free recipes. From sweet icing to savory soups, she’s got a solution for everything!


Praise from Glenda

I love seeing Leanne’s smiling face every time I come here. So inspiring and full of light. My daughter and I have decided to live a holistic life and use Healthful Pursuit’s Real Meals Meal Planning Program to support our journey. I have a goal to keep eating healthy and lose weight slowly and it’s working! Leanne inspires me every day.

— Glenda

Praise from Jag

One of my biggest challenges to date has been enjoying meals when trying to live a healthy lifestyle, I always feel I’m eating the same stuff over and over again. Leanne’s meal plans bring so much variety to my week and reignites my passion to cook healthy meals, allowing me to focus on myself and living a healthier lifestyle.

— Jag

I love Leanne’s recipes. Leanne’s great ideas in her meal plans makes going gluten-free so much easier. Half the time my 14 year old doesn’t know when she is eating gluten free!

— Lesley

Leanne’s encouragement, knowledge, support and consistent good cheer has transformed my husbands life. Not only is he now eating in a way that supports his goal of lowering his cholesterol, but he’s doing so happily. He’s also quit smoking and joined the gym. And we would have never done all of this without you, so thank you.

— Lorraine

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