into a fat-fueled ball of vibrant energy, balance, and happiness.

Imagine effortlessly turning your body into a fat-burning machine that doesn’t leave you constantly feeling hungry or craving unhealthy foods.

A world where you’ve eliminating mood swings. Thyroid imbalances, adrenal dysfunction, anxiety, and more, are healed without prescriptions.

Where you have abundant energy to do all the things you love most. Finally feeling happy, confident, and comfortable in your own body.

… all while enjoying an eating style designed specifically for women who are sick of depriving themselves, obsessing over their weight, and battling their bodies.

You’ve never seen a health program like this before…

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Hi, I’m Leanne. A Holistic Nutritionist, who was left frustrated, overweight and metabolically damaged from chronic dieting. I found high-fat eating 2 years ago and, for the first time, my hormones are balanced, my weight is regulated, I’ve got loads of energy, and I’m stronger, healthier and happier than ever.

What I’m about to share with you is a totally different take on the popular high-fat (ketogenic) diet. A high-fat, low-carb eating style (also known as a ketogenic diet) burns fat – not carbs – to fuel your body.

A high-fat, low-carb eating style (also known as a ketogenic diet) burns fat – not carbs – to fuel your body. See, typical diets use carbohydrates for energy. However, all carbohydrate sources (whether veggies, fruits, sugar, or starches) create spikes and dips in your blood sugar levels which bring on the unhealthy cravings and constant hunger that make it seem impossible to control your weight or stick to any eating plan.

On the other hand, keto drastically reduces the amount of carbs you’re eating, avoiding the blood sugar roller coaster. By consuming a high level of fats, you induce a state of “nutritional ketosis.” During this state, your body naturally breaks down fat as fuel… transforming you into a fat-burning machine!

Not only that, but a Fat Fueled eating style can also help improve:

  • Thyroid imbalances
  • Adrenal fatigue
  • Hormone irregularities
  • Anxiety
  • Candida
  • Infertility
  • And much more!



When you order today, you’ll receive the Fat Fueled audiobook delivered as a single file to your email address within minutes. You’ll find that this audiobook (which can easily be uploaded to any device of your choice) is brimming with practical tools, tips, and step-by-step instructions you can listen to anytime, anywhere to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about healing your body, supporting your health, and liberating your eating style by eating high fat.
Audiobook Preview

(Note: This download does not include transcripts of the full digital program found here.)


In addition to the Fat Fueled audiobook, you’ll also receive a printable copy of my 30-day meal plan featuring a rich list of nutrient-packed breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack recipes that are easy to make and taste great. You’ll enjoy over 90 different combinations that you can use for endless days of high-fat eating!

(Note: This complimentary download only includes recipes and meal plans, not transcripts of the full digital program found here.)


In addition to the meal plan, you’ll also get my complete cookbook free! This cookbook contains 60 delectable recipes that will support you in your Fat Fueled journey and help restore health, energy, and balance to your body. You’ll love the variety of recipes – from 19 quick meals you can serve your dinner guests with pride to 7 epic carb-up meals that will keep you feeling your best during carb night, and many, many more!

(Note: This complimentary download only includes recipes and meal plans, not transcripts of the full digital program found here.)


With your purchase today, you’ll receive an exclusive invitation to join my private Facebook group. Inside this supportive and encouraging group page that I manage myself, you’ll discover direct support, resources, advice, and ongoing inspiration from me 24/7/365.

On top of that, you can know that this group is a haven because you’ll be loved, encouraged, and supported by a growing community of over 6,100 other like-minded women who understand how you feel and know what it’s like to be where you are right now.

Unlike many of the keto Facebook groups out there, I’ve specifically designed this supportive and positive group to set you free from all that restriction, deprivation, and the one-size-fits-all approach to keto!

Instead of making you feel more stressed out and discouraged, this group is here for the sole purpose of building you up, helping you adapt keto to your unique needs, and empowering you to experience the abundant health, confidence, and freedom that is possible with a high-fat eating style!

Ongoing support and answers you need to achieve balance and happiness!


Even if you’ve tried keto, high-fat, or low-carb paleo in the past, I’ll show you a more effective, more nourishing, more flexible way to allow it to work wonders for your whole body!

Most keto resources are targeted towards men or offer a one-size-fits-all approach that leaves your body wanting something more. That’s why I created Fat Fueled, to fill in the gaps and take the guesswork out of creating a healthy, happy body you love with the FATS you’ve been afraid of.

And inside the Fat Fueled audiobook, you’ll get direct access to everything you need to get the results you want, the confidence you crave, and the power that comes when you listen to your body.

Meal plans, recipes, workout and movement plans, how to manage keto complications… I left NOTHING out of this comprehensive audio training program. Just upload it to any device and start listening to change your life from the inside out.

You can forget cookie-cutter approaches! Your body is totally different from everyone else’s. Instead, I’ll show you a wide range of options and practical tips you can use to get the exact results you want for your unique body through a nourishing high-fat lifestyle!

You’ll discover how to use fats to help your body naturally heal a wide range of women’s health issues including:








And you can find everything you need to liberate yourself from these body battles and finally find healing inside the Fat Fueled audiobook today!

Get Fat Fueled Audiobook now for just $35

Get Fat Fueled Audiobook now for just $35

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  • 3 different fat fueled profiles you can choose from to create a customized, flexible, and nourishing high-fat eating style that delivers you from years of restriction, calorie counting, and exercise obsession.
  • 18 in-depth chapters you can listen to in the car, at the desk, or while you take the dog for a walk so that you can quickly and easily learn how to heal your body, support your health and free yourself by eating high fat.
  • How to use a high-fat eating style to shift your body into a state where it naturally burns fat as fuel, all without having to go strictly low carb or feel like you’re depriving yourself.
  • How you can stop struggling to achieve your weight loss goals and obsessing over numbers, and instead nourish the inner workings of your body with a powerful high-fat eating program that promotes the balancing of hormones, weight, cravings, food sensitivities, and more.
  • Delicious and completely gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, legume-free, low-FODMAP meals that allow you to high fat while sticking to whole foods and avoiding toxins and common food allergies.
  • My personal collection of 60 scrumptious recipes designed to kill cravings and balance your body one delicious meal at a time.
  • Total freedom from mood swings, diet stress, binge eating, sugar cravings, anxiety, and much, much more, by confidently fueling your body with the dietary fat it craves.
  • Why traditional ketogenic diets targeted towards men are difficult to maintain and leave you feeling like a failure, and how to transform your shame and guilt into positive thoughts and actions that lead to a true transformation in all aspects of your life.
  • 7 signs that dieting is ruining your life, and what you should be doing instead to a achieve a body (and life) you love.
    And much, much more.

PLUS: You’ll also get exclusive access to the Fat Fueled private Facebook group, where you can receive direct support, tips, resources, and inspiration from Leanne (That’s me, creator of Fat Fueled!) and over 3,000 like-minded members.

Get Fat Fueled Audiobook now for just $35

Get Fat Fueled Audiobook now for just $35

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Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Winni

I’ve been devouring your No Sugarcoating podcast; I love you and Amber. I’m about halfway through the Fat Fueled Audiobook. I truly appreciate Leanne’s positive, “listen to your body” message. Please keep doing what you are doing. I am feeling so much better eating this way.

— Winni

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Alice

I have listened to all of your podcasts and YouTube videos over the past couple of weeks and both books as well. To tell the truth, I am on my 4th listening of Fat Fueled! I truly enjoy learning from someone who is so enthusiastic yet accepting of how different we all are from each other with “All Of The Things!”

— Alice

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Ruba

On my own search for hormonal health, I’ve found it very difficult to sift through all of the confusing information that’s out there. I am thankful that in Fat Fueled, Leanne shares her own journey with so much detail and authenticity. As an emotional eating expert who is learning and teaching people to listen to their intuition around food, I find it very hard to recommend books that dictate a certain way of eating. Even though Fat Fueled is primarily about eating high fat, the intuitive and experimental nature of its approach coupled with the mastery that is expressed in the way difficult concepts are simplified is beautiful.

Ruba | Ruba Homaidi

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Luise

I love this program! After watching some of Leanne’s videos, I decided to take a risk by eating high-fat. My body has healed SO MUCH over the past few months. Fat fueled is an awesome guide to eating high fat and healing your body.

— Luise

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Carol

Fat Fueled is full of practical information for living a healthy lifestyle of eating low carb/high fat. The program addresses many issues women may encounter while switching to a high fat eating style, however, my husband also found it very helpful. I have had great success with this resource and want to thank Leanne for her work.

— Carol

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Ricki

Leanne’s Fat Fueled program goes beyond addressing the keto diet with chapters on eating with food restrictions or medical conditions, balancing hormones, blood tests, shortcuts, and even a whole section on intuitive eating. Every question you’ve ever had about a keto approach is answered here! Whatever diet you follow, Fat Fueled is a comprehensive resource for anyone interested in a healthful eating style.

Ricki | Ricki Heller

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Angi

I’m 25 and have struggled with amenorrhea for three years and have had a damaged relationship with food in the past. Thanks to Fat Fueled, I’m learning how to put my body first without the need for a strict regime and I’m gaining the confidence to listen to my body. I’m still on my journey to recovery and healing my body and am SO happy I’ve found Leanne as a resource!

— Angi

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Airia

I have been eating a ketogenic diet for months now and as a researcher, I have seen, read and heard many approaches. Fat Fueled is the only reference written for women that begins by encouraging women to be kind to themselves and put their health first. I have been tracking my macros for close to a decade, but in the weeks since following the program (and stopping the tracking), I am down almost two pounds, I sleep 7 hours at night, and I feel so much more at peace with my body.

— Airia

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Michelle

Fat Fueled provides a way for us to overcome the ongoing numbers game. Leanne has overcome her long-term battle with amenorrhea, while at the same time cementing her positive relationship with food. Fat Fueled is an investment worth making and has all the potential to be life changing.

Michelle | Peachy Palate

Leanne has created an amazing resource in Fat Fueled that goes way beyond what we learned in The Keto Beginning! Fat Fueled addresses our individual needs and supports the various issues (thyroid imbalances, hormone issues..) that we might bring to the table that have affected our success with a strict keto approach. It’s a great resource and I highly recommend Fat Fueled!

— Theresa

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Sonia

I’ve tried the keto diet in the past but as much as I wanted it to, it really didn’t work for me but after reading Fat Fueled, I am giving it another try. Unlike many other programs, Fat Fueled is not your typical one size fits all solution. You are given a plethora of different options to choose from and a vast assortment of useful tips and tools to help you along the way.

Sonia | The Healthy Foodie

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Sam

Holy chock full of information Batman! Unlike other writers in the nutrition space, Leanne embraces that we are all individuals with lots of differences both inside and out. She put together this Fat Fueled program so that each reader’s journey can be a choose-your-own-adventure of finding what works for them, not just what worked for her. This unique approach is powerful and something I’m excited to explore further!

Sam | Porter Loves Creative

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Christal

Leanne’s Fat Fueled is an amazing resource for anyone looking to follow a ketogenic way of eating with a non-diet approach. I love how Leanne outlines the incredible importance of taking care of yourself, listening to your body, ditching dieting mentalities, and truly embracing who you are as you journey the Fat Fueled Road to healing and better health.

Christal | Nutritionist In The Kitch

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Megan

Leanne is extremely intelligent and hilarious. Fat Fueled is an honest and eye-opening look into using fat to balance the body that anyone can understand and implement for lifelong change. I have already recommended it to everyone that I know!

— Megan

Fat Fueled audiobook testimonial from Anna

Combined with The Keto Beginning, Fat Fueled is the missing and critical guide that the keto community desperately needs. As a woman, it’s easy to give in to feeling guilty over food choices; Fat Fueled has helped me learn to listen to what my body actually NEEDS and the stress (and pounds) just melt away! I feel like I’ve been waiting for this book my whole life – thank you, Leanne!


Get Fat Fueled Audiobook now for just $35

Get Fat Fueled Audiobook now for just $35

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I know exactly how frustrating it is to be stuck at a weight plateau, to obsess over the numbers, to have hormonal imbalances and health issues that you can’t seem to fix no matter what you try.

I learned how to overcome all that restriction, stress, and frustration with a unique approach to high-fat, low-carb eating, and now I want you to be able to do the same without adding more stress over your finances.

That’s why, right now, you can get INSTANT ACCESS to the Fat Fueled audiobook featuring my full program and complimentary downloads of the meal plan and recipes you’ll discover inside, all for just $35.

If you are ready to:

  • Feel confident, sexy, and whole again.
  • Boost your energy without hooking yourself up to a caffeine IV.
  • Bust through plateaus and feel happier and more satisfied than ever.
  • Stop pushing yourself, and finally learn how to truly LOVE your body.
  • Then you need to take the first step and order the Fat Fueled audiobook today!

Get Fat Fueled Audiobook now for just $35

Get Fat Fueled Audiobook now for just $35

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When I purchase Fat Fueled Audiobook, how is it delivered to me?
When you make your purchase, you will be sent an email. The email will contain links to the audiobook in the following formats: m4b, zip file with individual mp3s and one mp3 file. You will also be provided with a web page URL with individual chapter mp3 files if you wish to stream the audiobook. Which file you choose to download depends on your device. The email you receive after your purchase will have all of the information you need to select the right file and access it easily! Please note that the files are not compatible with Audible.

When will I be added to the private Facebook group? And, is it actually private?
There will be instructions in your product email on how to request access to our private Facebook group. It’s as private as private can be. Not just anyone can join and, none of your friends will see your posts on their timelines. The community is loving, supportive and kind. Everyone is so friendly, you’re going to love it.

(Note: Because this is a digital product and an instant download, once the product is downloaded to your device, we do not offer refunds or exchanges on the product. Refunds cannot be processed beyond 30 days of the initial purchase date.)