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Imagine 76 full-color pages packed to the gills with never-before-seen recipes* AND ginormous pictures of each, coupled with clickable resource links for you to figure out where to get what you need–and how to make it all happen without burning the house down. Of course, all of the goodness is perfectly readable on computers, iPads, iPhones, Kindles + Android devices.

How it works? Once you purchase the book, an email is sent straight to your inbox with a special link, (exclusive to you), that you give a little click. It brings up a PDF of the book, and all you have to do is save it where you want it! (On your iPad, computer, Kindle, etc.) You’ll have the opportunity to save it on up to three devices, ensuring that you have Dessert Freedom at your fingertips wherever you are.

*Not liable for any drooling that may occur.

20 Perfect Recipes, Ideal for Any Occasion.

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The Guide to: Triumphant Techniques

All of the inner workings of the recipes, paired perfectly with actions, methods and steps, right alongside a couple key life lessons that I live by in order to get the most out of life — and baking.

The Guide to: Ingenious Ingredients

Full descriptions and some handy substitutions for 9 incredibly easy-to-find ingredients that make up most of the recipes, so you’ll never have to be That Woman (who’s confused in the grocery store).

The Guide to: Purchasing Perishables

A roadmap leading you to money-saving tips (cha-ching) and the exact places you can find everything you’ll need to start cookin’ up a storm. A delicious, satisfying storm.

raspberry-apple-crumbleWhen You’re Nuts For Nuts

Nut-based recipes for those who are a little bit nutty. Show-stopping concepts, exclusive to this cookbook. Think Strawberry Chia Squares, No-Bake Snickerdoodles, Fruit and Nut Biscotti, Coconut Joy Squares, Cream “Cheese” Crumble Cake, to name a few. It’s a party for your tastebuds and nutrition for your body.

No Nuts About It

No tolerance for nuts? No problem! You’ll get to enjoy mouth-watering treats like a Lemon Meringue Shake, Carob Orange Crunch Cookies, One Bite Cranberry Blondies, Trail Mix Muffins, and Raspberry Apple Crumbles. (It’s okay. I’m hungry, too.)

The Health-Promoting Pointers

Twenty marvelous methods, all enabling you to live guilt-free while you start celebrating your allergies.  And conquering your cravings? Just came within your grasp. It’s time you live a life of abundance.

The Nutrient Grotto

A little educational escape, simply listing the calories, fat, carbs, fiber, sugars, and protein stats for each and every single recipe, all in one place. So you never have to guess. So you never have to wonder. So you never have to worry.



Get Dessert Freedom Cookbook now for just $15

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It's Visual

It’s no secret that we eat first with our eyes, and gorgeous, you’re about to enjoy a feast. Each expertly-written recipe is cozied up next to a full-page picture. Essentially, you’re buying a picture book that gives you easy-to-follow instructions for getting the pastries off the page and onto your palate.

Added bonus? You’ll know exactly what you’re making before you ever get started.

It's Liberating

This cookbook is filled to the top with incredible recipes designed to satisfy your sweet tooth while giving your body a nutrient boost. But more than that, you’ll learn how to pump up the passion and happiness in your life with the techniques I’ve used to create Food Freedom in my own life.

Because negativity is so 1999. And it’s time to bring on the love!

It's Simple

Simple instructions married with easy-to-find ingredients means a five year-old could make this recipe. And then eat the recipe and jump for joy.

It's Practical

Storage instructions, short ingredient lists, and crystal-clear instructions means less grumbling and more grubbing! Inject an indulgence after ten hours at work, or trickle in the techniques to watch the subtle actions transform your life. All of the recipes. None of the hassle.

And it's Going to Change The Way You Think About Food.

Get Dessert Freedom Cookbook now for just $15

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Get Dessert Freedom Cookbook now for just $15

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Dessert Freedom Cookbook Enthusiasts

Praise from Pam

Once again, Leanne has found a way to take the stress out of holiday cooking while maintaining a ketogenic way of life. What I especially like is how Leanne has adapted her recipes to fit even the pickiest eater in our family. Vegetarian? No problem. Milk allergies? She’s got a solution. The dishes are delicious and easy to make, and her menu options help me to effortlessly plan. Thanks, Leanne!

— Pam

Praise from Monica

From her Dessert Freedom Cookbook to the recipes she so generously shares on, it’s clear that Leanne tests all of them to perfection. Every single thing I’ve made has turned out stellar.

— Monica

Praise from Angela, Health Coach | Spin 360

Leanne’s commitment to this project – to providing us with a solution to our restrictions and allergies, is downright inspiring in every way. Dessert Freedom is so much more than a cookbook, it’s a guide to living a healthier life, full of love for ourselves, our bodies and our allergies.

Angela, Health Coach | Spin 360

Praise from Dana Machacek

Dessert Freedom is BEAUTIFUL. I can totally feel all the time, energy, love, and support Leanne poured into making it. I’m overcome with emotion in the best way possible. Leanne – thank you for being YOU and for being a guiding light for so many people, including myself.

— Dana Machacek

Praise from Melonie

This cookbook is THE resource for yummy, healthy recipes. I also appreciate the fact that Leanne is very passionate about healthy living and is so willing to share her knowledge without judgment.  She is an inspiration to me!

— Melonie

Praise from Tanis

Initially one may judge it as “just a healthy recipe book”, but when you actually sit down to read it, and I mean read it, word for word, cover to cover; you will be transported into a world of love for yourself through gentle guidance in ways to increase your wellness through glorious food.

— Tanis

Praise from Erin

I bought Dessert Freedom the first day it was available and I have to say, it’s the best thing I’ve bought in a long time! The photographs are absolutely stunning and Leanne’s recipes, well they speak for themselves. I LOVE this cookbook.


— Erin

Praise from Kelly | Inspired Edibles

Leanne has created a comprehensive, insightful and gorgeously illustrated guide to dessert freedom. With her characteristic warmth and down-to-earth style, she provides clear and useful information that is accessible and affordable to all. Be inspired to flourish beyond our own limitations instead of feeling stuck and dis-empowered by our allergies.

Kelly | Inspired Edibles

Praise from Chef Amber Shea |

This cookbook is almost too good to be true! It’s a mouthwatering collection of recipes with all manner of classic sweet flavors, but there’s no dairy, eggs, or grains in sight.

— Chef Amber Shea |

Praise from Karrie

I have been making lots of items from this cookbook and love it! My daughter turns one this week and to meet all the dietary needs for her party I need to make dairy free, peanut free, gluten free, soy free and refined sugar free recipes. Thankfully that is no longer an issue! I made coconut joy squares, strawberry chia squares and rosemary omega bites! All delicious and wrapped and ready to go in the freezer. Thank you for always providing wonderful recipes, cannot wait to try more!

— Karrie

Praise from Laura | Sprint 2 the Table

Every recipe, every technique and guide is just amazing. Leanne’s gone above and beyond with this one. The bright pictures, nutrition information, healthy apple parfait… I will most definitely be using the Dessert Freedom techniques in my day to day.

Laura | Sprint 2 the Table

Praise from Monique

I appreciate that Leanne didn’t try to reproduce all the “not-so-good-for-us” desserts but instead, presented Dessert Freedom with new, original ideas. Thank you for that. Excellent job. Clear and succinct. Perfect.

— Monique

Praise from Michelle | Peachy Palate

An eye opener for anyone confronted with food sensitivities and allergies. Also a must-have for all those with diabetes and those at high risk of developing it. Love the tips, links to ingredients and substitution suggestions. There is a great mix of recipes with the majority of them being really quick, easy and straightforward. As with all of Leanne’s work, her photography and beautiful design work makes everything so enticingly exciting and joyous!

Michelle | Peachy Palate

Praise from Crystal | Branch Out Foundation

Dessert Freedom will motivate you to eat healthy, nutrient dense desserts. Leanne’s recipes and techniques will inspire you to fall in love with the wonderful colours, flavours and energy healthy living can bring to your life.

Crystal | Branch Out Foundation

Praise from Erica | Erica D House

I know that I can always expect to see healthy, original ideas from Leanne. Always. The recipes look wonderful and I have to say, I’m so happy that the nutritional information for each recipe is at the back of the book… genius!

Erica | Erica D House

Praise from Jennifer | The Unrefined Kitchen

Leanne’s pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!! This cookbook has me drooling. I am so happy to see that 2/3 of the recipes are paleo-friendly as well!

Jennifer | The Unrefined Kitchen

Praise from Divya Yadava | Divya Yadava Magazine

Dessert Freedom Cookbook is a MUST-HAVE for people looking to indulge in their sweet tooth (while keeping those nasty allergies at bay!). It’s a fun and easy-to-read book that has recipes that even a novice cook can follow with ease. You almost feel like Leanne is there in the kitchen with you when you read it. And the book seriously has some of the best dessert recipes I’ve come across in a while.

Divya Yadava | Divya Yadava Magazine

Praise from Beth Manos Brickey | Hero Design Studio

Leanne is a whirlwind of amazing. Everything she creates, everything that she offers us, is impressive. Dessert Freedom is stacked with advice, tips, techniques and thoughts on eating throughout the book, not just recipes. The work Leanne put into this shines through the pages. Everything I look for in a book. Right here.

Beth Manos Brickey | Hero Design Studio

Praise from Justin | The Lotus and the Artichoke

Dessert Freedom revolutionizes what it means to get your smart vegan sweet fix on. Whatever you live by, Leanne’s collection of masterfully photographed and deliciously presented treats and techniques is a cookbook for enjoyment and a source of inspiration.

Justin | The Lotus and the Artichoke

Praise from Emily Kingyens

Leanne’s passion radiates from every page as each photo, recipe and tip are all her own creation. All the recipes are brand new and original and mouthwatering! As always, I am left in awe, with a grumbling tummy. Allergies and food sensitivities be damned. Leanne saves the day again!

— Emily Kingyens

Praise from Kieran Gruber | Health is Happiness

The recipes that Leanne has created for Dessert Freedom are proof that desserts can be both healthy and delicious. These are desserts you can feel good about eating. I had the chance to try a few and trust me, you are in for a treat!

Kieran Gruber | Health is Happiness

Praise from Charissa

3 reasons why Dessert Freedom is awesome… 1) Leanne is caring and honest, and it really shows in this book. 2) The balance of recipes and pictures is perfect. 3) The tips Leanne shares are actually doable. I’m going to print them and remind myself throughout the day.

— Charissa

Praise from Isabelle

My world came down when I was told I had to live without gluten, lactose and sugar. I love French baguettes, brie and poutine. Then I found Leanne’s dessert cookbook, Dessert Freedom. My life has changed since then, especially now that I have Coconut Joy Squares in my life. I feel so much better. No more nausea, way less stomach issues, no more cheating on foods I can’t eat. I now crave green smoothies, cucumbers and fruits. It’s a new way of life and I am embracing it!

— Isabelle

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