Journal Your Way To Body Joy (100% Free Template)

A quick & easy guide to energy, positivity and rockin’ good times. 

Learn to make sense of the subtle queues your body sends you on a daily basis. 

  • Discover the reasons for your cravings
  • Understand what foods affect you 
  • Begin to make balanced choices
  • End headaches, bloating, cramps and irritability

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Day by day, wave goodbye to food overwhelm!

Download our free 7-page food journal template & workbook

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You'll discover a unique 3-step formula to connecting to your body and understanding your food choices. All to boost positivity, encourage balanced thoughts and healthy choices.

Questions to get you rollin'

With 11 eating pattern outlines, you'll have what you need to understand the reasoning behind overeating, undereating or binge=like tendencies.

7-page guide

Complete with tools to make food journaling a positive, life-changing experience. Complete daily template, and follow-up questions to pull everything together.

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