Keto Tea for Health

The keto diet can make some feel a little burned out or drained of energy as they’re adapting. And, for women that have been practicing awhile, it’s super easy to turn into a caffeine junkie.

Good news! I’ve found a drink (that’s not coffee) that helps fight fatigue, fogginess, crankiness, cravings and constipation – one delicious sip at a time!

Pique Tea Crystals are designed to improve gut health, suppress cravings and reduce stress. It is a soothing drink that’s a great coffee alternative for those who suffer from caffeine jitters or crashes. Caffeine in tea is time-released over 4 to 6 hours which gives you that long-lasting sustained energy that not only crushes symptoms of keto flu, but also makes it easier to stay in ketosis for longer.

Catechins in tea also help suppress snack cravings so you stick to your diet for longer and with much ease. Pique Teas are the most efficacious, pure and convenient teas as they deliver up to 12x the antioxidants and have been Triple Toxin Screened for heavy metals, pesticides and toxic mold. They are organic, free of sugar, preservatives, artificial additives and dissolves in cold and hot water in seconds. Many of my peers like Dr. Jason Fung, Thomas DeLauer, Ben Greenfield, Maria Emmerich and Lisa from Low Carb Yum are huge fans!