Healthy Meats

Some people choose to do plant-based keto, others do carnivore-based keto… I’d like to think I’m somewhere in the middle – loving meat AND plants. I thrive on the RIGHT kind of animal protein, protein from healthy animals, animals that get treated fairly, have happy lives on pasture, and are raised ethically. This is why I choose to eat grass-fed AND finished beef, free range chicken, and heritage bred pork. I’m so happy I can get these options from ButcherBox, a meat subscription service I’ve used since 2016.

ButcherBox is an animal protein subscription that delivers 7 to 10 pounds of the tastiest cuts of 100% grass-fed beef, organic/pastured chicken, and heritage breed pork to your front door every month. Available to US residents only.

Check out this post for answers to common questions about where to get affordable grass-fed animal proteins, the benefit of consuming grass-fed meat, and more.

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